Sunday, September 30, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Hopes to Demolish Buildings in Effort to Revitalize Ogden River Project Area

Sodden question: If this is such a great project, why does the public have to fund it?

By Smaatguy

This just chaps my hide... here we go again. $100k to another developer to get things moving. I don't recall the city handing  me even a stick of gum when I remodeled my building:
Questions... just how much of this $100 k will remain in Ogden? With as big as this project appears to be and as "attractive" it is going to be, then it ought to be so successful that the public does not need to be funding it in ANY way.  They say "the removal of the buildings is essentially free to the city." the City owns the buildings? how is that free to the city?

And here we go again with jobs lies... "creating" 30 to 50 temporary construction jobs.  How?  Are they going to tear them down with spoons?  50 guys riding a trackhoe?

As far as local developer... Google Wright Development Group and see where that lands ya.  Yup... Layton... Hilton Garden Inn... sound familiar?    Again the question...if this is such a great project, why does the public have to fund it?

I am livid beyond words.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State v. University of California Davis

A fine chance for rookie head coach Sears to finally put a "W" in the "win" column, folks

The Weber State Wildcats (0-4) are back on the road today in Davis California, to meet the Big Sky Conference newcomer UC Davis Aggies (1-3) at 7 p.m. in Aggie Stadium.  

Here's the pre-game setup from the Standard-Examiner:
The Aggies' home town newspaper, the Davis Enterprise, provides its own take on tonight's game too:
And here's the ever-trusty online audio link, regular as clockwork, for those of you who'd like to listen in:
Tonight's contest is the first of the Wildcats' season where they won't be facing either a FBS team or a Top 25 ranked FCS program, so it looks like a fine chance for rookie head coach Sears to finally put a "W" in the "win" column, Wildcat fans.

We'll leave the comments section open as per usual for anyone who'd like to throw in their own 2¢ before, during or after the game.

Go Wildcats!

Update 9/29/12 11:00 p.m.: The Standard is first out of the box with the post game story:
Final score: UCD 37, WSU 13. "Weber State (0-5, 0-2 Big Sky) is winless through five games for the first time since 2004," the Standard reports.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Weber County Forum 2012 Election News Roundup

few 2012 election-topical  stories which we stumbled upon  this morning...whilst Googling

As the 2012 general election countdown clock (see the WCF right sidebar) ticks down to under 38 days until the November 6, 2012 election, we'll up the ante and highlight a few 2012 election-topical  stories which we stumbled upon  this morning...whilst Googling.

1) Utah Congrssional District 1. For those Weber County political wonks who are looking for candidate distinctions in the Utah Congressional District 1 House of Representatives race, check out this SL-Trib story link:
Looks like we have a West Point grad running against a draft-dodger, no? Weber County US war veterans, please take note.

2) US Presidential Race. Here statistic guru Nate Silver's odds in the presidential  race as of today:

Here are a couple of supplementary articles for your reading "pleasure":
Romney's own ill-chosen "heavy" words aren't helping his campaign either, we guess:
It gets interestinger and interestinger, dunnit?

Maybe Romney presidential fortunes will "recover" in the upcoming debates, right?

And what are the odds for a Romney victory amongst Romney's formerly rabid Wall Street supporters?
Let's just say that Romney's earlier heavily supportive Wall Street cronies are now seemingly "hedging their bets."

That's it folks; let's hear your own 2¢

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Prosecutors Resist Stewart Attorney's Subpoena for Police Training Manuals

Sodden query: Why the need to be so secretive?

By Phoenix Smith

More from the Standard-Examiner this morning, concerning the Matthew Stewart case.

So if the police were doing as these manuals tell them to do, why are the Weber County prosecutors objecting to Defendant Stewarts' defense team having them?
Considering this was such an awesome job by police, decorated by awards and promotions, why the need to be so secretive?

Standard-Examiner: Scar From Water Pipeline On Mountain Above Ogden Temporary, Officials Say

"Not to worry," sez Ogden City Engineer Justin Anderson

As a followup to Dan Schroeder's highly informative and timely 9/4/12 WCF post, the Standard gets the word out to its print edition readership concerning the ugly "scar recently seen on the mountainside behind Weber State University":
"Not to worry," sez Ogden City Engineer Justin Anderson. Thanks to the planned re-seeding efforts of Ogden City and the U.S. Forest Service, the mangled vegetation will ultimately grow back.

We'll see, won't we.

Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Weber County General Election Candidate Roster

Nothing at all like it anywhere else in the entire Weber County webosphere

In our ever-obsessive compulsion to cover every detail of all local aspects of  the 2012 General Election race, we'll make note of this highly informative Guest Editorial in today's Standard-Examiner,  by Utah Democrat Steve Olsen, (former [reformed] Republican) who gives us a brief run-down of the Democratic Party candidates on the Weber County election slate in November:
In that connection we'll now proudly "up the ante" and roll out for public view our new Weber County Forum  2012 Weber County General Election Candidate Roster, which greatly expands on today's Steve Olsen Op-Ed piece.

Although it's still slightly under construction, you can view more info on the Demo candidates than even  Mr. Olsen mentions, along with all the others of "other political stripes" right here:
We've worked our "tail" off to create this page, people.

Use it, enjoy it and exploit it, folks.

Trust us.  There's nothing at all like this anywhere else in the entire Weber County webosphere.

For our Gentle Readers' future reference, by the way, we've also planted this candidate information resource in our right sidebar 2012 election module.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Two Tales of One City: Ogden is Rising and Reeling

Revitalized core and its new jobs stand in stark contrast to neighborhoods still bearing brunt of recession’s unemployment high of 12.5 percent

Interesting Paul Beebe story in yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune, dovetailing somewhat with Dan Schroeder's seminal 7/29/12 writeup, and putting the focus on Ogden City's still-troubling unemployment statistics. Despite the ample Boss Godfrey quotes, this "ain't no puff piece," folks.  Here's the lede:
The first year of the Great Recession was pretty easy on Ogden. For most of 2008, unemployment wavered around 5 percent of the labor force, pretty good for Utah’s seventh-largest city, which had seen far higher rates of joblessness earlier in the decade.

That changed in December, when the jobless rate exploded. In just 30 days, it jumped to 11 percent from 5.3 percent in November.

Thus began an extraordinarily difficult time for Ogden. Over the next two years, the jobless rate averaged above 10 percent. For a year it was 11 percent or higher. And in July and August 2009, after the recession officially ended, the unemployment reached 12.5 percent — highest of any city in Utah with a population of 25,000 or more.
Read the full Trib story here:
So what about it, O Gentle Ones? Has the Ogden City jobs economy made any significant net progress during the past four years? Are we even treading water? If you were the philosopher-king/emperor of Ogden City, with unlimited dictatorial power, what changes would you make to improve Ogden City's still-dismal unemployment picture?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

WSU Game Homecoming Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Eastern Washington U.

Hey! Lets all lets all dress up in purple, get out to Stewart Stadium and "put some butts" into some seats

Wildcats Nation
Big doings today on the Weber State campus, where our so far 0-3 Weber State Wildcats will square off this evening versus 1-1 conference opponent Eastern Washington Eagles for WSU's first 2012 Big Sky Conference gridiron battle.  Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. at Stewart Stadium.  Hopefully rabid WSU fans will show up in force an a day which is shaping up for perfect football weather.
    The Standard-Examiner has the pre-game story, of course:
    Here's the full skinny from the Spokesman-Review, the Eagles' home town newspaper:
    Added bonus from the Signpost:
    And we once again provide the online game audio broadcast link, for the home-bound or anyone else who can't make it to the stadium:
    On the heels of an already back-breaking three-game opening non-conference schedule, our WSU Wildcats once again have their work cut out this week, facing the remnants of a 2010 FCS national champion Eagles team who still, even at this early point in the season boast a  # 9 FCS Top 25 poll rank. Yikes!
      Our Wildcats desperately need your support this week; so what say you? Lets all dress up in purple, get out to the stadium and put some "butts into some seats" for once. No lame excuses, please.

      How the heck can Ogden ever hope to become a college town, we ask, if we don't rabidly support our own home team?

      Go "Wildcats Nation"!

      Update 10:45 p.m:  Eagles over Wildcats, 32-26:
      Coulda been worse, we guess.

      Thursday, September 20, 2012

      WCF Reader: Why Do I Have to Vote in a Mormon Wardhouse?

      Your Blogmeister's Advice: Just vote there and hold your nose

      By CJ:

      Good Morning,

      Do you know why they have changed my voting place from Polk School to the **()()&(*&&*^(^&T&* LDS Meeting House on 27th?

      I have no desire to set foot in ANY LDS building. I'm greatly offended and don't know where to start complaining.

      I'm not exactly sure about this except that I went to a website to "pledge to vote" for a state wide school competition and the information came up there. 

