Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Standard-Examiner: WSU An Ogden Field House Booster?

Matthew Godfrey's Magical Mystery Wonder Dome changes, grows and becomes even more wondrous every time the SE asks about it.

By Curmudgeon

The Standard-Examiner has another story up on its website about the proposed Matthew Godfrey Wonder Dome [aka "velodrome," aka "field house"] which reveals considerably more detail about the plans, and which does some fact checking of Hazzonah's claims about it. And lo and behold, not all those claims are standing up to the fact-checking. For example this from the story:
Godfrey's characterization of Weber County as a partner in the field house is a bit of a "stretch" because no funds have been pledged, but the commissioners are supportive of the project in principle, said [Weber County Commissioner] Bischoff.
A bit of a stretch. How tactful of Mr. Bischoff.

And it seems, while WSU and the Ogden School District do support the proposal, both have been very careful to make it clear that support is rhetorical only, and includes absolutely no commitment of money to pay for construction.

And it seems Matthew Godfrey's Magical Mystery Wonder Dome changes, grows and becomes even more wondrous every time the SE asks about it. The story reveals for example that now the field house project involves adding two floors of parking to the Eccles Convention Center. [Didn't the city give away the existing parking structure, or a major part of it, to a private company about a year or so ago?] The new SE story reveals that the Wonder Dome --- in addition to hosting bike racing, tennis, jogging, soccer, swimming and "water park" activities [?] --- will also provide exhibit space for the Convention Center, to which it will be tied via corridors tunneling through the Berthana and Kiesel buildings leading to a skywalk bridge to the Center.

This is so exciting! What new wonders in the field house project will be revealed the next time the SE asks about it? A helipad atop the Wonder Dome for sky divers? I can hardly wait!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Our Weak Ogden City Council

As Christmas approaches, we know everyone wants to buy the perfect gifts for those we love

Hey, Weber County Forum readers! Here's something we can give this holiday season to our Ogden City Council, who've recently become sodden and brain-dead clones of the 2004-05 Gang of Six Council, which rubber-stamped every dumbass idea that Boss Godfrey proposed, just before the Emerald City Lumpencitizens sent the same council into political oblivion. Here's a fine x-mas gift for the current council, which seems to have forgotten that they were elected as a bulwark against Boss Godfrey's BIG SPENDING practices. Every current council member except Amy Wicks deserves the "Yes Man" trophy, we believe:
Yes Man Doll
Here's a YouTube sample of this clever battery-powered "political doll" in action:
Yes Man doll
Perhaps the whiny alternative "whipping boy" doll would be an appropriate gift for Ogden CAO John Patterson when Boss Godfrey's grand plans and schemes go awry, as they always do, even though Patterson is also plainly deserving of the "Yes Man" doll award.

Order them up folks, so we can present them to the week-kneed Caitlin Gochnour et al., before Christmas, in time to rustle up a slate of new fiscally prudent city council candidates, well in time for the November 2011 Municipal election.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Standard-Examiner: A Brief Summary of City and County Downtown Ogden Plots and Schemes

Added bonus: a snazzy interactive map of proposed future improvements of downtown Ogden

The Standard-Examiner carries two Ogden economic development stories this morning which are likely fodder for morning discussion.

First, there's this Scott Schwebke story, which briefly encapsulates all of the various pet projects which Boss Godfrey more or less has on the front burner, including Boss Godfrey's Grant Avenue-straddling "Field House/Wonder Dome":
What's next for Ogden?
As Dan S. noted last night, this story is "a bit of a disappointment: mostly a summary of what we already knew about a whole list of projects, with only tidbits of new information about each. Still, it's a useful summary for the vast majority of readers who don't keep careful track of such things." "Regarding the Wonder Dome, it says Godfrey is promising to solicit private donations, but no potential private donors are named. He claims WSU and Weber County "have expressed interest in partnering", but no attempt was made to contact spokespersons for either of these potential partners. There's no mention of the school districts."

Secondly, this morning's Standard also carries this Scott Schwebke companion piece, which reports that even our normally frugal Weber County Government is considering getting into the Big Spending downtown economic development act. Unlike the above-linked SE story however, this latter Scott Schwebke writeup does include much new detail about proposed funding for this project, a skywalk, new clubs, restaurants for the Berthana Building, etc.:
Weber County looking at Eccles Conference Center skywalk
And for those readers who'd like to see a visual representation of all the downtown plots and schemes our city and county governments have on the drawing board, here's something you're not going to want to miss: a snazzy Standard-Examiner interactive map of proposed future improvements for downtown Ogden, complete with a little trolley, zipping around Boss Godfrey's proposed Downtown Trolley Loop:
Flash Player interactive downtown Ogden map
Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Envision Ogden and the Standard-Examiner

The facts aren’t so simple.

By Dan Schroeder

In the aftermath of the ill-considered Facebook post by Standard-Examiner reporter Scott Schwebke, perhaps now is a good time to review the role that our local newspaper has played in uncovering the Envision Ogden scandal. How often have Ogden’s professional journalists been on the ball, and how often have they been out to lunch? The truth isn’t as simple as some people (on either side) would like to believe. Here is a chronological account...

12 February 2007: The Standard-Examiner announces the formation of Envision Ogden with a front-page article, four days after the fundraising dinner where EO raised about $50,000. The paper asks a lot of good questions (Who are EO’s leaders? What are you going to do with the money? What’s your position on the Gondola?), but gets few answers (Abraham Shreve and four anonymous “business leaders”; we don’t know yet; we’re not taking a position). Verdict: On the ball!

24 June 2007: A special “Road to Prosperity” section in the Standard-Examiner features a puffy article about Envision Ogden, with glowing commentary about EO’s web site, its two fundraisers (the February dinner and the June 15 Salomon Center grand opening), and the prospects of attracting more recreation businesses to Ogden. The article makes no attempt to explain the legal status of Envision Ogden, or to disclose the names of any of its leaders besides Shreve. Verdict: Out to lunch.

September 2007: The Standard-Examiner receives documentation that Envision Ogden is a 527 political action committee, and that the city had allowed it to use the Salomon Center for the June 15 event before that building was leased to Gold’s Gym and Fat Cats. The Standard-Examiner decides that these facts are not newsworthy. Verdict: Out to lunch.

