Friday, February 13, 2009

Std-Ex; For Ogden, We Are Still In the Best of Times.

Spotlight on today's Bob Geiger guest commentary

We have a fairly full real-life calendar today, but before we go out the door, we want to at least draw our readers' attention to a Bob Geiger guest commentary which appeared within the editorial pages of this morning's Standard-Examiner. Although it obviously doesn't measure up in intensity to some of Mr. Geiger's earlier anti-WSU rants, its tone nevertheless seemed to us to be unnecessarily snarky and pedantic, in its seemingly unkind references "our beloved Weber State University" (Mr. Geiger's words). Perhaps our readers could give it a good close look, and let us all know what they think about it:

We confess that Mr. Geiger's "Ogden in economic renaissance" versus "WSU on NCAA academic probation" point and counterpoint main theme struck us as a trifle "odd," and more than a little bit of a reach. But heck, maybe that's just us.

Unfortunately, we don't have time this morning to indulge in our usual microanalysis; so we'll leave that to our gentle readers instead.

Slice it, dice it... ginsu knife it. Subject it to your own critique and/or praise, if you like. While definitely not the most profound Bob Geiger piece ever to appear on the Std-Ex editorial pages, we do believe it to be worthy of at least some analysis and discussion.

Let our gentle readers decide whether Mr. Geiger's latest magnum opus is the work of a genuine Ogden booster, who sincerely desires only universal excellence from the institutions of our wonderful city, or rather whether it's been squeezed out from the deepest reeking bowels of a mean-spirited (although uncharacteristically restrained) brooding remnant of the Lift Ogden Gondola Cult," who can never resist any opportunity to take another cheap shot at WSU.

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.


Anonymous said...

Why does the Standard Examiner continue to print rants from this beloved half-wit?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What? Corruption in the NCAA?

We never!

Schools padding the academics of jocks in order to win big on the field?
Such scandals! And pegged to our very own Wildcats!

And this all rises to the level of being worthy for a guest editorial, why?

We love this town.

Anonymous said...

For a guy with a whole lot of book learning the little feller sure ain't very cogent.

Anonymous said...

Who cares???

Anonymous said...

Here's my take, Rudi, since you axed.

As a slam toward WSU because WSU wouldn't sell 70 acres to Chris Peterson for a Chris Peterson McMansion/Gondola nightmare?


Is Little Bobby a certifiable lunatic?

You can bet your ass on it.

I'm sure many people are wondering how this evidently deranged Godfreyite slipped out of his sraight jacket and typed and sent an article to Doug Gibson for publication.

Call the local authorities. Tell them to bring along their butterfly nets as they look for little Bobby, who once again appears to be on the loose.

Anonymous said...

It was a very curious article. I'm not sure what the point of it was, if it had a point. Maybe this: there's good skiing close to Ogden, and the WSU Football team got some bad press, but it's going to be OK, because Coach McBride is on the problem and will fix it. Then there will be good skiing near Ogden and a football team not in danger of probation, so les bon temps will roulez yet again in O-town. [Sorry. Mardi Gras is coming up. Getting in the mood.]

Was that his point? Or something like that? Hard to tell. Beats me. Wasn't particularly well composed or argued, what ever its point was.

But speaking of Mardi Gras and the Chamber's committment [in Mr. Hardman's article the other day] to promote festivals and events to bring excitement and business to downtown Ogden: how about an Ogden celebration of carnival each year? "Mardi Gras In The Mountains" we could call it [or maybe not since Red River NM has been doing one of those every year for a long time]. Call it something like that, anyway. A parade, throws, masking. Hell, why not? Take a while to build it up, I guess, but once it got going, it could be a late winter high spot.

Just a suggestion....

Anonymous said...

Note: sorry for the long post – I got going, I didn’t realize it would end up so long

Since Mr. Geiger likes percentages and uses that in his reference at the end of the article, maybe he could let us all know percentages on the following:

What percentage of the Junction development in the downtown area is currently filled with retail stores that bolster our tax base (most of that new construction still looks pretty empty to me)? This project began about eight years ago and we are still not seeing much of a return, while Riverdale and even very small Harrisville are home to many stores that used to be in Ogden – stores that went from planning to completion and occupancy in less than a year. Any new development takes time, but as we begin to approach the decade mark its unreasonable to ask taxpayers to invest in additional projects (velodrome) when we don’t seem to currently have the market base to support what’s already here.

What about across the street on Washington Blvd.? It seems businesses continue to leave that area of town and more and more shop fronts are vacant. Or, let’s review Ogden retail space available percentages as a whole. I have never seen the city more boarded up and emptier than it is now.