      WCF Blogmeister Addendum: Here's the earlier ( possibly-lame) explanation, CJ, via the Standard-Examiner, for what it's worth:
      Just go there and cast your vote, CJ. And just hold your nose, if necessary. And report any perceived insults you might find there to Tom Monson, err... my bestest GOP buddy Ricky Hatch, at the Weber County Elections office!

      If you have to call "Ricky" at  399-8400 for whatever reason, tell him his good buddy Rudi sent ya's.

      Tuesday, September 18, 2012

      Standard-Examiner: Forfeiture Action Dropped by Officials for Matthew Stewart's Home

      Regardless of your take on Matthew Stewart's criminal "guilt or innocence," we believe all liberty-loving folks will agree that Mr. Stewart's property rights have been seriously infringed in this instance

      The Standard-Examiner provides the latest development in the Matthew Stewart shoot 'm up case this morning, with a Tim Gurrister story reporting that Weber County officials are "dropping their forfeiture action and giving back Defendant Matthew David Stewart’s home":
      The Weber County Attorney's laughably belated rationale?
      An analysis of the home’s equity showed that the debt on the house likely exceeded its fair market value, according to the stipulated motion for dismissal written by Deputy Weber County Attorney Jeff Thomson.
      “For this reason, the State has decided not to proceed in this forfeiture action.”
      This case has been dragging on for some nine months now, folks; and it seems outright bizarre to us that county prosecutors have arrived at this rather elementary decision at this ridiculously late juncture.  During the ensuing period of time, Defendant Stewart has been deprived of possession and control of his "under water" property, during which period his family could have made necessary repairs and leased it out, mitigating, at least to some extent, the mortgage arrearages mentioned in today's S-E story.  A proper "market analysis" could have been easily produced within weeks, not months, folks.

      Why the "property equity" issue was not raised early in this proceeding we do not know, but we do have a suggestion for the (so-called) pro-property rights Utah legislature:

      1) Amend the applicable civil forfeiture statute ( Utah Forfeiture Procedures Act (UFPC) forthwith, and include a requirement that a "net value" judicial determination and finding be an early requirement in such proceedings.

      2) Better yet, provide that such a showing be a firm threshold pleading requirement, part of the government's "prima facia case,"  a  procedural prerequisite (by means of a prosecution "sworn declaration" perhaps) which must be satisfied as a condition of the government's filing of any property forfeiture action.

      Regardless of your take on Matthew Stewart's criminal "guilt or innocence," gentle readers, we believe all liberty-loving folks will agree that Mr. Stewart's property rights have been seriously infringed in this instance.

      Seems to us that so long as our "private property loving" Utah legislature insists on a draconian policy of  "civally seizing" a criminal defendant's property years before he's possibly criminally convicted, even the morons in the legislature ought to "religiously" protect "all" Utah property owners' rights, don'tcha think?

      Monday, September 17, 2012

      Salt Lake Tribune: Many in Ogden Still Dream of Streetcar Connection

      Isn't it time for Ogden Streetcar advocates to began needling the City Council and the Caldwell administration to get the stalled Ogden Streetcar Project back on track?

      After nearly an eight-month lull, Ogden City Street Car proponents will be interested to read yesterday's Cathy McKitrick story from the Salt Lake Tribune, which brings the proposed Ogden Streetcar Project back to the public discussion forefront:
      Now that the single greatest local political obstacle to this project has been removed from the political mix, isn't it time for Ogden streetcar advocates to began needling the the City Council and the Caldwell administration to get this stalled project back on track?

      Here's the Ogden City government contact link, folks, for those who'd like to take immediate action:
      The floor's also open for those who'd like to throw in their own 2¢.

      Saturday, September 15, 2012

      Weber State University Game Day Thread: McNeese State at Weber State

      Kickoff @ 6 p.m. in Stewart Stadium

      Our Weber State Wildcats definitely have their hands full this evening, as they host the McNeese State Cowboys in WSU's 6:00 p.m.home-opener at Stewart Stadium, with MSU arriving in Ogden sporting a 2-0 season record and a flashy # 19 FCS Top 25 poll rank.

      Just to get your Wildcat fan juices flowing, be sure to catch the Standard's Roy Burton pre-game morning take:
      And for the other side ot the story, read what the Lake Charles, Louisiana-based American Press newspaper has to say about each teams' first Football Championship Subdivision 2012 season square-off:
      If you can't make it to the stadium because of broken limbs and/or "hospitalization," O Loyal WSU fans, you can still catch the online audio broadcast as usual of course, via this ever-trusty link:
      Courtesy of the Standard-Examiner, here are the respective team rosters:
      We'll leave our lower comments section open as per usual for your ever-savvy trash-talk remarks, of course, (Ha-Ha-Ha...)