16 October 2007: The Standard-Examiner prints a front-page article reporting that City Attorney Gary Williams has written a letter to mayoral candidate Susan Van Hooser, accusing her of violating the prohibition on use of city-owned equipment for political purposes. Her crime? One of her campaign volunteers sent out a mass email to a publicly available list of Chamber of Commerce members, and this list included several Ogden City email addresses. Verdict: Out to lunch.

Late October 2007: The Standard-Examiner learns that Envision Ogden has contributed $1500 to city council candidate Blain Johnson, but decides that this isn’t newsworthy, even though this money may have been raised at a city-owned facility (the Salomon Center). When asked why this is different from the Van Hooser email incident, Managing Editor Andy Howell explains that it’s a matter of whether anyone has taken “official action”: Obviously Gary Williams (who reports to Mayor Godfrey) has not taken any official action to challenge the use of the Salomon Center by Envision Ogden. Verdict: Out to lunch.

14 December 2007: The Standard-Examiner publishes its final article on the 2007 municipal election candidates’ financial disclosure statements. For the city council races the article reports only the total amounts raised by each candidate, with no mention of the astonishing fact that Blain Johnson and Royal Eccles received a majority of their funds from the previously unknown “Friends of Northern Utah Real Estate”. Verdict: Out to lunch.

23 February 2009: The Standard-Examiner refuses to print a guest commentary by yours truly, in which it is explained that Envision Ogden actually “spent $26,884 on the 2007 election, including some direct expenditures in support of the mayoral campaign and several large contributions to another entity that immediately forwarded the money to city council candidates.” Howell explains that the commentary is being rejected because it was written partly in response to an editorial, which apparently isn’t permitted except from authors who are the subject of the editorial. Nobody in the news department picks up on the tip that the allegations are documented in publicly available IRS records. Verdict: Out to lunch.

3 March 2009: Weber County Forum publishes full documentation showing how FNURE laundered over $20,000 of campaign contributions from Envision Ogden to candidates Johnson and Eccles. WCF also publishes a list of Envision Ogden’s major contributors, which include banks, hospitals, and the State of Utah. The Standard-Examiner takes no notice. Verdict: Out to lunch.

31 March 2009: After learning that City Attorney Williams has allowed Johnson and Eccles to amend their disclosure statements, and has thus pronounced the FNURE problem “cured”, and after a Salt Lake Tribune article on the same subject appeared on the web the previous afternoon, the Standard-Examiner covers these events in its first article on Envision Ogden since June 2007. Verdict: On the ball!

5 April 2009: The Standard-Examiner publishes an in-depth article on Envision Ogden, focusing on how several of its contributors were unaware that their donations could be diverted to political candidates. (This is the article that prompted the Attorney General’s office to open a criminal investigation.) Verdict: On the ball!

20 April 2009: The Standard-Examiner receives an emailed news tip (from yours truly) that the mayor’s office was involved in soliciting contributions for Envision Ogden. The tip is never acknowledged or acted upon. Verdict: Out to lunch.

23 April 2009: In its fifth article on Envision Ogden in less than a month, the Standard-Examiner reports that according to EO leader Abraham Shreve, “it was always the organization’s intent to support political candidates....” Verdict: On the ball!

28 April 2009: The Standard-Examiner publishes the second of two articles on a totally frivolous election complaint by Bob Geiger, intended to divert the public’s attention away from Envision Ogden and toward alleged campaign finance violations by former city council candidate Dirk Youngberg. Then, having trivialized the issue, the Standard-Examiner drops the Envision Ogden story for the next year and a half. Verdict: Out to lunch.

28 May 2009: When asked (by yours truly) why the Standard-Examiner has never reported on Mayor Godfrey’s connection to Envision Ogden, Executive Editor Andy Howell says he thinks “everybody knows” about the connection already, and therefore it’s not newsworthy. Howell also says he believes that the Envision Ogden story has run its course, so the Standard-Examiner won’t be printing any more articles on it unless there is some further official action. Verdict: Out to lunch.

10 November 2010: After the Salt Lake City Weekly tips them off to the state investigation, the Standard-Examiner prints a new article on Envision Ogden in which they finally inquire into Godfrey’s role. Godfrey admits that “he raised funds for Envision Ogden that he knew could be given to political candidates....” Verdict: On the ball!

16 November 2010: After obtaining the state investigation report through an open records request, the Standard Examiner prints an article summarizing the report and emphasizing that the investigation was “sparked” by the Standard-Examiner article of 5 April 2009. Verdict: On the ball!

So in summary, the Standard-Examiner deserves credit for printing quite a few articles about Envision Ogden over the last four years. They’ve broken essential new ground in several of these articles, most notably when they interviewed Envision Ogden’s contributors. At other times they’ve been just a short step behind the Salt Lake newspapers.

But on multiple occasions, the Standard-Examiner has refused to follow-through on its own reporting. Its initial article in February 2007 failed to answer the obvious questions about Envision Ogden’s purpose and leadership—yet the Standard-Examiner never asked those questions again. Its uncritical coverage during 2007 undoubtedly played a role in misleading contributors about Envision Ogden's true purpose. The 2009 coverage laid bare the organization's fraudulent activities, and raised the obvious question of how an unknown, unregistered organization was able to raise so much money so quickly—yet the Standard-Examiner never asked contributors who it was that had solicited their contributions. Even this month, rather than looking into the possible felony charges that Envision Ogden’s leaders might face, the Standard-Examiner chose only to ask the Lieutenant Governor’s office about possible minor violations of election laws.

The Standard-Examiner has also been consistent in its refusal to act on the basis of news tips from private citizens, or on the basis of reports on Weber County Forum—no matter how well documented. And now we know that some of their staff even hold us in contempt. Therefore, new developments in this story must apparently include “official action” before the Standard-Examiner considers them newsworthy.

This apparent policy is especially troubling because the Attorney General’s office declined to open any investigation into Envision Ogden until after it saw evidence of fraud in a Standard-Examiner article. If public officials won’t act until something appears in the newspaper, while the newspaper won’t print a story until public officials act, we have a serious chicken-and-egg problem. On more than one occasion, the Envision Ogden story has nearly died because neither the prosecutors nor the press wanted to be the first to stick their necks out.

