Saturday, November 25, 2017

Weber State University Game Day Thread: Wildcats Host "Leathernecks' in FCS Playoffs - Updated

"Get your butts into them Stewart Stadium seats, and lets crowd the the stadium, at least this once...."

WSU v. Western Illinois
It's again time to proudly don your purple and White WSU football fan garb once again, WSU fans, as our WSU Wildcats football squad hosts the Western Illinois Leathernecks for their first-round FCS payoff tilt right here at Ogden's Stewart Stadium home field this afternoon  Read the pre-game stories here, peeps:
And for the sake of perspective, here's another eye-opening story, folks: A packed Stewart Stadium could make the all the difference, of course
Let's hope you'll all dutifully show show up at the stadium with bells on, peeps, inasmuch as Athletic Director Jerry Bovee, University President Charles Wight and vice president Norm Tarbox practically sold their souls to guarantee this afternoon's home-field advantage:
As we urged earlier this week, "get your butts into them Stewart Stadium seats, and lets crowd the the stadium, at least this once...."

Kickoff is set for 2 p.m. at Stewart Stadium. The game is also scheduled to stream live on ESPN3/WatchESPN; and the radio broadcast will air on 1430 AM KLO, with Ron Zundel and WSU football alum Bo Bolen on the call, as per usual.

Go Wildcats!

Update 11/25/17 2:39 p.m.: OK folks, after considerable searchng, we finally found the  correct ESPN3 link. You can view today's WSU ball-game here:
Happily, the Wildcats are up 7-3 early in the 2d quarter.

Update 11/25/17 5:50 pm: Let's just say that "Victory is Sweet":

Next Wildcats Victim?  Southern Utah University, next Saturday!

Update 11/25/17 7:57 pm: Better late than never, the Standard's Ace Sports reporter, Brandon Garside, graciously and professionally provides the post-game story:
And what else can your Blogmeister say at this juncture? Howbout I say that I can't wait to draft both Stefan Cantwell and Andrew Vollert to my 2018 NFL fantasy team?

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