What percentage of the River Front project is complete, or even fully planned? There’s plenty of commercial land on 12th Street that’s been available for years that seems to remain empty year after year.

By what percentage has your water bill gone up in the last three years? Most homeowners who pay the basic water and garbage fee have gone from about $30 to about $50 per month during that time frame. That’s a $20 difference. Times that by 12, and every single homeowner in Ogden is now paying $240 more per year for the same services we had a few short years ago. Yes, we’re getting a new water system and it’s reasonable for us to expect some increase to cover those costs – but at least some of BDO’s revenues should have helped offset this steep increase. To ask our elderly residents to pay just over $600 per year to use the minimum seems pretty steep.

For almost a decade Matthew Godfrey has been mayor. What percentage of projects he proposed or initiated have been completed? It’s true he faces very challenging economic times that would be difficult for any mayor, but for eight years he presided over one of the largest construction booms our nation has ever seen. Businesses that were willing to build two or four years ago and invest in new locations are far less likely to invest in Ogden now.

What I do share with Mr. Geiger is an optimism that Ogden is a great place to live and has unparalleled natural beauty. Unlike North Ogden and Bountiful, our mountains are scenic and picturesque and haven’t been marred by overdevelopment, tainted watersheds, and routine seasonal flooding. Our ski resorts are AMAZING – and easily accessible.

Partnering with outdoor-based business has been a good direction for the city, but that partnership should capitalize on the natural environment around us and not recreating simulated indoor venues. I hope all of the outdoor retailers that move to Ogden are successful and receive support from the city; however we also need to support businesses that will add more to our tax revenues. We can’t improve without that strong base.

If US Cycling moves to Ogden, it might be reasonable to consider a velodrome. We didn’t build all of the Olympic venues before we were actually awarded the games. Some were in place, which made a good choice and a strong candidate. We have a recreation center downtown now as well as great mountain biking trails. Many of our city streets are marked for street bikes. To do more without the market to support a venue seems irresponsible.

Disagreeing on a gondola doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of common ground that can be reached. We’ve been getting great press in recent years without it because of our natural amenities and the addition of light rail. Furthering those rail systems with the abundant federal funds being released for infrastructure seems like it might further improve our economic outlook. Who knows, maybe we could even run one of those trains right up the canyon on the track that have been there for decades allowing skiers, commuters, or anyone headed up to the dam. I’m not sure how much of the old system remains, but it seems as though for too many years there’s only been one option on the table.

Under the current economic atmosphere, the mayor needs to make more of an effort (or at least some effort) to get along and work with the entire community if he wants to end his final term successfully. If we look at election percentages, things were so close he barely squeaked in. This should be some indication that a good portion of Ogden was unhappy with his performance in the best economic times. If he doesn’t start mending some fences soon and put us on the right “track”, he’ll be looking at pretty dismal approval percentages when he leaves office.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on guys, this is short deck here. What did you expect? Logic, reason or a thought to be communicated in an understandable manner? It's almost sad to see this mouthpiece of the mayors and lift ogden relagated to meaningless incoherent babble, but it's better than having him out headbutting women or folks that don't agree with him on public policy. Or stealing lawn signs during campain season.
It's been a rough stretch for these guys, all their sneaky underhanded cronyism exposed and checked. His idol gadi turning out to be a common scam artist and fraud, not to mention what became of Southwick. The recent exposure of the shenanigans at the Jackass Center, sometimes nepotism results in total incompetence, it must be tough when the jigs up on these scammers, and it is short deck.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Curm, the publishing of this one shows clearly that the gondola examiner is still operated and run by a squirrel patroler, Porter would never have run it.

Anonymous said...


I drove past the cyclery building on the Ogden River [at Washington] this afternoon and noticed a big "for lease" sign out front. Has the cyclery or the cafe in the same building failed? That would be disturbing, if true, since this building and those two businesses are the only ones to have gone up and opened in the entire River Project area since the project area was created, I think. Or has some additional space in the building been finished and gone up for lease? Anyone know? I imagine when the building went up and the businesses opened, they'd anticipated considerably more development would have come on line along the River by now, increasing traffic past their businesses, and so business within as well.

Anyone know what's up?

Anonymous said...


You wrote: Under the current economic atmosphere, the mayor needs to make more of an effort (or at least some effort) to get along and work with the entire community if he wants to end his final term successfully.

Amen to that. Some of us have been suggesting to Hizzonah for some time that he would be wise to look for at least some areas of common ground with those who opposed [and oppose] his gondola fixation, as a way to begin mending fences and building a cooperative working agreement with them, particularly those on the Council, for the overall good of Ogden City.