But the story isn’t dead yet, and neither is the investigation. Whatever happens next, I’m confident that we’ll see further coverage in the Standard-Examiner.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Clang, Clang, Clang - The New Free Trolley Goes All Around Downtown Ogden

The starry-eyed Boss Godfrey is still sticking to his facially-absurd story that this hokey downtown short route shuttle is some kind of greater street car ridership experiment

Well, the magic moment has arrived, folks... the golden day Emerald City citizens have been eagerly awaiting. Starting this week, Boss Godfrey's faux trolleys will be traversing a short circular downtown loop, ferrying enthusiastic riders round and round and round the downtown Ogden business district, in a dizzying array of Dowtown Ogden-centiric "right turns." Scott Schwebke provides the lowdown in this morning's Standard-Examiner story:
Clang, clang, clang - The new free trolley goes all around downtown Ogden
Weirdly enough, the starry-eyed Boss Godfrey huckster is still at least loosely sticking to his absurd story that this hokey downtown short route shuttle bus represents some kind of greater overall street car ridership experiment:

The trolley replicas are part of a yearlong experiment to determine whether there is adequate ridership to support a permanent streetcar system within the downtown corridor, said Mayor Matthew Godfrey.
The more level-headed Dan Musgrave however, does advance a more rational argument for the justification of this taxpayer-funded downtown fake trolley conveyance:

Dan Musgrave, executive director of Downtown Ogden Inc., said the trolley replicas will help alleviate parking issues while providing needed transportation.
"People will be able to hop on the trolley and will be able to ride all over downtown."
Yes, we do believe that Mr. Musgrave, unlike Boss Godfrey, does at least make a fair point.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fascinating Insight Into the Mindsets of Two Standard-Examiner Nerds

Once again the most rotten Pro Boss Godfrey folks in and around the Standard-Examiner have revealed their hidden agendas and been been outted once again
There are do gooders, who only want the truth and don't seek the limelight. And then there are fanatical publicity seekers with a hero complex. These people really bug me.

Ace Reporter Schwebke
Facebook Post
November 16, 2010

Hmm. I wonder, might the self-styled hero's name be Dan?

Former SE Editorial Page Editor Don Porter
Facebook Comment
November 16, 2010

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke
British Statesman
January 12, 1729– July 9, 1797

We get fascinating background insight this morning into the anti-populist mindset of one famously incurious current Standard-Examiner Ogden political beat reporter and one cranky and properly retired former editorial SE page editor via this Facebook post, candidly captured and transmitted to us via email by one of our ever-attentive Weber County Forum readers:

Click to enlarge image

Perhaps these two journalistic misfits and Godfrey coverup artists need to clean up their respective "Facebook Friends" lists. "Loose lips sink ships," as the olde saying goes.

The Pro-Boss Godfrey folks in and around the Standard-Examiner have revealed their hidden agendas and have been thoroughly outted once again.

Who will be the first to chime in on this interesting topic?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Emerald City News Roundup - Updated

Chime in on either of the two suggested topics below... or feel free to consider this an open topic thread

Just to get the conversation moving this morning, we'll focus on a couple of news items arising in the Standard-Examiner since our last WCF post:

1) The Standard reports this morning that the 2011 Ogden Municipal election is already heating up, with one prospective mayoral candidate, Ogden City Community Development Manager Johnny Ballard, already announcing his candidacy, and a second possible candidate, Godfrey sock puppet Councilman Brandon Stephenson weighing his options:
One candidate to run for Ogden mayor, another considers it
So what about it, WCF readers? Are there any redeeming virtues which might make either of these prospective candidates worthy of Weber County Forum reader support at this still early juncture?

2) The Standard reported yesterday that "Easton Sports Development Foundation is continuing to work with the city to find a suitable site to construct a $2 million archery facility," although that company "has has abandoned plans for the field house because there would not be enough room for an outdoor archery range":
Foundation targets Ogden for archery facility
Our initial gut reaction is that it seems odd that Boss Godfrey's field house plans would squeeze Easton out, inasmuch as this company appears to be the single identifiable private entity which actually did seriously hint at a substantial commitment of non-public funds to this project.

So what about it, gentle readers? Wouldn't it make more sense to locate the field house facility (if there is to be a field house at all) on a site more compatible with Easton's needs? Or should the lumpen taxpayers of Ogden (and Weber County) just grin and bear it, as the burden of funding this knuckleheaded project is heaped on the taxpayers' backs? We took the opportunity to walk the rumored field house site between 24th and 25th streets along Grant Avenue yesterday, by the way; and in our opinion, even a velodrome would be a "tight" fit.

Have at it WCF readers.

The world-wide blogosphere awaits your comments on either of the above two suggested topics... or feel free to consider this an open topic thread.

Update 11/22/10 10:30 a.m.: Thanks to the diligent googling of another sharp-eyed and alert WCF reader, we just now learn that Jonny (not "Johnny") Ballard is already running a rather unconventional 2011 campaign website:
Jonny Ballard for Ogden City Mayor 2011
As fifties/sixties R&R legend Chuck Berry used to say, Go Johnny Go.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WSU Game Day Thread: WSU Goes On The Road Against Texas Tech

There's plenty at stake for both teams this afternoon

The WSU Wildcats are back on the road this afternoon, where they'll face Big 12 Conference opponent Texas Tech in the WSU regular season finale at 1:00 p.m. (MT) at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock. There's plenty at stake for both teams this afternoon, with the Wildcats hoping for a long-shot FCS playoff berth, and the Red Raiders aiming for a sixth season win to become bowl eligible.

The Standard-Examiner offers a couple of pregame stories, to set the stage for today's epic gridiron battle:
WSU hopes for miracle at Texas Tech
College football: WSU says Tech victory no foregone conclusion
And here's a little something from the Dallas Morning News:
Prediction: Texas Tech rolls against FCS opponent Weber State in must-win game for both teams
Although there'll be no video broadcast available, WSU fans can still catch the online audio on WSU Flagship KLO Radio, of course.

We'll leave the lights on for your thoughtful comments as per usual, Wildcat fans.

And repeat after us the magic words for those of us who bleed purple: GO WILDCATS!

