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Std-Ex; Bill Would ‘Fix’ Town Incorporation - Committee OKs Tool in Fight Against Powder Mountain

Contact your State Representatives; urge them to help correct the mess that the legislature clumsily created

We'll briefly shine the spotlight on the latest development on a subject which we haven't covered recently on Weber County Forum, the Powderville Town incorporation mess. This morning's Standard-Examiner reports that House District 8 Representative Gage Froerer has been working hard on a bill to add another tool to the the toolbox of beleaguered Ogden Valley citizens, in their ongoing battle to get themselves out from under the Powder Mountain developer's tyrannical thumb:

Bill would ‘fix’ town incorporation - Committee OKs tool in fight against Powder Mountain

Std-Ex reporter Jeff DeMoss provides an encouraging quote from one member of the House Political Subdivisions Committee, which moved Rep. Froerer's bill out of committee by a 6-2 vote, clearing the way for a vote on the House floor:
Rep. Janice Fisher, D-West Valley City, said the Legislature is obligated to correct its mistakes.
“I’ve watched this Powder Mountain thing for three years, and I thought it was a terrible miscarriage of justice from the beginning.”
Hopefully the majority of Rep. Fisher's House colleagues will share the same sentiment. The legislature caused the problem in the first place, through their own self-admitted negligence. They should consider themselves honor bound to bend their backs to provide whatever tools they can provide to allow the lumpencitizens to fix it.

We urge our readers to contact their own state representatives to let them know what their constituents think. Tell 'em to vote "aye" on Rep. Froerer's HB 201. Remind them that this is still supposed to be America, and NOT some weird and twisted politico-fascist version of North Korea.


Anonymous said...

Well well well. I guess it is true that even a stopped clock is right now and then. Representative Gage "Asleep At The Switch" Froerer [R-Utah Realtors Association], having found no problems with passing the Developers Dream Bill which made the Powder Mountain Town coup possible in the first place, and now fresh from a [so far] unsuccessful attempt to lighten property taxes on large lot owners in the Valley in order to shift them to owners of smaller homes, has actually introduced a good bill. [His close call at the last election must have badly frightened him.]

Still, it would be churlish to look a gift horse --- a good bill from the Utah Realtors' pet representative --- in the mouth. Rudi is right. Contact your rep and let him know that The Second Coming cannot be far off now, for Gage Froerer has submitted a good bill. It should pass.

RudiZink said...

Now, now, Curm. As everyone knows, you happen to be a yellow dog democrat... and Rep. Froerer wears the lapel pin with the elephant on it. So your cheap shot comment was something to be expected, I guess.

But if you talk to the citizens of Ogden Valley who are up to their eyeballs in this fight, you'll hear to the last manjack (and womanjack) among them that they're absolutely tickled about Froerer's posture as their State House Representative on this and several other Ogden Valley hot button issues.

And if you talk to Froerer himself, he'll inform you that he's not making any friends in the real estate development community for his active role in representing his constituents, rather than the real estate development lobby.

Froerer is a true "man of the people," as far as most Ogden Valley lumpencitizen-activist are concerned.

Be nice. Try to give credit where credit's due.

Anonymous said...

Curm, your comment is grossly unfair to Froerer. He worked hard last year to fix the Powder Mountain problem, so this new bill is nothing anomalous. He also recently voted against HB 122 (GRAMA amendments), and he's sponsoring legislation to incease fines on developers who are delinquent in paying their property taxes. I don't agree with him on everything, but he's a reasonable guy who means well and listens to his constituents.

Anonymous said...


You wrote: And if you talk to Froerer himself, he'll inform you that he's not making any friends in the real estate development community for his active role in representing his constituents, rather than the real estate development lobby.

Or, in other words, his constituents' anger at his being asleep at the switch on realty matters this last election, must have shaken him up.

As I recall, when the Powder Mountain and Developers Dream Bill issues blew up, there were many here on WCF and on the Ogden Valley blog as well --- folks who absolutely were not and never had been yellow dog Democrats --- who were of the opinion that Froerer was too often but a weak-kneed lackey of the realtors lobby. Angry constituents have a way of refocusing a legislator's attention.

As for cutting him some slack: I said it was a good bill, and urged people to ask their reps to support it, as you did. On that we seem to agree. Seems like slack to me.

As for Dan's comments: I'd merely point out that he's worked hard to fix a problem he helped create, a problem which angered many of his constituents. It's good that he's doing that, however tardily. And his work on the tax matter also comes, I notice, following the uproar over the Powder Mountain debacle. He's fence mending. Nothing wrong with that. It's what elected officials do, and should do, when they've dozed off on the job and problems result.

Anonymous said...

Well Rudi, if you're correctomundo about your little shit eatin republican pal Froerer being a hero to the folks in the valley it must mean that this generous application of pap is working.

Ain't none of these phony feel good fence mending bills gonna pass, he knows it and his corrupt buddies in the GOP leadership do to. These BS bills are all just for show in order to tame the restless rabble who are pissed over this Powderville fiasco and who happen to be his constituents. All of these bills are submitted with a wink and a nod to his fellow developer pals in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

If Froerer can get this to pass, I take back the bad things I said about him.

