Thursday, December 14, 2017

Weber County Commissioner Kerry Gibson Facing Ogden Police Investigation

Wow, just Wow, Weber County Forum readers! On Tuesday, Standard Examiner readers got this surprizing story from our home-town Standard-Examiner newspaper:
And now today, Thursday 12/14/17 we find this even more interesting eyefull on the SE's hard-copy front page, interestingly co-authored by Ace Reporter Cathy McKitrick:
Sodden question, folks! How much trouble is alleged fifth-generation farmer, and ex-state legislator Kerry Gibson actually in?

With the wonderful Ms. McKitrick now on the story, we're certain we'll find out VERY SOON!

Update 12/15/2017: Here's the latest on this semi-fast-developing story. Weber County Peeps:
This blockbuster story gets interestinger and intrestinger, dunnit?

Thursday, December 07, 2017

WSU Game-Day Thread: Wildcats Take on No. 1 James Madison in FCS Quarterfinals - Updated

Sadly WSU barely loses this one

Okay, Weber State football fans, we have a VERY big game coming up this Friday evening, probably the BIGGEST GAME in Weber State football history! Read up, peeps!
Kickoff is scheduled for 5 p.m. MST. The game will be broadcast live on ESPN2, streamed on and a radio call will air on 1430 AM KLO.Radio

Update 12/8/17 11:00 p.m.: Sad times on the Weber State campus, eh, 'Cats fans?  Here's the post-game story from The Trib:
Our compliments to the entire WSU football squad and especially Coach Hill. You guys made us proud for sure, regardless of this evening's unfortunate game outcome!

Update 12/9/17: No need for additional comments concerning this, wethinks:

As always, Coach Hill remains classy, even in the shadow of a maddeningly thin defeat.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Al Green Sunday Morning Sermon:"A Change Is Gonna Come."

Impeaching Donald Trump; part of a real Christian God's plan, no?

Here's your Sunday Morning Sermon peeps, via the inimitable American church crooner and love-soother Al Green:
We kinda figured that most of our Weber County Forum readers probably skipped their formal LDS church services this morning, so's we'll suggest you just happily sing along. Although we confess that we don't know much about Mr. Green's personal personal politics, we'll nevertheless leap to the conclusion that Mr. Green's "Change is Gonna Come" message might have something to do with impeaching Donald Trump, which would be part of a real Christian God's plan, no?

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Weber State Game Day Thread: Cats Travel to SUU for Second Round of FCS Playoffs Updated

Big "WSU revenge game" coming up Saturday evening, "Cats" fans

Good News for Weber State football fans, who'd like to get a little sweet revenge for that unfortunate incident  when future NFL Quarterback prospect, Stefan Cantwell,  had to go to the bench under league concussion protocol rules, after a typical SUU cheap shot. Time for a little reverse payback no, Wildcats fans?

Here are few stirring pre-game stories, 'Cats fans, just to get your WSU football fandom properly "revved up":
Here's where you can either watch or merely listen to Saturday's WSU "revenge game," "Wildcats Fans":

Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. in Cedar City's ill-named Eccles Stadium. The game is also scheduled to stream live on ESPN3/WatchESPN; and the radio broadcast will air on 1430 AM KLO, with Ron Zundel and WSU football alum Bo Bolen on the call, as per usual.

Update 12/2017:  WSU wins again tonight, and seriouly kicks rival Southern Utah University's ass by a final 30-13 score.
Next WSU playoff vicitim: the defending FCS champion James Madison Dukes.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Creepy Political Group Wants to Annex and Tax ALL Ogden Valley Residents to Subsidise Tiny Parks in Their Tiny Towns

Seems a mite creepy no?

Hey! here's a little something a mite scary, Weber County residents. It seems a creepy Weber County group, who call themselves "Ogden Valley Parks Special Service Area" have been jockeying around "behind the scenes," and setting up up secret public hearings, to annex and tax your Weber County properties, from Cache Valley to Morgan County, even from the very mouth of Ogden Canyon.

Read up and weep, peeps!
Seems a mite creepy no?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Weber County Forum Sunday Sermon: The Death of Christianity in the U.S.

Twisted Chistianity? Faustian Bargain?

"You might wonder if my condemnation is too harsh. It is not, for the Spirit of the Lord has convicted me to shout from the mountaintop how God’s precious children are being devoured by the hatred and bigotry of those who have positioned themselves as the voice of God in America."

Read up. Peeps.
"As a young man, I walked down the sawdust aisle at a Southern Baptist church and gave my heart to Jesus. Besides offering my broken heart, I also gave my mind to understanding God, and my arm to procuring God’s call for justice. I have always considered myself to be an evangelical, but I can no longer allow my name to be tarnished by that political party masquerading as Christian. Like many women and men of good will who still struggle to believe, but not in the evangelical political agenda, I too no longer want or wish to be associated with an ideology responsible for tearing humanity apart. But if you, dear reader, still cling to a hate-mongering ideology, may I humbly suggest you get saved."

Great Sunday rant, No?

As everyone knows, your blogmeister loves great rants, especially on Sunday mornings.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Weber State University Game Day Thread: Wildcats Host "Leathernecks' in FCS Playoffs - Updated

"Get your butts into them Stewart Stadium seats, and lets crowd the the stadium, at least this once...."

WSU v. Western Illinois
It's again time to proudly don your purple and White WSU football fan garb once again, WSU fans, as our WSU Wildcats football squad hosts the Western Illinois Leathernecks for their first-round FCS payoff tilt right here at Ogden's Stewart Stadium home field this afternoon  Read the pre-game stories here, peeps:
And for the sake of perspective, here's another eye-opening story, folks: A packed Stewart Stadium could make the all the difference, of course
Let's hope you'll all dutifully show show up at the stadium with bells on, peeps, inasmuch as Athletic Director Jerry Bovee, University President Charles Wight and vice president Norm Tarbox practically sold their souls to guarantee this afternoon's home-field advantage:
As we urged earlier this week, "get your butts into them Stewart Stadium seats, and lets crowd the the stadium, at least this once...."

Kickoff is set for 2 p.m. at Stewart Stadium. The game is also scheduled to stream live on ESPN3/WatchESPN; and the radio broadcast will air on 1430 AM KLO, with Ron Zundel and WSU football alum Bo Bolen on the call, as per usual.

Go Wildcats!

Update 11/25/17 2:39 p.m.: OK folks, after considerable searchng, we finally found the  correct ESPN3 link. You can view today's WSU ball-game here:
Happily, the Wildcats are up 7-3 early in the 2d quarter.

Update 11/25/17 5:50 pm: Let's just say that "Victory is Sweet":

Next Wildcats Victim?  Southern Utah University, next Saturday!

Update 11/25/17 7:57 pm: Better late than never, the Standard's Ace Sports reporter, Brandon Garside, graciously and professionally provides the post-game story:
And what else can your Blogmeister say at this juncture? Howbout I say that I can't wait to draft both Stefan Cantwell and Andrew Vollert to my 2018 NFL fantasy team?

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