Update 11/21/10 8:15 a.m.: Final Score: Texas Tech 64; Weber State 21. The Standard-Examiner provides the post game story here:
That's a wrap: Wildcats torched by Texas Tech in season-finale
Although the 2010 season ends on a slightly sour note, we'd like to thank the Wildcat football team for an exciting season; and we look forward to covering Wildcat football when the season cranks up again in 2011.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Standard-Examiner AP Story: AG Attorney: Envision Ogden Probe Will Start Over

We'll also be hoping that Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's office hasn't malpracticed, and allowed any important limitations of action statutes to have run

Here's another Envision Ogden campaign corruption story from the Standard-Examiner Live! Website, this time from Tom Foy of the Associated Press:
AG attorney: Envision Ogden probe will start over
Today's AP article reveals new information. It seems the Utah Attorney General's Office isn't merely renewing their earlier-abandoned investigation... they're re-starting "from scratch":
SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah attorney general's office will "start from the ground" in its reopened investigation into whether an Ogden civic group misled contributors about the money it raised that ended up going to political candidates.
Scott Reed, the chief of the attorney general's criminal division, told The Associated Press that he was looking at allegations that Envision Ogden raised the money to promote the city's outdoor amenities but funneled it to "political guys" through another organization.
At first, Reed said he didn't think the case merited prosecution. An investigative report released by the Utah Department of Public Safety to Utah newspapers in recent days quoted Reed telling state investigators in 2009 that he didn't believe the allegations amounted to fraud.
Reed said he hesitated because the allegations were politically motivated and he was overwhelmed with more important cases in 2009, but now has time to take a closer look.
"We want to take a look at a couple of additional things," Reed told the AP. "We're taking this back into our shop. We have the capacity to do this and start from the ground. The case is active and pending."
Nice to see that the Utah A.G.'s Office is finally taking this case seriously at last. We'll also be hoping that Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's office hasn't already seriously malpracticed, and allowed any important crimimal limitations of action statutes to have "run."

Standard-Examiner: Money Serves As Ogden's 'Bait'

It's probably easier to just "play along" with our mayoral prima donna than to suffer the inevitable Boss Godfrey temper fits, we guess

Remarkable lead editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner, in which the SE editorial board offers (rather half-heartedly, we think) "cautious support for the Ogden City Council's decision to reallocate $38,000 in capital improvement funds to study whether it's feasible to build a field house in Junction City's downtown area" :
OUR VIEW: Money serves as Ogden's 'bait'
It's apparent from the editorial board's careful choice of terminology that the Standard clearly recognises this percipient Hotel & Leisure Advisors study for exactly what it will be: a "rigged study," designed solely to serve as public/private investor "bait."

We're still scratching our heads wondering how its possible that our usually level-headed council could possibly be persuaded to play along with such a patently mendacious plan to produce what will no doubt be a glowingly positive feasibility study report.

It's probably easier to just "play along" with our mayoral prima donna than to suffer the inevitable Boss Godfrey temper fits though, we guess.

Added Bonus: There's a fine Grondahl cartoon accompanying today's editorial, by the way, which perfectly captures the "fantasy" aspect of this whole bone-headed project, we do believe:
Don't let the cat get your tongues...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Pair Voice Concerns About Donations

Added WCF bonus: A press conference PowerPoint presentation and two additional supporting documents

The Standard-Examiner reports this morning on yesterday's press conference, during which Dan Schroeder and Neil Hansen explained "why they believe Envision Ogden engaged in political corruption during the Ogden City Council elections in November 2007":
Pair voice concerns about donations
This morning's SE story focuses on yesterday's PowerPoint presentation, highlighting the recently released Department of Public Safety Crime Report, and showing why Hansen and Schroeder "believe city council candidates Blain Johnson and Royal Eccles received about $20,000 in campaign contributions through illegal means in 2007." For the benefit of WCF readers who were unable to attend yesterday's public information session, we're pleased to present that PowerPoint presentation in PDF form:
Envision Ogden 11/16/10 press conference briefing
To round out their evidentiary presentation, Hansen and Schroeder also prepared and presented two additional supporting documents, which we'll link for our readers' further examination below:
Chronological Summary of Envision Ogden’s Activities
Laws that may have been violated by Envision Ogden and its associates
A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat this morning to Mssrs. Hansen and Schroeder, for their dogged efforts to lift the Envision Ogden political corruption story from its former news reporting oblivion, and for their persistence in keeping the heat on to ensure that the Envision Ogden Scandal perpetrators may even yet be brought to justice.

The floor's open for discussion, WCF readers.

Who will be the first to throw in their own 2¢?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Important Emerald City Council/RDA Board Meetings Set For Tonight - UPDATED 3X

It appears that the Council/RDA Board stands poised to rubber stamp the financing for Kevin Garn's Junction Hotel Project
Updated Reader Query: Is our Ogden City Council slowly morphing into a Boss Godfrey rubber stamp?

Here's a heads-up regarding tonight's City Council and RDA meetings, where it appears that the Council/RDA Board stands poised to rubber stamp the financing for Kevin Garn's Junction Hotel Project:
What: City Council/RDA Meetings
When: Tueday, November 16, 2010; 6:00 p.m.
Where: Lincoln Elementary, 1235 North Canfield Drive
The full council packets for tonight's meetings are set forth below:
11/16 City Council Regular Session
11/16 City Council-RDA Special Session
For the benefit of bandwidth challenged WCF readers among us, here's a link to the portion of the RDA Board packet which specifically pertains to the hotel project:
Abbreviated 11/16/10 RDA Board Packet
As per usual, we'll leave the lights on in our lower comments section, for anyone who'd like to comment on this topic before, during or after tonight's Council/RDA sessions.

Update 11/16/10 11:45 a.m.: One of our gentle readers reminds us that there's another WCF-topical item on tonight's council calender, i.e., a budget opening in the amount of $38,375, to be prospectively reallocated from the "CIP Futures Fund" to Boss Godfrey's proposed $38,000 "Fieldhouse Study," which we discussed on WCF yesterday. Check out this council packet excerpt for further details:
Field House CIP Futures reallocation Council Packet excerpt
Fascinating to observe how the administration has deviously dodged a public hearing in this matter, by characterizing the transaction as a mere reshuffling of already "committed" taxpayer dough.

Update 11/17/10 7:45 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner reports this morning that the Godfrey administration scored a clean sweep last night for its ongoing pet projects:
Ogden council OKs hotel proposal
Ogden OKs $38,000 study for new rec facility
So what about it, WCF readers? Is our Ogden City Council reacquiring the lazy traits of our 2005 "Gang of Six" council, and slowly transforming into a another Boss Godfrey rubber stamp?

Update 11/17/10 8:35 a.m.: Per Dan S.: "Here's Cathy McKitrick's write-up in the Trib:"
Ogden gives Garn go-ahead for hotel
"(Be sure to read the sidebar about the velodrome study approval.)"

Ed. Note: The Trib comments section ain't half bad either.

