Saturday, July 28, 2012

Science Saturday 7/28/12

Read up, people... Edumacate yourselves!

Well "what the "heck." Time for yet another edition of Weber County Forum's ever-popular Science Saturday feature, wethinks.  Here are a coupla good ones for this week:
Good news for Billionaires, maybe.  We guess we''ll all find out what will happen with "Billionaire Robots" (like the Evil Robotic Koch Brothers), for instance when the smoke finally clears.

And here's another eye-opening article that we urge our WCF Science Specialists to carefully examine:
This is a great article wethinks, which esplains: How something so mundane as yam farming in Africa may have altered the local human genome in an amazingly short period of time and arguably contributed to the sudden rise of sickle-cell anemia.

Read up, people; and edumacate yourselves about these important issues.

Comments anyone?


Catherine Burt said...

I think that brain-in-the-robot idea was used as several Dr. Who episodes :D

Bob Becker said...

Glad somebody's reporting science.  I just got my Utah Public TV monthly schedule.  With 93 hours of prime time available [7 to 10 times 31 days],  Utah public TV Channel 7 has managed to schedule a grand total of 7 hours of science programming in prime time.  Seven. 

Something is seriously awry with the scheduling over there.  

Seven hours out of 93 for science programming in August.  


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