If not, then I reiterate them.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Froerer is out there trying to do some positive legislation is pretty impressive since I don't see too many others in the legislature doing anything to help the people of this state or County.

Anonymous said...

Hell, it like going down to buy a car, those damn legislators are playing good guy/bad guy.

The whole thing is a sham, it wont pass and Froerer will look good in the eyes of his constituents for putting up a battle for them, and every one else will be happy when the bill doesnt pass.

Anonymous said...

Summers eve, unless you have a better idea for a better form of government, we have to dance with the politicians we elected. I suggest you channel your energy towards something a little more constructive and helpful.

Anonymous said...

The big problems with this state is that is out of balance, in representation. When I heard that Hansen was the only elected democrat north of salt lake, It is time folks for the people to really look at who is running things here and who should be accountable to the peephole. I mean people.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that Ozboy may be right. We'll see. As I recall Froerer tried to propose legislation last year and it never got the votes. Of course the timing of his actions was way late in the process so it looked good but had a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding. Also he was a financial contributor to Godfrey's re-election fund which suggests to me that he was and probably still is a member of the gang. I'll watch very closely to see if his efforts are for real or just an effort to look like he gives a darn.

Anonymous said...


Froerer was successful last year at repealing the law under which the owners of Powder Mountain were able to incorporate without the consent of the residents. He was unsuccessful at making the repeal retroactive to apply to Powder Mountain. I think it's understandable that legislators would balk at making any law retroactive. This year's bill is an ingenious way around that obstacle. It doesn't make anything retroactive but it would give the residents an immediate voice.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I shouldn't have to point out to you that folks in these parts have grown exceedingly wary of short politicians that appear to have words coming out of both sides of their mouths. It's only natural.

Anonymous said...

HB 418 to increase the penalty from 2% to 10% and thus stop the developer/realtor people basically from "gaming the system" and significantly lower loans of delinquent taxes FAILED coming out of committee.

Why? Because instead of the 10% penalty (or 8% increase) Froerer backed off to 5%.

Then his buddy, Rep Wayne Harper, amended Froerer's bill from 5% and 45 days notice to 3% (that's a masive 1% increase in the "penalty") and from 45 days to 60 days before the property tax is considered delinquent.

Both Froerer and Harper are Realtor/Developers.

Wonder where they got their "marching orders"?

Please, people. Wake up. Froerer is a fraud! And he represents only his own personal business interests.

Thanks to all who tryed so valiantly to right these most obvious wrong. And a special thanks to Larry and Sharon who led this effort. It failed, but it was a noble and just cause. We just need much better and more honorable representation across the board.

RudiZink said...

Enough with the cheap shots, GOP haters.

If you have gripes about Gage Froerer, take them up in the next election, which rolls around about 20 months hence.

In the meantime, do your part. Contact your legislators, and strongly urge them to vote "yes" on Rep. Froerer's HB 201.

Anonymous said...


Just WHAT pray tell is a "Cheap Shot" about Froerer's Follies (his annual grandstanding and bad representation)?

And by the way I ain't no GOP hater either. I'm a GDI. Always have been and always will be. Whether some scum sucking piglet is a GOP or a Democrap, I look at the person and what they do, how they do it, and what they say they are going to do to decide the worth of any "publicly elected servant".

This latest bill was likely written by the URA, as are most if not all of Froerer's bills. This bill is only because, as any lawyer knows(and you should already know) the Powderville owners do not a any chance at blatantly unconstitutional state legislation, written by the same lobbyists for the League of Utah Cities and Towns, closely associated with and in league with the Utah Realtor Association/Developers.

No citizen rally nor big time phone callin support is needed for this slam dunk bill, which some flakes are attributing to the UTA lapdog Froerer. Your apparent buddy AND all his dawgs ain't in any legit hunt.

And this is no "cheap shot", but a "direct hit on a short guy who talks out both sides of his mouth".

Anonymous said...


Said like a true and loyal GOPster soldier. Damn man, with rationale like that you would fit right in with the Godfreyites. I hear they are looking for a few good girlymen, maybe you ought to sign up!

PS - every one on this blog, and in the whole town, could urge their legislators to vote for this bill and it wouldn't make a bit of difference. The bill is a nothing more than a bone that Froerer is throwing to his constituents and the GOP real estate interests that have a choke hold on the legislature have no intentions of letting this thing pass.

Anonymous said...

Lionel, I said that earlier. and I still agree and stand by my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Most of the complainers don't seem to realize that these representatives keep getting elected by the people. While we all have problems with their efforts on different issues, we must realize this is how our system works. If you want changes, go to the caucus meetings, get out and work the public. Work on the campaigns for other candidates. Quit crying and do something.

Anonymous said...


Some of us are, Squirt. And have been. And will still.

Anonymous said...

Crum, glad to hear it. We need people to care.

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