Update 11/25/10 6:52 a.m.: View the full Council and RDA videos here:
11/16 City Council Regular Session
11/16 RDA Special Session

Standard-Examiner: S-E Article Sparked Probe, Says Official

Now's your chance to examine the SBI crime report and decide for yourselves whether criminal charges in this matter are warranted

In advance of this afternoon's press conference, the Standard-Examiner carries a front page story, reporting on the content of the 7/30/09 SBI Report prepared by the Utah Department of Public Safety in connection with its criminal investigation of suspects in the Envision Ogden money laundering scandal, and obtained yesterday by the Standard-Examiner via a GRAMA documents request.

Read the full SE story here:
S-E article sparked probe, says official
And here's a link to the Utah Department of Public Safety Report:
7/30/09 SBI Report PDF
Some of our readers have already made some headway in analyzing the latter report in last night's lower comment section; but for those readers who haven't yet had a look at this important and revealing SBI investigative document, now's your chance to examine it and decide for yourselves whether criminal charges are warranted in this matter.

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Godfrey Wants Study for Field House Proposal

What happened to the last location he proposed for this velodrome thing?

By Biker Babe

The Standard reports this morning that Hizzonah now wants to build yet another indoor water facility: to be included in the velodrome campus -- remember what happened with the last one?
Godfrey wants study for field house proposal
The article also states he wants the velodrome (er ... field house ...) between the Marriot and the Hampton Hotels ... um, aren't there already buildings and businesses there such as: oh yeah! The Lighthouse Lounge, Soul & Bones BBQ, D&R Spirits, HogDen, Bangkok Garden, La Casada, Coggins Larreau & Lythgoe, PC, Gandolfo's and the Federal Building ... just to name a few? And what happened to the last location he proposed for this velodrome thing? Or was there a dream location for it? I can't remember, since he never did the October promotion thing Patterson promised.

Editor's addendum: Looks like a fertile topic for morning discussion. folks. Who will be the first to chime in on this subject?

Standard-Examiner: New IRS Facility Still a Go

Poor old Gadi Leshem suffers a "bad news double whammy"

Bad news for poor old Gadi Leshem this morning, as the Standard-Examiner reports that Leshem is experiencing serious blowback from his Cover-All Inc. company's felony conviction, and that the IRS has now pulled the plug on its plan to remodel his historic Denver & Rio Grande Building to construct a new $21 million IRS facility downtown. Seems that "California's State Compensation Insurance Fund has placed a $6.3 million lien against [Gadi's] Denver & Rio Grande Building, according to records filed with the Weber County Recorder's Office." Adding insult to injury, the Standard reports that "in addition to the lien, Bank of the West filed a notice of default last week for $445,541 against the Denver & Rio Grande Building with the recorder's office. The building could be sold to satisfy the debt, the notice states."

Here's the full SE story:
New IRS facility still a go
Looking at the bright side, the revised IRS plan to build its new facility at the site formerly occupied by Wonder Bread Inc. and Ogden Blue looks like a real boon to downtown Ogden. We're sure that restaurateurs and shopkeepers along Ogden's Historic 25th Street are downright "ecstatic," just as Ogden business development manager Tom Christopulos suggests.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune: Lawmaker, Activist Decry Slow Progress of Envision Ogden Probe

Time will tell on the issue of whether the Utah AG’s Office is a genuine law enforcement office, or a cheesy local government protection racket, we guess

As a followup to earlier stories this week from City Weekly and the Standard-Examiner, and in advance of Tuesday's press conference, the Salt Lake Tribune throws in its own on the Envision Ogden campaign finance scandal story, with this morning's Cathy McKitrick writeup:
Lawmaker, activist decry slow progress of Envision Ogden probe
There's an interesting new factual wrinkle in this morning's SLTrib story whereby Ms. McKitrick reveals that the DPS Investigations Bureau isn't confining itself to possible state law violations, but is also looking into a broad array of possible offenses under municipal, state and federal law, including possible communications fraud, money laundering and political organization tax law violations.

Despite the flurry of new public attention directed toward this matter, and the ongoing criminal investigation, Blessed Boss Godfrey remains stoic and hubris-filled:
Godfrey said in a Friday e-mail that the ongoing investigation does not worry him.
“It’s nearly two-year-old news that hasn’t moved forward,” Godfrey said, “because obviously their accusations aren’t valid.”
Time will tell on the issue of whether the Utah AG’s Office is a genuine law enforcement office, or a cheesy local government protection racket, we guess, while Boss Godfrey all the while continues to maintain a stiff upper lip.

Nice graphic from the SLTrib this morning, by the way, which describes the Envision Ogden/FNURE money laundering transaction in helpful visual form:

Click image to enlarge

We'll keep a keen eye on this story as it continues to develop, folks; but for now lets hear your further comments on the subject.

Weber State University Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Northern Arizona

Now that the Wildcats have been knocked out of playoff contention they'll be playing for pride this afternoon

In the wake of last Saturday's disappointing defeat, our Weber State Football squad will be back on the field, facing Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff's J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome today at 3:00 p.m. Now that the Wildcats have been knocked out of contention for a playoff berth, they'll be playing purely for pride this afternoon, of course.

We love our WSU Wildcats however, so even though neither a conference title nor a playoff berth is on the line, we'll once again fire up a game day thread. We'll never be accused of being fair weather fans. (Write that down so you don't forget it).

Check out the Standard's pre-game stories here:
McBride has high hopes for Hoke
Playoffs out, life goes on for WSU, Higgins
Game audio and video webcasts are available here:
KLO Radio
Big Sky TV
We'll leave the comments section open of course, for your ever-savvy remarks before, during and after the game.

And repeat these words over and over, loyal WSU fans: Go Wildcats!

It would be great for WSU to finish the 2010 season with a two-game win streak. No?

Update 11/13/10 6:25 a.m.: Final, final... WSU 27; NAU 26! The Standard-Examiner has the post game story:
Hoke, Wildcats claw out win at NAU

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Special

Whatever you do today, please at least take a moment to thank those who have served... and be sure to fly your flag

It's Veterans Day 2010, folks, so we'll post a couple Veteran's Day topical items from the Standard-Examiner, just to set the proper celebratory tone.

