Friday, April 03, 2015

Big Story of the Year: President Obama Arrives in Utah For a Friendly Visit

Keep your eyes on this space, as we intend to publish timely updates theoughout the day

We're going to label this the Big Story of The Year, Folks.  What could be Bigger than the arrival of Our Democratic Party President in the Reddest of All Red States, after all?

President Barack Obama arrived in Utah yesterday for a visit. The president's first order of business? A meetup with LDS Church leaders.  Interestingly, wethink, President Monson was a "no-show":
Obama's a savvy politican, who's well aware of who "runs the show" in Utah, of course.

Although the president's itinery demonstrates he won't be rubbing elbows with Utah politicos of the Republican party persuasion (for the most part,) the President did devote a few minutes yesterday to schmoozing with local leaders of his own political party:
Obama arrives in Utah
Mr. Obama is expected to highlight clean energy initiatives during his address at Hill Air Force Base later today, in realtion to which he'll also hold a roundtable discussion at Hill with people who are working to train Utahns in the clean-energy sector. Sen. Orrin Hatch, Rep. Rob Bishop and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker are expected to join that discussion (taking careful notes, we hope):
Those readers who are keen to follow develpments pertaining to the President's ongoing visit should keep your eyes on this space, as we intend to publish timely updates theoughout the day.

An additional Hat-tip to the fine folks at UtahPolicy.Com, for helping us round this stuff up.

Updates 4/3/15: As promised, we'll just keep adding updates as subsequent stories roll in:

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