Friday, July 08, 2016

CfA Demands Audit of Legislative Expenditures for Utah Land Transfer Lawsuit - Updated

"Utah, the best managed state," Har-har-har

Via Utah State Senator James Dabakis:

UGLY and SHOCKING: Fiscal conservatives my butt! So many first class plane tickets, expensive hotels, lobbying with tax money, luxurious meals etc with YOUR money! A sneak 129 page peek behind the translucent veil of totally closed state government. Explains why they were so insistent on keeping the details on the $14 million dollar state land lawsuit and its billing away from Rep Joel Briscoe and me. Thanks independent group The Campaign for Accountability for bringing facts to UTAH.

Read the good Senator's above-referenced article, peeps:
Here's more from the Salt Lake Tribune and the Standard-Examiner:
Don't let the cat get yer tongues...

Monday, July 04, 2016

Independance Day Special

Happy 4th of July, Peeps

Have a safe and sane holiday, folks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Standard-Examiner: Jim Harvey Wins the Weber County GOP Primary with 56 Percent

Sour grapes on our part? YEP!

Bad news for Weber County Commissione candidate Caitlin Gochmour fans this morning, as set forth in the groovy graphic below:

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Here's the sad story, folks, via yeoman SE reporter Cathy McKitrick, in written form:
Our positive takeway on this? Caitlin scored 44% of the primary election vote, as opposed to 20% in the crackpot Weber County GOP County nominating convention.

Thus, however, Weber County will nevertheless have yet another "good ole boy" GOP commissioner, with more "chins" than a Chinese phone book, inasmuch as the Weber County Democrats failed and refused to nominate a Weber County Commision candidate.:

Sour grapes on our part? YEP!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Primary Election Day 2016 Special

Happy Election Day! Celebrate and VOTE

42,214 = # of Registered Weber County Republicans
14,885 = # of Republican ballots received by mail
27,329 = # of VOTERS who still have a job to do

BE A VOTER! You can VOTE at one of the 9 Weber County voting locations from 7 am – 8 pm today! Remember your ID. For more information, visit @ Weber County Elections
Just over 3 hours left to VOTE!
You can check election results tonight at:
You can VOTE until 8 PM at one of the 9 Weber County voting locations. Remember your ID. For more information, visit @ Weber County Elections

Update 6/28/16 7:46 p.m.:  Hang in there, WCF political wonks.  In less than an hour or so this tote board will start lighting up  Click the link below this sample pic, Peeps!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Weber County Primary Election: Unaffiliated Voters Can Still Vote - Updated

Attention Weber County Forum political wonks:

Are you one of the 36,913 Weber County Unaffiliated VOTERS?
You can still VOTE!

HOW? On Tuesday, June 28 from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM go to one of the 9 polling locations, take your ID, and ask for a Republican ballot.
WHERE? For a list of all 9 polling locations visit this site: Weber County Clerk - Elections - Where do I vote?
Dee Events Center, Marriott-Slaterville City Offices, North Ogden City Hall, Ogden-Weber Tech College Health Tech Building, Ogden Valley Branch Library, Pleasant Valley Library, Roy Municipal Center, Weber Center, West Haven, Utah City Hall
If you still have questions you can call the Weber County Elections office at 801-399-8036.

Update 6/17/16 4:44 p.m.:  Hot-off-the press bonus via the Standard-Examiner's Cathy McKitrick:
Go Caitlin Go!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Standard-Examiner Letter: Weber County GOP Leaders Should Resign Over Harvey Campaign Funding

We'll enthusiastically join with Mayor Taylor's reasonable demand for Mr. Knighton'a and Ms. Pipkin's heads on a platter

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In the interest of sparking some political discussion after something of a lull,  as we stand poised on the brink of Tuesday's Utah Primary election, we're delighted to put the spotlight on this morning's boffo Standard-Exaxminer letter to the letter, submitted by none other than North Ogden City Mayor Brent Taylor, concerning Weber County GOP party shenanigans in the pending Weber County Commission primary race. The original  material's short and compact, so we'll simply incorporate the text in full:
It is outrageous that Weber County Republican Party leaders donated party funds to make the biggest contribution by far of the entire Weber County Commission campaign to one of the two candidates in a contested Republican primary election.
Out of fairness to all candidates, the state Republican Party bylaws strictly require neutrality of state party leaders in Republican vs. Republican primaries, and this principle should carry down to the county level. Instead, we have seen county party leaders and elites trying desperately to manipulate the election with mudslinging, rumor mills, and now by giving a massive amount of party funds to one candidate.
Thousands of the Republican Party dollars given to commission candidate Jim Harvey were donated by people like me who are supporting a different Republican candidate — which is exactly why it is so inappropriate to use party funds in a primary election.
In his famous 1796 farewell address, President George Washington spent nine paragraphs warning America against the "baneful effects of the spirit of party,” warning that “They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community.” Party has never been more important than people, and Washington’s words ring true today as we see party leaders who, instead of acting as neutral party officials, have manipulated the process and injected a veritable tsunami of party money to try and sway the outcome and to protect their preferred candidate and — more importantly — to protect their precious party power.
I call on Chairman Noall Knighton and Vice-Chairwoman Lynda Pipkin of the Weber County GOP and anyone else associated with this outrageous use of party funds in a contested Republican primary election to step down, and for Weber County Republican voters to look through the party-funded smokescreen at the real issues this election should be about.
Brent Taylor
North Ogden

We'll enthusiastically join with Mayor Taylor's reasonable demand for Mr. Knighton'a and Ms. Pipkin's heads on a platter.

So what say out Gentle Readers about all this, folks?

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Standard-Examiner: Weber County Commission Candidate Forums Coming Up

Happily, by the time the primary election rolls around on June 28, each of these candidates will have been thoroughly vetted

Better late than never (we hope) we're delighted to report on the next two  events which are coming up, for those WFC political who are following the upcoming Weber County Commission election:
ROY — Who will become the next Weber County Commissioner? Voters who cast ballots in the June 28 Republican Primary will make that decision, and there are two opportunities this week to get acquainted with Caitlin Gochnour and Jim Harvey, the two candidates vying for the job.
* Ogden Liberty Forum Roundtable, 10:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday, June 8, at the Southwest Branch of the Weber County Library, 2039 W. 4000 South, Roy.
* Weber County Republican Women Debate, 7 p.m. Thursday, June 9, at the Southwest Branch of the Weber County Library, 2039 W. 4000 South, Roy.
Check out yesterday's Cathy McKitrick story for full details:
Happily, by the time the primary election rolls around on June 28, each of these candidates will have been thoroughly vetted.

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