The Standard has a fine editorial up this morning, calling upon all of us "to remember [not only today but every day] the sacrifices our veterans have made for us and those sacrifices that our soldiers are enduring today":
OUR VIEW: Honoring our veterans
And here's a truly stirring morning guest commentary piece from your blogmeister's old friend, the inimitable former U.S. Marine John Thompson:
Appreciating honor
If you're looking for something memorable to do this afternoon, by the way, in honor of our local veterans, why not drive out to the George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home this p.m. (as the Standard editorial suggests) to participate in the dedication of the newly installed "Veterans Tribute Clock/Bell Tower":
Clock tower at Ogden nursing home to be dedicated on Veterans Day
But whatever you do today, please at least take a moment to thank those who have served... and be sure to fly your flag, along with some fantastic pics.

Update 11/12/10 9:30 a.m.: For those who missed yesterday's
George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home bell tower dedication, here's the post-event story from the Standard-Examiner, which also includes some pretty fine pics.
Veterans clock tower dedicated

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Important Ogden Press Conference Set for 11/16/10

Mark your calendars, folks!

Here's an important heads-up, concerning a key event which is coming up on Tuesday, November 16. Regular WCF contributor and Ogden political activist, Dan Schroeder and "man of the People" Leg. House District 9 House Rep Neil Hansen will be joining up and holding an important joint press conference this coming Tuesday, 11/16/20.

Here's the gist:
State Representative Neil Hansen and local activist Dan Schroeder will
hold a public meeting on Tuesday, November 16, to discuss the criminal
investigation into the activities of Envision Ogden, a political
action committee connected to Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey.
The meeting will be held on 11/16/10 at 4:00 p.m. in the downstairs auditorium of
the Weber County Main Library, 2464 Jefferson Avenue, in Ogden.

Read all about it here in today's joint press release:
November 10, 2010 Hansen/Schroeder Press Release
Mark your calendars, folks!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Salt Lake Weekly: State Investigating Ogden Campaign Finance Scandal - 2d UPDATE

Perhaps the perpetrators of the Envision Ogden campaign donation money laundering scheme may finally be brought to justice after all
Justice delayed, is justice denied.

William Gladstone
The Quotations Page

The game isn't over until it's over.

Yogi Berra
Yogi Berra Quotes

Eye-opening Jesse Fruhwirth story in Salt Lake City Weekly this morning, reporting that the 2007 Envision Ogden money laundering story, a story which we've been mulling over here on Weber County Forum for the past three years, remains far from dead:

Envision Ogden: State Investigating Campaign Finance Scandal
Perhaps, with a little luck, and some genuine due diligence on the part of state investigators and prosecutors, the perpetrators of the Envision Ogden campaign donation money laundering scheme may finally be brought to justice after all.

Update 11/9/10 11:25 a.m.: Thanks to the sharp eyes of alert WCF reader been waiting for this, we now learn that SLWeekly reporter Jesse Fruhwirth has just published a followup article to this morning's above-linked story on the SLCW news blog, which includes, among other highly-revealing things, some late-submitted responses from Ogden's Blessed Little Lord Godfrey hisself, in which Boss Godfrey candidly admits (possibly to his own legal detriment) that he not only "solicited most of the contributions to Envision Ogden," but also "had input into which candidates received their political contributions":
Envision Ogden: more revelations
Read up, folks... and a belated Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat to intrepid SLCW reporter (and "escaped" Std-Ex reporter alum) Fruhwirth for breathing new life into this important Utah political corruption story, which every other member of the Utah print media has so far blindly ignored.

Whew! We swear Utah investigative journalism doesn't get any better than what City Weekly and especially Jesse Fruwirth are putting up on the net these days...

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Weber County Forum Readers.

Update 11/10/10 6:00 a.m.: Due to yesterday's "nudge" from City Weekly, the Standard-Examiner is now back to covering this story too:
Godfrey elections complaint dragging?
Curiously, it appears that Godfrey et al. are adopting the absurd legal position that hoodwinked Envision Ogden donors such as Ogden Regional Medical Center failed to exercise due diligence by neglecting to inquire inquire whether Envision Ogden was actually a legitimate pro Ogden recreation non-profit organization... or a stealth political action committee. Blaming the victim... Yesiree, that's Boss Godfrey's standard dilatory tactic, alright!

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Ogden Sierra Club Gets a Third Straight Court Victory in the Now Three-year Old "Gondola GRAMA Document Production Case" - Updated

A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat to The Ogden Sierra Club for their dogged persistence in re this matter

Attention Weber County Forum readers! here's the latest in the story about The Ogden Sierra Club's original 2007 Ogden GRAMA request case, which has now been lingering in the Utah Courts, thanks to Godfrey Administration foot-dragging, for over three years. The Ogden Sierra Club has nevetheless again gained another decisive court victory over the Godfrey Administration, however. Read the Ogden Sierra Club's latest explanatory press release:
Ogden Sierra Club October 25, 2010 Press Release
As regular Weber County Forum readers will recall, the first emails pried out from the Godfrey adminstration under a GRAMA request court order were damning as hell, as they revealed a veritable UTA-Boss Godfrey Administration conspiracy to conceal from the Council a Federal Transportation Agency grant, and mendaciously divert it, without the Council's knowledge, to a Godfrey Administration-preferred Chris Peterson "Gondola Engineering study."
Boss Godfrey Adminstration e-mail revelations
We'll be standing by with abated breath, WCF readers, to find out what other damning evidence the Godfrey administration is yet keeping under wraps, now that the Ogden Sierra Club has obtained yet a third unequivocal document production court order, while the Little Twerp has dragged his scurvy ass at great taxpayer legal expense to conceal his administration's obviously bad conduct in re this matter.

Update 11/10/10 6:15 a.m.: Per Dan S... "It took a while, but it was worth the wait. Here's Tim Gurrister's writeup in the Standard-Examiner":
Sierra Club still pushing Ogden for gondola plan documents

A Heads-up On Tomorrow's City Council & RDA Meetings - UPDATED

City Council/RDA Double header: A Harrison Boulevard Prelim and a Junction Hotel Project Main Event

For the benefit of Ogden City Council watchers, we'll provide a heads-up regarding a pair of Council and RDA meetings set for tomorrow's RDA-Council calenders.

1) The Prelim - Harrision Boulevard Road Widening: First, the City Council will hold a 5:30 p.m. work meeting to discuss, among other things, The Harrison Boulevard Road Widening Project:
Although we'd previously assumed that this project had already been already favorably resolved, with the Wasatch Front Regional Council's abandonment of the road-widening contingency plan, perhaps there remain a few loose ends; so we'll therefore urge readers who are still warily following developments in re this topic to sit in and report on tomorrow night's meeting.

