Saturday, October 04, 2014

Utah AG Candidate Andrew McCullough: "A Change is Gonna Come"

Vote for the best AG candidate; you know, just for once

In connection with our upcoming November 4, 2014 Utah elections, we'll present this:

Check out Utah Attorney General Candidate Andrew McCullough's most excellent new blog post, which further fortifies your blogmeister's belief that Andy McCullough  is by far the best 2014 choice for Utah Attorney General. Don't get all "pissy," my Demo and GOP friends. Andrew MCullough is clearly the best 2014 Utah AG choice to to clean up the mess that Mark Shurleff and Swallow (and particularly) that GOP-FAWNING little GOP "suckup"candidate, i.e., Sean Reyes, hasn't yet cleaned up:
Please read, and fully absorb it.

Andrew McCullough clearly speaks the truth. and nothing but the truth.

Please try to do something bold and useful in your lives for once, Utah voters. Use the brains that your "Gawd" gave you. Ditch your knee-jerk "major party" affiliations... in the 2014 Utah AG race... at least.

Please vote for the best AG candidate... you know, just for once?


Rebel With a Cause 2 said...

I enjoyed reading the article about Andrew McCullough. In fact, I agreed with him on all the points he made.

rudizink said...

Good call, Rebel! Ummm. Maybe you could send Mr. McCullough a few donation bucks. ;-)

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