Sadly, no one in the Godfrey administration seems to be listening. And as President Obama is learning, it's hard to do bipartisanship for the public good when one side refuses to take part.

Monotreme said...

It didn't make much sense to me.

I think perhaps Mr. Geiger needs to read his Dickens more carefully. He could find a lot to emulate there.

Anonymous said...

Just to add my thoughts to the already abundant pith -

This reminds me of my elementary school days.

"Now class, Bobby will read his essay telling about what he read in the newspaper this week."

If you want that small town feeling, read our small town paper. Drivel.

Anonymous said...

One who wants to be important must make waves. Let the waves fall gently on the shore with little to no effect. AKA (who cares what this man has to say!!!)

Let us not even try to interpret the ramblings of a confused man!

Anonymous said...

Ogden is experiencing a recreation and economic renaissance? How can that be Booby? You told us in no uncertain terms that neither would be possible unless we sold off Mt Ogden golf course to C.P. and built a gondola through the city. Are you now telling us that we didn't need to do those things after all?

Anonymous said...


I did notice that Mr. Geiger, like Mr. Hardman before him, didn't mention gondolas in his piece. Of course, at the end of the article he did identify himself, still, as "chairman of Lift Ogden." Seems to me that's sort of like identifying yourself, these days, as "CEO of Lehman Brothers." Neither seems to be much of a going concern any more.

Anonymous said...

seems to me that bobby did a good job of allowing the readers of the paper to realize just how inconsistent and irrational his thinking is.
not the kind of guy that you would follow into battle or invest in his business plans.
thank you bobby you helped the readers understand just how much not to listen to your opinions or recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece in the SL Trib on Friday [link
here ], illustrating just how high up in the Utah Republican legislative leadership the dry rot of corruption has gone.

Here's the lede:

A lawmaker cast a decisive vote on one of this legislative session's most contentious issues -- a bitter fight over ambulance service -- after the House majority leader told him that House leaders wanted the bill to get through committee. But leaders had not taken any such position on the bill.

Majority Leader Kevin Garn, R-Layton, whose son is a lobbyist for Southwest Ambulance, one of the companies engaged in the battle, says now that he may have made a mistake.

Uh huh. May have made a mistake. Curious about what that means in the real world where the rest of us live? The Trib explains:

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, a member of the committee who voted for the bill, said he was told before the hearing by Garn that House leadership wanted the committee to pass the bill....

But House Speaker Dave Clark, R-Santa Clara, said he hasn't even read the bill and leadership has not taken a position on it. House Majority Whip Brad Dee, R-Washington Terrace, was more direct when asked if leadership had a stance on the bill: "The answer is: No."

So, the Republican leadership had not endorsed the bill or asked that it be passed out of the committee. The Republican majority leader, having been caught telling his Republican colleague a lie in order to get out of committee a bill the Republican majority leader's son was lobbying to pass, Mr. Garn offered the following positively Bushesque drivel by way of explanation:

Garn said he "may have said" that leadership wanted the bill passed. "If I did, I wasn't representing leadership and probably what I meant to say or did say was that somebody from leadership thought it should get out."

Uh huh. Republican leaders are now deceiving their own members in pursuit of family interests. Imagine that.

And will the Republican caucus punish the majority leader for deceiving his own members to get a bill out of committee to assist his son, the lobbyist? Don't hold your breathe waiting.

Aren't you happy to know that Mr. Garn, as majority leader, will be shepherding through the GOP's much touted "ethics reform" bills this session? Sleep well, taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

I took two things away from his editorial. First was the feeling the Standard Examiner will print anything the Godfrey gang sends in no matter how meandering and pointless. Heck, not just print, but give its own special page.

The second was our higher education system is handing out master's degrees to anyone with enough money to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Judging the op-ed solely on its face, I don't get what Bobby Geiger is talking about.

But when Bobby's back story is admitted into evidence, it makes even less sense. He's a known enemy of Weber State, supporting threats to cut off alumni and other contributions to it if it fails to support The Gondola, and collecting GRAMA files of its administrators' public correspondence to be used against it (if unconvincingly to those of sound mind).

To me, Bobby G. has forfeited the right to be taken seriously in any public statement about WSU.

Furthermore, the S-E has finally published Bobby's credentials underneath his byline. Degree in economics? MBA? First, note that he did not see fit to attend WSU. Second, if he has degrees in those fields ... why didn't it take?

Does anyone care enough to wonder to what extent Bobby G. has ever supported WSU?

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