Thursday, July 28, 2016

Salt Lake Tribune: Case Against Former Utah A.G. Mark Shurtleff Is Off; Swallow Prosecution Still On

Corruption case » Judge drops charges against ex-Utah A.G.; taxpayers off the hook for legal bills

As a followup to our coverage of the long-extended Mark Shurtleff public corruption matter, it's with considerable disappointment that we report the latest news.

Here's this morning's Salt Lake Tribune lede, Peeps:
A state judge dismissed criminal public corruption charges against Mark Shurtleff on Wednesday, ending the former Utah attorney general's two-year legal tussle.
Third District Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills signed the order, citing a state motion seeking the dismissal from the chief prosecutor, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings.
The dismissal was granted without prejudice, meaning the case could be filed again, although that seems unlikely.
"#Hallelujah! #Justice! #gratitude," Shurtleff, a three-term attorney general, exclaimed on Twitter.
Read the full story here, Gentle Readers:
Trib reader Caveat Emptor 100 nails it, wethink:
We, voters, may never find out enough information to validate the Davis County Prosecutor's decision. Certainly, the Supreme Court's decision in tossing VA Governor Mc Donald's prosecution is an important factor [citation added] ......
Remember, being a scumbag , accepting bribes, is legally acceptable, as long as no one can prove that you returned the "favor" with official action...... 
Looking at the bright side, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill assures us he remains prepared to to prosecute Shurtleff's successor, Attorney General John Swallow,on the separate charges which also remain pending; and Troy Rawlings is keeping his fingers crossed that Shurtleff's lawyers are blocked from collecting hefty court costs and attorney fees as a result of Shurtleff's fortuitous case dismissal.

Friday, July 08, 2016

CfA Demands Audit of Legislative Expenditures for Utah Land Transfer Lawsuit - Updated

"Utah, the best managed state," Har-har-har

Via Utah State Senator James Dabakis:

UGLY and SHOCKING: Fiscal conservatives my butt! So many first class plane tickets, expensive hotels, lobbying with tax money, luxurious meals etc with YOUR money! A sneak 129 page peek behind the translucent veil of totally closed state government. Explains why they were so insistent on keeping the details on the $14 million dollar state land lawsuit and its billing away from Rep Joel Briscoe and me. Thanks independent group The Campaign for Accountability for bringing facts to UTAH.

Read the good Senator's above-referenced article, peeps:
Here's more from the Salt Lake Tribune and the Standard-Examiner:
Don't let the cat get yer tongues...

Monday, July 04, 2016

Independance Day Special

Happy 4th of July, Peeps

Have a safe and sane holiday, folks.

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