2) The Main Event - Boss Godfrey's Junction Hotel Project Du Jour: On the heels of Saturday's WCF article, we observe that Boss Godfrey's wasting no time setting the stage for his latest Junction Hotel Project, and that he's somehow managed to finagle an immediate audience with the Emerald City RDA Board for tomorrow night, following the above Council work session, wherein the intricate Rube Goldberg-style details of this project's desperately hoped-for financing will be revealed. Here's the full Council-RDA packet:
We invite all real estate finance wonks to review the proposed Development Agreement, and to examine Boss Godfrey's dizzying array of half-assed proposed financing mechanisms, including, but not limited to these:
a. A Special Assessment Area
b. ARRA QRZED Program Bonds (Parking),
c. ARRA QRZF Program Bonds (Private),
d. TIF Bonds,
e. An EDA Grant,
f. Restructuring of existing Junction loans,
g. Sale by the RDA of the raw land for $1.5 mil, in consideration for a promissory note with initial payment deferred 5-7 years.
Although our readers did get a head start in their analysis behind Saturday's article, we invite anyone who'd like to wade into this newly-displayed data to fatten up the WCF discussion now.

We'll leave the lights on for any brave meeting attendee who'd like to comment post-meeting, with a full dose of NoDoz of course.

Update 11/10/10 7:25 a.m.: Here's a post-meeting report from the Standard-Examiner, such as it is:

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Standard Examiner: More Action at the Junktion!

The Junktion is going to get two - count em two - stores that are apparently going to trade in tools and "factory outlet" power drills, along with an un-needed new hotel!

By Ozboy

According to the Standard web site today that "self-admitted child molester Kevin Garn" who Weber County Forum wrote about below, is now going to be Godfrey's (and Ogden's) great savior in that he is graciously going to let the tax paying citizens of Ogden finance a new hotel that he will own - at the Junktion!
Officials: Hilton hotel to be built in downtown Ogden's Junction
Not only that, but the Junktion is going to get two - count em two - stores that are apparently going to trade in tools and "factory outlet" power drills!
Ogden's Junction lands two more stores
Most mega million dollar commercial developments in Utah get Nordstroms, Macys and other high end stores while Godfrey's high adventure hundred-million dollar folly in the heart of Ogden gets a factory outlet for power drills! High adventure power drills I am sure!

WSU Game Day Thread: Wildcats Go On the Road Against Montana State

Northern Utah Gridiron Double Header: Weber State faces its second straight Top 15 battle to keep its playoff hopes alive; BCS #5 Utah squares off against #3 TCU with a possible BCS national championship game on the line

1) The WSU Wildcats are back on the road this afternoon, where they'll face Montana State University in Bozemen's Bobcat Stadium at high noon. Coach Mac's revamped WSU offense is on a three game winning roll; and today's gridiron contest is another must win situation for our WSU team that's aiming for a third straight Football Championship Subdivision playoff bid.

Here's the pre-game setup from the Standard-Examiner:
Wildcats battling for Big Sky playoff bid
The Bobcats' home town paper, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, has a few words on this topic too:
Surging or sinking?
Once again, audio and video webcasts are available for WSU fans who couldn't travel to Bozeman this weekend:
KLO Radio
Big Sky TV
2) And don't forget this afternoon's other big game, TCU v. Utah, which will be audio broadcasted over the airwaves the old-fashioned way via ESPN700 Radio (formerly KALL 700, and telecast in Weber County on Comcast cable channel 269 (CBS-C):
‘National championship’ atmosphere surrounds Utah-TCU clash
ESPN's College Gameday is in town; and with nationally ranked powerhouse # 3 TCU squaring off against # 5 Utah in Rice-Eccles Stadium @ 1:30 p.m., we're sure even diehard WSU football fans will be flipping back and forth between these two key gridiron battles:

Graphic via the Standard-Examiner

We'll keep the lower comments section open for football fans who'd like to discuss either game.

Update 11/6/10 7:30 p.m.: Final, final... MSU 24, WSU 10... TCU47, Utah 7.

WSU suffered a convincing defeat after a late MSU rally:
Wildcats blow lead in fourth, fall to MSU
Utah got its ass royally kicked from the "get go":
No. 4 TCU blasts No. 6 Utah 47-7

Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Morning WCF News Roundup

A woman in the Utah House leadership Good Ole GOP Boyz Club? Go figure!

News is tediously slow in all the Utah media, as we all retreat from the results of Utah's 2010 General Election. Here, however, are a couple of interesting post-election Northern Utah print media stories, which nevertheless caught your blogmeister's attention this morning:

1) The Salt Lake Tribune reports this morning that current House Speaker David Clark has suffered serious blowback from his heavily reported act of cheering on former Utah legislator (and self-admitted child molester) Kevin Garn, and has now been bumped from his House Leadership seat by a more prim and proper Utah County Relief Society Lady:
Lockhart is first woman to become House speaker
A woman in the Utah legislative leadershipGood Ole Boyz Club? Gasp! Go figure.

2) And on the newspaper "sexual titillation front" don't miss today's Standard-Examiner blockbuster story, reporting that government funded scientific research reveals (to our utter amazement) that sexually experimental pre-teens tend to expand their sexual experimentation, as they grow older:
Study: Oral sex makes intercourse likelier for teens
Well... D'oh! And we needed a government-funded scientific study to learn that?

That's it for now gentle readers. It's been a little quiet around here lately... so "don't be strangers" however, capice?

Update 11/5/10 11:00 p.m.: The SLTrib has an informative followup story on House Speaker Clark's ouster:
Lockhart united legislators fed up with Clark’s heavy hand, insiders say

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Important City Council Work Session Set For Tonight - UPDATED

The Ogden 25th Street Business Association's proposed Historic 25th Street building height ordinance is on the agenda

Here's a quick reminder of this evening's Ogden City Council work session, where a full public discussion of the Ogden 25th Street Business Association's proposed Historic 25th Street building height ordinance amendment is on the agenda.

