Friday, July 31, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Ogden City Council Relinquishes Streetcar Dream For Now

Laughably, at least one UTA official attempts to paint this decision in an optimistic light

Just like clockwork, the Standard-Examiner provides a morning story which we foreshadowed earlier this month. Cutting to the chase, on Tuesday night, it seems the Ogden City Council delivered the Ogden Streetcar Project, ten years in the making, its final Coup de Grace.   Here's Cathy McKitrick's lede, folks;
OGDEN — In a 4-1 vote Tuesday, the Ogden City Council propelled the city forward on a transit path that had been scrutinized for more than a decade.
The selected 5.3-mile route will connect the city’s Intermodal Transit Center at 2350 S. Wall Avenue to Weber State University, the Dee Events Center and McKay Dee Hospital by way of 25th Street and Harrison Boulevard. And Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) was chosen over streetcar as the mode of transit, mostly due to cost. While a light-rail streetcar system would run about $220 million, BRT comes in around $60 million.
“There truly was a lot of good information for either mode and route,” said Bill Cook, executive director for the City Council. “But when it came down to it, it’s viewed that this route and mode are affordable and doable.”
Read the full story, folks:
Laughably. at least one UTA official attempts to paint this decision in an optimistic light:
Utah Transit Authority Project Manager Hal Johnson held out the possibility that BRT could actually serve as a stepping stone to streetcar some time in the future.
“Looking at BRT versus streetcar, there’s a bigger upside with the streetcar,” Johnson said. “But it’s going to be very hard to obtain in the local and federal funding climate that we’re in.” But by moving forward with this project, Johnson said it “sets some stones across the river so we can continue to progress . . . and this can evolve into something different and more as the community changes and evolves as well.”
Our take, Ogden Streetcar fanciers?  Don't hold your breaths for an early revival. Stick a fork into it... if you take our meaning.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Our View: How to Screw Up Medicaid

Another top-notch editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner

Remember, my fellow Utahns:  Always Vote Republican!

Here's the lede from this morning's SE editorial, Peeps:
We're not at all surprised at the cypher of a Medicaid deal that a six-member group has "reached" to expand Medicaid in Utah. No one really expected the group to accomplish much; nevertheless, it's disappointing each time we consider what vulnerable Utahns lost when the House rejected Gov. Gary Herbert's Healthy Utah Plan.
Through patient negotiation, the state had managed to retain its autonomy and compromise with the Obama administration, accepting the funds necessary to expand Medicaid per the Affordable Care Act. The state Senate wisely endorsed Healthy Utah.
Alas, a majority of the House allowed their loathing of all things Obama to supersede Medicaid progress, and rejected the deal, offering a piddling alternative ironically dubbed Utah Cares.
Read the full editorial, Ogden Lumpencitizens:
That's right. Rather than accept "free" Medicaid money from the Feds, the current crop of Utah GOP legislators would prefer to impose a new "medical provider" tax, which Utah hospitals and doctors will promply greeet with new fee increases.

Remember, my fellow Utahns:  Always vote Republican!  And I say this in the name of JESUS CHRIST AMERICA! Amen!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Intrigue in Utah — Will the Salt Lake Tribune Be sold? Or Even closed?

Where that locally-situated White Knight, we ask?

In the interest of kicking off a wee bit of Monday morning WCF dicussion, we'll cast the spotlight on this boffo story, which provides a fantastic summation of the Salt Lake Tribune survival dillemma, along with chewy bits and pieces from newspaper industry experts, concerning the Ttib's "cloudy" future.
Where that locally-situated White Knight, we ask:
Huntsman's  devoted his fortune to curing cancer.  So why not spend a few extra measly bucks to curing Utah's cancerous newpaper problem, we ask?

So many questions; so few answers, yes?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Salt Lake Tribune: Breakthrough — Utah GOP Leaders Reach A Deal On Medicaid Expansion

With recent reports exposing how these crackpot Gang of Six Republicans have "blood on their hands"... The Gang of Six decides to "punt" again.

Via Utah's most honest and honorable State Senator, James Dabakis:
NO KUDO's! I will leave it for others to be pleased. I am not. I am aggravated. Utah should give up it's ego about a 'Utah solution' and just take full Medicaid Expansion NOW. Not some 2nd rate, yet to be worked out, then sent to the legislature, then on to Washington for approvals and waivers!
'Broad conceptual framework' after more then 2 years of negotiating--with their own caucus-that is not a cause to give thanks, it is a shove to finish up with full expansion!
Read up about the latest tiptoeing around the primary Utah Health Care issue (medicaid expansion) by Utah's Republican Death Panel, err, we mean the Utah GOP's Gang of Six:
Gentle Reader stepfordson nails it completely in the Trib Comments section:
As always, family health and welfare come first in Utah... Right behind developers, mineral rights, gun rights advocates, cattle ranchers, payday loan lobbies, banks, fighting gay rights, getting rid of non-existent wolves, reforming school testing, eliminating sex education, building roads and goblin toppling. If you are still waiting for the state to do something about air quality, water quality or global warming, take a number.
How many months will we have to wait until this crackpot plan gets shot down by our federal authorities? How many uninsured Utahns will die in the interim?

Okay. With recent reports exposing how these crackpot Republicans (and their Koch borothers-supported legislative cronies) have "blood on their hands"... The Gang of Six decides to "punt" again.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Utah GOP Legislature: While Medicaid Debate Drags On, Utahns Are Dying

Utah legislative Death Panels, anyone?

As the Utah GOP "Gang of Six" keeps on dithering about Utah Medicaid expansion, we'll shine the spotlight on two kick-ass Northern Utah media articles which truly highlight the sheer heartless sleaziness of the Utah GOP majority, who rule our Utah State legislature with a Cruel Iron Hand:

Both the The Trib and Utah Policy carry compelling stories, illustrating how at least one Utahn died, due to the Utah GOP's crackpot opposition to the incorporating of AFA provisions into Utah Medicaid law:
There have been many more unnecessary deaths, of course.

Utah Legislative Death Panels, anyone? Check out the current Utah Gummint death panel photo image, which we've embedded above.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Salt Lake Tribune Editorial: Feds Can’t Steal Land They Already Own

And one other thing:  Keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple

Most excellent Salt Lake Tribune editorial commentary this morning.  Here's the lede setrup:
How can you steal something you already own?
That's the Mad Tea Party question that occurs upon hearing that the Utah's Rep. Rob Bishop has predictably gone ballistic over President Obama's move to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of federal land by proclaiming new national monuments in Nevada, California and Texas.
The congressman condemned the action, calling it a "shameful power move, which makes states and citizens fearful that the federal government can invade at any time to seize more lands like bandits in the night."
Seize? Bandits?
All the land covered by the order is already federal property, property that the president is duty bound to leave to the next administration, and to future generations, in at least as healthy a state as it was when he found it.
Read the savvy full Trib editorial, folks:
We'll be patiently awaiting Rep. Bishop's Koch Bothers'-laden propaganda retort, we guess.

And one other thing:  Keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple.

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