      Say the magic words: Go Wildcats! 

      Update 9/15/12 9:00 p.m.: Final-final... MSU 35, WSU 21. The Wildcats finish up their third game with a "perfect" 0-3 record.


      Update 9/15/12 9:52 p.m.: The Salt Lake Tribune is first up with the post-game story:
      Update 9/16/12 10:00 a.m.: Better late than never, the Standard comes up this morning with its own post-game writeup:

      Science Saturday - September 15, 2012

      Amazing how these incredibly complicated NASA Mars missions seemingly come off  like "clockwork," innit?

      It's been a a full six weeks since our last Science Saturday News Roundup. So just so our readers won't think we've completely "spaced out" on this intermittent WCF feature, here are a few science and technology stories (and one other item) which have fallen into our lap, more or less, in the interim since our last Science Saturday installment:

      1) Now that European science geeks have "discovered the smallest particle that could ever exist, the team at Cern is now considering scaling up - with a brand new collider."
      "The Geneva-based team which discovered what they believe to be the Higgs Boson particle this summer is now looking to the future, and are proposing a new underground accelerator with a circumference of 50miles (80kms) - three times the size of the current one under Geneva.
      The collider will be used to solve a new batch of mysteries of the universe, such as how gravity interacts on a molecular level."

      Cern's 20 member states have cooked up several "schemes" to replace the "old" ($4.6 billion) collider, which "has served its intended purpose." "Either scheme would cost billions of dollars, which would be shared" between the 20 Cern Members. the Mail Online article reports.
      Apparently, for the European science community, money grows on trees.

      2)  Via the Climate Central website we learn that "the record loss of Arctic sea ice this summer will echo throughout the weather patterns affecting the U.S. and Europe this winter, climate scientists said on Wednesday, since added heat in the Arctic influences the jet stream and may make extreme weather and climate events more likely." Our Republican Party "science denying" readers might wanna just skip this article entirely, we guess:
      Sodden question: "How do you explain science to people who want to believe that the earth is 6,000 years old or that men rode dinosaurs?"

      3) According to the website, "[a] new survey suggests that the chamber of molten rock beneath Santorini's volcano expanded 10-20 million cubic metres – up to 15 times the size of London's Olympic Stadium – between January 2011 and April 2012":
      We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, inasmuch as the last time the Santorini super volcano (Thera) blew its top, it pretty much flattened the area around the mediterranean Sea, and arguably, drastically altered the course of world history.

      4)  This fantastic video, sent to us by another alert and science-wonkish WCF reader, doesn't deal with the most recent Mars mission, but it's nevertheless pretty cool, wethink; so we'll embed it for our WCF readers' edification and viewing pleasure, nonetheless:

      Amazing how these incredibly complicated NASA Mars missions seemingly come off  like routine  "clockwork," innit? Gotta admit we found ourselves cheering right along with the NASA technicians and scientists manning the JPL "ground control" center.

      That's it for today, folks.  So who wants to throw in their own 2¢?

      Thursday, September 13, 2012

      Startup Fever: Why Did Ogden, Utah Lead The USA In Job Growth?

      Sodden hint: It didn't

      Fascinating undated Boss Godfrey "butt-kissing puff piece" we stumbled upon this afternoon whilst googling:
      So who is this post-Godfrey era Godfreyite Alex Lawrence? An actual WSU paid faculty member, or an opportunistic, self-promoting WSU graduate poseur/clinger-on? Is there anyone on the WSU faculty who'd like to publicly claim this guy as one of their own? (We didn't think so, for some strange reason.)

      We take personal offense, by the way, that Mr. Lawrence doesn't consider Weber County Forum (after seven years of being a painful "burr under the saddle" of crooked politicians) to be "a reputable source." That's standard Godfreyite denial of reality, of course.

      And even more fundamentally, Dan S's marvellous 7/29/12 expose, which Mr. Lawrence cavalierly dismissed, is a tome that's nearly impossible to refute on the core data and analysis, ainnit?

      Huffington Post: Indefinite Detention Ruling Backed By Civil Liberties Groups

      Hopefully President Obama will instruct the federal Justice Department to accept this ruling and STAND DOWN!

      Dang good news on the American civil liberties front, as HuffPo announces that a NY Federal District Court Judge has ruled to strike down the "indefinite detention" provision of the federal National Defense Authorization Act of 2012!
      "Today is a day to celebrate," one of the plaintiffs, Tangerine Bolen, said in a statement after the ruling. "After eleven years of witnessing a radical departure from democracy and fundamental civil liberties and towards increased authoritarianism -- all under the guise of the war on terror -- we have a ray of hope and reason to keep the faith."

