Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ogden's First Mayoral "Meet the Candidates" Forum Calendered For 7/28/11

If ya snoozes ya loses of course, as the old saying goes

Gotta hand it to Ogden mayoral candidate Steve Van Wagoner. With the 11/8/11 Ogden Municipal Election not quite "looming" on the horizon a full 110 days hence, he's nevertheless already set up the first mayoral "Meet the Candidates" forum for next week. Check out the info below for further details:
Event: Press Release - Meet The Candidates Running For Ogden City Mayor
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2011
Time: 5:30 -7:30 P.M.
Place: Ogden’s Ben Lomond Hotel (2510 Washington Blvd.)
Here's hoping that a substantial body of Weber County Forum political wonks will be able to be in attendance, important candidate questions in hand, to grill Ogden Mayoral candidates a week from tomorrow night.

And speaking of questions you'd like to see posed for our 2011 Mayoral candidates, feel free to start posting your own queries here.

If ya snoozes ya loses of course, as the old saying goes.

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Ray said...

New Topic-Whats Brewing? A Beer Tax- According to the Standard Examiner our esteemed pro-business legislature is considering a 5 cent a can tax on beer to support county jails. Their justification is "inmates admit they have an alcohol problem" Well most Utah residents have a weight problem so perhaps we should tax Jello for medical costs. What happened to the No New Taxes edict from our republican brethern? Just another way for the dominent religion to screw the non LDS population and feel rightous about it. 

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