Here are the date, time and location particulars:
DATE: November 4, 2010
TIME: Open House 5:30 – 6:00 p.m.; Work Session - 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Director's Suite (2d Floor) Ogden Megaplex Theater
AGENDA: A Collaborative Process to Identify Issues Relating to
the 25th Street Historic District, Including How to Address a
Proposed Height Increase
For the full skinny, check out tonight's council packet:
11/04 City Council Work Session Packet
And here's a link to our Weber County Forum article collection on the topic, for those who may still need to bone up on the isues a little bit:
25th Street Height ordinance Articles
Update 11/4/10 3:00 p.m.: Okay, here's the first draft of the proposed Historic 25th Street height limit ordinance amendment which we're able to furnish, thanks to the inquiry from gentle reader Joseph S, along with the timely help of Ogden City Council staff:
Initial draft of a New 25th Street ordinance amendment
We'll make note of the fact that everybody involved in this issue regards this draft ordinance as some kinda "weird starting point;" and that this proposed ordinance will be heavily revised from here before its finally adopted.

Click the link directly above for the "first draft," nevertheless. Let's just label it "a starting point."

We'll leave the lower comments section open for those readers who'd like to comment before, during or after tonight's event... (or dare we hope?)... for any community-minded soul who might deign to provide a little live blogging.

Update 11/5/10 7:30 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner carries the following report on last night's work session, which was apparently met with pronounced Emerald City lumpencitizen disinterest. According to the SE, only about 30 people, mostly merchants, attended the meeting. Were all sides of the proposed height ordinance amendment presented during the meeting? Sadly, the SE unfortunately doesn't inform us what, if any, concrete evidence was presented to the City Council last night, other than Boss Godfrey's Uncle Greg Montgomery constant unsupported refrain, "[a]ltering height restrictions would not threaten 25th Street's historic registry designation":
Historic heights hit in Ogden 25th Street debate

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Couple of Standard-Examiner Election-related Guest Commentaries

A little something to help work through your election post partum blues, perhaps?

In the wake of yesterday's election, we'll shine the spotlight on a couple of Standard-Examiner guest commentaries which deal with nuts-and-bolts issues surrounding national and local elections:

First, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Michael Smerconish furnishes a thoughtful essay urging U.S. newspapers to abandon the practice of offering candidate endorsements, arguing that "[b]y pursuing a partisan, presumptuous path on the editorial page, newspapers encourage questions about their objectivity elsewhere and put themselves on a level with other mediums that have cheapened the civic debate":
Papers should leave endorsing to others
Our home town newspaper published a six-article election endorsement series during the two weeks preceding yesterday's general election; yet when the final results in these select races rolled in, the Standard only went 3 for 6.

Mr. Smerconish urges U.S. newspapers to put themselves on a pedestal and avoid emulating the practices of those crass media sources he characterises as "a partisan cacophony," e.g., "Cable TV, talk radio, the blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter," etc.

So what about it, gentle readers? Did the Standard's endorsement series add useful analysis to the 2010 election debate? Or did this editorial series at least to some extent "erode its readership's perception" of the Standard's overall "objectivity" and bring itself down to the level of the partisan alternate media rabble? In the future should the Standard-Examiner continue the practice of endorsing political candidates? Or in the alternative, should the Standard abandon the practice and hold itself above the fray?

Also notable this morning is former GOP insider and West Haven resident Lynn M. Hansen's guest editorial piece, making the observation that (as "we have [all] come to recognize") "in large measure, it is money that buys votes, not the candidates' positions on issues."

Check it out, WCF readers. Yeah, its familiar WCF-topical territory. But all-in-all we believe its a pretty good read nevetheless ... a little something, perhaps, to help work through your election post partum blues?
Campaigns: It's all about money
That's it for now, folks.

Your thoughtful comments are invited, as always.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday Morning News Roundup

A few non-election news items to chew on, as we await today's election results

While we await the news of final results in today's election, here are a few 11/2/10 news items to chew on, courtesy of gentle reader and regular contributor Dan S.:
Ogden River businesses to form group (to try to get the same free advertising via the city as the Historic 25th Street Association)
20th Street in Ogden to become two-way (to accommodate the new Walmart)
Senator met with feds about Shurtleff fundraising (showing that at least one Utah newspaper can connect the dots in Utah's pay-to-play system)
Who will be the first to throw in their own 2¢?

2010 General Election Day Thread - UPDATED

Follow our hot links to Federal, State and County real-time results
Update: Check out this morning's official interim Weber County vote tallies

The Polls are open, Weber County Forum readers, and will remain open today until 8:00 p.m.

The Standard-Examiner reports that 7,804 ballots have already been cast through the Weber County early voting process; but needless to say, for those voters who waited for today's traditional polling place process, today is your last chance to vote.

And be sure to check out this morning's Standard-Examiner editorial, with its own last-chance-to-vote reminder:
OUR VIEW: Remember to vote
For those readers who are unsure of their polling places, here's a link to the Weber County Government website, which provides several different online resources to help you find your 11/2/10 precinct polling place:
Where Do I Vote?
Update 11/2/10 2:40 p.m.: If you'd like to follow real-time election results as they roll in this evening, click the link below, which will take you to the Utah Lieutenant Governors website. Navigate the main menu in the left sidebar to view real-time tallies in every race from US Senate to local school board:
Utah Election Results - 2010 General Election Preliminary Results
And for the convenience of our Weber County Forum readers, we've broken out direct links to the results in these select Weber County races which have received particular attention within our WCF comments sections, over the course of the 2010 General Election runup:
US Senate - Bradley/Granato/Lee
Governor/Lt Governor - Anderson/Corroon/Herbert/McCullough, et al.
State Senate 18 - Reid/Sawyer
Weber County Offices - All Races
Grab your popcorn and pull up your barcaloungers after 8:00 p.m., folks, as the Lt. Guv's website "scoreboard" begins to light up!

The floor is open. Let's talk about the election, O Gentle Ones.

Update 11/3/10 8:00 a.m.: To save our readers the hassle of plowing through the Lieutenant Governor's Election results menus this morning, here are the interim Weber County vote tallies, via the Standard-Examiner:
Official Weber County Interim Tallies
Examining the results of election contests all across the U.S.A., this morning's Weber County results fall in line with what appears to be a complete national GOP rout:
GOP soars in House, state races; Democrats expected to keep Senate
If there's a single lesson to be learned this election cycle, we suppose it's this: The lumpencitizens are sick and tired of BIG SPENDING elected officials (or candidates perceived to be potential BIG SPENDERS.)

With an Ogden Municipal Election coming up in a little less than a year, we hope our BIG SPENDING Boss Godfrey is taking careful note.

Please feel free to chime in with your post-election comments, folks.

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