      Next stop... the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals?

      Hopefully President Obama will instruct the federal Justice Department to accept this pro-individual liberty ruling and simply STAND DOWN!

      Wednesday, September 12, 2012

      Wednesday Afternoon Weber County Forum Local News Roundup

      A few news and editorial  items of local interest which we stumbled upon this morning whilst Googling

      Just so's you won't think we've been slacking off this a.m., here are a few news and editorial  items of local interest which we stumbled upon this morning whilst Googling, and thought to be worthy of note:

      1) The Standard-Examiner rightly unloads on the anti-First Amendment "apartchiks" in North Ogden City BIG government with both barrels:  "If North Ogden’s apparatchiks continue to harass Taylor, we hope he fights back. Free speech is always worth a good scrap, and North Ogden’s government elite need a strong lesson in civics and ethics," sez the Standard-Examiner editorial board:
      "Bizarro governnment?" Great turn of a phrase, wethinks.  (Perfect description for the fascist-style gummint in North Ogden, in our never-humble opinion.

      2)  Taking into account the S-E editorial linked above, here's another killer S-E story which we also find worthy of note:
      It's nice to see the often politically-neutered Utah ACLU doing a little something now and then, no? Like actually "filing a lawsuit"?  Looks like a dead-bang winner for the Utah ACLU to us, btw.

      3) And here's today's final-final:  There's more here, people, than meets the eye, upon reading this Standard-Examiner story:
      Once again our "real estate developer-friendly" Ogden City Council rejects the input of previously un-annexed Ogden citizens who'd like to preserve the "rural nature" of their local neighborhood.

      Kudos to Councilwomen Amy Wicks and Susan Van Hooser for listening to the lumpenfolks, btw, and voting "NO":
      The council voted 5-2 in favor of the annexation. Councilwomen Amy Wicks and Susan Van Hooser cast dissenting votes, citing concerns over the impact the zoning would have on residents.  
      And here's something interesting, according to this morning's S-E story, "[The] petition for the annexation was filed earlier this year by somebody named David Phipps."

      Dang!  Until now, we'd thought the politically disgraced David Phipps had  fallen off the edge of the earth.  For good or ill, that's apparently not so. Looks in fact like he's got his MoJo back.

      Once the 2012 general election is over, WCF readers, we can see there's work to be done in the year 2013 with our Ogden City Council, and other Northern Utah city councils, folks, No?

      Tuesday, September 11, 2012

      Standard-Examiner: Meet Candidates Thursday in Ogden

      Mark your calenders, folks, for this early event which will allow you to meet all these wonderful candidates in the flesh

      As we approach within 55 days of the upcoming November General election, the Standard carries this morning a sidebar blurb announcing an important and convenient pre-election "meet the candidates" event set for 8pm Thursday in downtown Ogden.  The announcement's short, so we'll take the liberty of incorporating it in full for those S-E readers who may have missed it.  And for our readers' convenience, we've also pasted in a few informative links:
      OGDEN — The Coalition of Religious Communities will sponsor a Meet the Candidates night from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday at Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, 2371 Grant Ave., in Ogden.

      The community is invited to participate in asking questions of the candidates.

      Those expected to attend include Linda Protzman and Ryan Wilcox, House District 7; Gage Froerer and Nick Velis, House District 8; Neil Hansen and Jeremy Peterson, House District 9; Dixon Pitcher and Christopher Winn, House District 10; Brad Dee and Pamela Udy, House District 11; Stuart Reid, Senate District 18; Allen Christensen and Peter Clemens, Senate District 19; Brent Andrews and Scott Jenkins, Senate District 20; and Rob Bishop and Donna McAleer, U.S. House District 1.

      For information, call Linds Hilton, director of the Coalition of Religious Communities, 801-364-7765, Extension 100 or email
      Oddly enough, Senator Stuart Reid isn't even running in the 2012 election. We guess he's eager to get a head start on the 2014 election race.

      Conspicuously absent from Thursday night's event?  Your blogmeister's personal choice for Utah Senate District 19... the Libertarian candidate, Courtney White.  Go figure. 

      Mark your calenders, folks, for this early event which will allow you to meet all these wonderful candidates in the flesh

      Monday, September 10, 2012

      Standard-Examiner: Bad Soil May Kill Weber County Library Expansion

      Doodly squat: A set up for a new building on a new site... and there, my friends, go your property taxes

      By: Smaatguy

      Hold on to your wallets, as it looks from Sunday's article like Weber County Library is setting us up to spring for a new main branch:
      Ok, here is the skinny. The article spouts off about big water table issues and debris from the construction of the current building.  Both "appear" to be HUGE obstacles to doing anything with the existing building or site.

      I say doodly-squat.

      First of all, most of the bench from say Adams to Quincy has underground water erratically flowing through it; and they dealt with it in the current building.  Those things wear out; and technology has changed alot since then to deal with it.  So before we go buying a new piece of property in the downtown area lets think twice and save the scare tactics.

      Secondly, regarding the debris: Build out a new basement and the debris goes with it.

      The boiler and such: Put a new one in.  That takes up minimal space.

      Methinks this is a set up for a new building on a new site... and there my friends go your property taxes.

      I could be wrong of course, but this is how I see it.

      One more thing:  How many issues is a new piece of property going to have that it would have the same central location?  So you would be spending site costs the cost of the land.

      Saturday, September 08, 2012

      Weber State Game Day Thread: Wildcats v. BYU Cougars

      We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that our WSU Wildcats will follow USU's lead, and catch an over-confident Cougar team flat-footed

      The Weber State Wildcats are back on the road today in Provo, where they're presented with a rare opportunity to prove themselves against powerful potential in-state rival BYU.  Kickoff's set for 1:00 at Edwards Stadium, Wildcats fans.

      For the pre-game overview check out these Standard-Examiner and Salt Lake Tribune stories:
      You can view the game on BYUtv of course; but here's the Carl Arky-narrated link for the online game audio, for those folks whose homes aren't satellite or cable-ready
      While some so-called experts might suggest that WSU may be playing the role of the sacrificial lamb this afternoon, we're not buying that. This end of week could be already shaping up as a weekend of local upsets, as we see it; so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that our fired-up WSU Wildcats will follow USU's lead, and possibly catch an over-confident Cougar team flat-footed.

      Go Wildcats!

      Update 9/8/12 6:00 p.m.: The Bad News:
      The Good News:  The Wildcats beat the point spread (40 pts.).

      Friday, September 07, 2012

      Salt Lake Tribune: Envision Ogden Open Records Fight Stalls in Court

      Needless to say, a less dedicated plaintiff than Dan Schroeder would have likely fallen by the wayside long ago

      The Salt Lake Tribune reports the latest development in the still-festering Envision Ogden scandal, with a Cimaron Neugebauer story providing details concerning yesterday's 3rd District Court hearing, wherein Ogden community activist Dan Schroeder doggedly continued his noble quest, seeking key "smoking gun" documents pursuant to his still-pending GRAMA document production request.  Here's the lede:
      More than a year has passed since Ogden activist Dan Schroeder filed a Government Records Access and Management Act request with the Utah Attorney General’s Office seeking documents connected to an alleged campaign finance scandal involving former Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey.

      Schroeder hoped that a 3rd District Court judge on Thursday would order the A.G.’s Office to release investigative files related to Godfrey’s now defunct Envision Ogden organization, which came under fire in 2009 when allegations of money laundering and fraud involving the group surfaced. But Schroeder’s crusade to learn more about the inner workings of Envision Ogden stalled, when Judge Keith Kelly ruled he didn’t have enough information to decide whether files previously withheld from Schroeder should now be made public.
       Read the full story here:
      Notably folks, it's been a ridiculously long frustrating haul. Even Judge Kelly agrees, saying "It shouldn’t take this long to decide an appeal from a GRAMA decision." 

      Encouragingly however, Judge Kelly has set this matter for a further evidentiary hearing on Oct. 19.

      We've marked our calender folks, and eagerly await to report the final results of what we hope will be a dispository follow-up hearing.

      Needless to say, a less dedicated plaintiff other than Dan Schroeder would have likely fallen by the wayside long ago.

      Thursday, September 06, 2012

      2012 Democratic National Convention - DAY III - Updated

      No doubt about it, tonight's Democratic Convention Finale is bound to be tons of fun

      DANG! Are we ever revved-up for the final night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, folks!  Unlike last week's Republican convention, this one's definitely NOT been a snoozer... nor a loser.

      The Question is, how will Democratic Party nominee Barrack Obama "top" great speeches like this and this?

      Needless to say... we'll be sitting on the edge of our seats tonight, awaiting the further stirring oratory which has so far typified the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

      You know the drill, folks.  Here again are the "key" online convention watchers' links:
      Time to start munching your Orville Reddenbachers, folks and tilt back your La-Z-Boy recliners, wethinks.

      No doubt about it, tonight's Democratic Convention Finale is bound to be tons of fun.

      Update 9/7/12 - The Aftermath:  For our readers. perusal we've rounded up a few interesting DNC post convention online items:
      Don't let the cat get your tongues...

      Thursday Afternoon Weber County Forum News Roundup

      Is it possible for Ogden City to recruit new business, and roll out the Ogden City red carpet, without giving newly-recruited businesses giant taxpayer subsidies, every single time?

      Just to keep the formerly rabid WCF discussion off complete life support, here are a coupla Weber County Forum-topical news articles which we hope will get our readers outta their political foxholes, and commenting on the REAL internet again.

      1) Killer Standard-Examiner editorial today, exposing the blatant hypocrisy of "bought and paid for" Utah politicians who constantly preach "small government," but who've actually upped the size of Utah Gummint:
      As the Standard points out, Utah Republicans constantly "talk the talk," even they don't even remotely "walk the walk," right?

      2) In the political vacuum that's existed since Boss Godfrey's departure from the Ogden City helm, The BOYZ in Ogden City's heavily-bloated Economic Development Department pick up the cudgel and toot their own horn:
      So where do we draw the line, Ogden City lumpencitizens? Is it possible for Ogden City to recruit new business, and roll out the red carpet, without giving newly-recruited businesses giant taxpayer subsidies, every single time?

      Wednesday, September 05, 2012

      2012 Democratic National Convention - Day II

      Rumor has it that we'll be hearing from one of "America's" most popular Democrats tonight

      In our ever-incessant effort to keep on top of all important political developments in and around Utah, and across our great nation, we've hereby put up a page focusing on Day Two of the 2012 Democratic National convention.  At peril of risking redandency, here are the key links, once again, for those political wonks who'd like to watch tonight's convention online:
      Rumor has it, by the way, that we'll be hearing from one of America's most popular Democrats tonight, namely Bill Clinton, strangely enough the only American president in recent memory to actually balance the American government budget, despite all the Republican rhetoric! Imagine that.

      And if you don't believe that the once-disgraced Clinton has gained a massive resurgence in American popularity over the fading years, be sure to read this Assocated Press story from the Standard-Examiner, a great American newspaper which NEVER lies:
      And just a reminder.  We have a a fine comment section linked below.  It'd be nice to see our normally rabid WCF readers use it once in a while, if you take our meaning.

      Salt Lake Tribune: Community Mourns Death of Civil Rights Attorney Brian Barnard

      Odds are that members of the Utah legislative majority party will be doing handsprings on Utah's Capitol Hill this morning

      Bad news for Utah civil libertarians this morning, as the Salt Lake Tribune announces that Utah civil rights attorney Brian Bernard, who's been a thorn in the side of  authoritarian Utah lawmakers for over forty years, "passed away peacefully in his sleep in his home near the University of Utah over the weekend":
      "It will be a long time before another Brian Barnard comes along in our profession," sez executive director of Utah Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake Stewart Ralphs, with masterful understatement.

      Ralphs goes on to say that "Barnard used to joke that he loved the period following the end of a legislative session, when he would browse through all the laws that had been passed and see what new work might be in store for him."  

      "State statutes were one of his favorite targets," Ralphs adds.

      Forty years of fighting for the US Constituion takes 'it's toll,"  People.
      RIP, Brian Bernard.

      Odds are that members of the Utah legislative majority party will be doing handsprings on Utah's Capitol Hill this morning, no?

      Tuesday, September 04, 2012

      2012 Democratic National Convention: Basic Convention Watchers' Nuts-and-Bolts - Updated

      The National Democratic Party enjoys its own week in the sun

      As a counterpoint and followup to last week's Weber County Forum coverage of the 2012 GOP National  Convention, we're delighted over the next four days to put a similar focus on this week's 2012 Democratic National Convention, which convenes this afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern).  In that connection we're once again posting a few links, this time containing the basic Democratic convention watchers' nuts-and-bolts:
      Suffice it to say that the "schedule" is just a mite "loose." The Democratic National Committee wants to keep us all in suspense, we guess.

      And for those die-hard Demos who'd like to follow the convention online via other means, check out this most excellent AARP article, which enumerates "five easy, informative ways to not only immerse yourself in the event, but also to climb to the virtual podium and share your views with millions of others — all without leaving your living room":
      Once again we'll be adding links to online news and op-ed commentary tidbits as the convention progresses. So be sure to check back here frequently for the latest in news-worthy developments, WCF political wonks, as the National Democratic Party enjoys its own week in the sun.

      Added bonus: A few selected pre-convention stories, just to get your political discussion juices flowing:
            The floor's open for discussion, O Gentle Ones.

            Update 9/5/12 8:00 a.m.: Selected Convention Day One  news tidbits:

              Water Pipeline Installation Underway

              Line will connect 36th Street tank to 46th Street tanks.

              By Dan Schroeder

              If you’ve looked up at the foothills in the vicinity of 36th Street lately, or hiked in that area, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the new scar just south of Strong’s Canyon. This is the alignment of Ogden City’s long-planned water transmission line between the 36th Street and 46th Street tanks.

              The purpose of the new transmission line is to connect the main Ogden City water system, which serves most of the city, to the city’s portion of the Weber Basin culinary water system, which serves the southern end of Ogden. Once it’s completed, the new line will allow the city to move water between the two systems, providing more flexibility in using the two water sources, and some redundancy in case one source or the other is interrupted. This project is being funded by proceeds from the 2008 water and sewer bond.

              The pipeline begins at the pump house just below the new 5-million-gallon tank above 36th Street, behind the southeast corner of the golf course. Its route then crosses Strong’s Canyon, turns up-slope, and climbs to the Bonneville shoreline level on property owned by Weber State University. It then turns and follows the Bonneville terrace southward, staying mostly above the old double-track trail. My understanding is that the pipeline will follow Beus Drive and Spring Road through the Beus Hills subdivision. As of two years ago, the preferred route from there dropped down to Skyline Parkway and then south to 46th Street.

              Here is an old map, from the city council’s meeting of August 10, 2010, showing the four alignments that were then under consideration (click to enlarge):

              At that time the preferred alignment was number 2, shown in green. The new scar seems to be a bit north of this line near Strong’s Canyon and a bit farther east along the Bonneville shoreline.

              The photos below were taken Sunday evening, as I hiked along the northern portion of the new scar. The bulldozed area varies from about 25 to 35 feet in width. The city has promised to revegetate the route after the pipeline has been installed, but only with grass and small plants—not trees or shrubs.

              In addition to the pipeline, the city had originally hoped to install a new water tank a few hundred feet above the Bonneville shoreline behind WSU. However, City Engineer Justin Anderson informed me last year that the tank proposal had been abandoned, due to the steepness and instability of the slope.

              Monday, September 03, 2012

              Labor Day Facts - The Answer Sheet

              The federal holiday about which kids — and plenty of adults — know the least

              A few factoid tidbits from WaPo columnist Valerie Strauss, for those readers who may not have the slightest clue about why Americans have celebrated Labor Day for over a century:
              Nope. It ain't simply about taking the day off and "throwing steak and onions on the barby, mates".

              Here's the money quote:
              Too many don’t know that it was labor activists who forced employers to stop sending kids into mines, textiles, glass factories, canneries and other places to work back-breaking jobs day and night. Because of the labor movement, child labor ended, and adult workers won better conditions, including the eight-hour work day.
              Nevertheless, there are some in "modern" American politics who'd like nothing more than to turn back the clock:
              Have a safe and sane Labor Day Holiday, O Gentle Ones... while there's still something remaining to celebrate:

              Comments... anyone?

              Saturday, September 01, 2012

              WSU Kicks Off the 2012 Season Against Fresno State

              We're thrilled to see our WSU  football team returning to the gridiron

              It's a great day for Weber State University football fans, as WSU travels to Fresno, California to kick off the 2012 season at 8:00 p.m. against Fresno State University, of the Mountain West Football Conference. The Standard-Examiner provides the pre-game hype this morning:
              And here's story from the perspective of Fresno's home town newspaper, the Fresno Bee:
              We've checked the local listings; and (no surprises here) it appears today's game won't be available on local TV. A live audio version will be broadcast online at WSU's broadcast mother-ship, KZNS-AM, of course:
              And don't forget the WSU Athletics Twitter Feed:
              We're thrilled to see our WSU  footbal team returning to the gridiron; and we'll be closely covering our WSU Wildbcata team right here on Weber County Forum tonight, and through the rest of the season, come hell or high water..

              Best of luck to Weber State coach Jody Sears and his WSU squad. A victory over a the Bulldogs would be a grand way for Coach Sears to launch his inaugural season.

              Update 9/1/12 11:45 p.m.:  The Wildcats go down in flames,   37-10:

              Update 9/3/12 8:00 a.m: The Standard carries another post-game story this morning which is a little more upbeat:

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