Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weber State Football Game Day Thread: WSU Stuns SUU to Claim Wild 37-36 Win

At risk of coming off as "late to the party," we'll break away from Sunday Night NFL Football, and belatedly report on last night's Weber State Football game, wherein our WSU Wildcats, miraculously surged in the fourth quarter, and scored 23 unanswered points to claim a wild 37-36 victory over the Southern Utah Thunderbirds.  Read up, Peeps. Last night's gridiron tilt was indeed a marvel to behold. The Standard's Brandon Garside provides the story:
“You find a way to win,” said WSU head coach Jay Hill. “In college football you take them however they come. This was a good football team we beat tonight ... Our guys did everything they could and they earned that victory in the fourth quarter. I’m proud of them for the way they finished.”

Added Bonus: Check out the boffo post-game video, assembled by Mr. Garside and several SE collegues:

The win sets up a battle of Big Sky unbeatens. Weber State travels to Grand Forks to take on North Dakota (6-2, 5-0) in a game that kicks at noon MDT Saturday, Oct. 29, according to Mr. Garside's story

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sodden Question: Why Should We Vote For Hillary Clinton?

Bernie Sanders answers the most important question 

Why should his supporters vote for Hillary Clinton?

Write it down so you don't forget it, Trump Clones!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Donald Trump: "Man of the People?"

Self -professed "Best Businessman in the World"

THANKS, Republicans, for bringing this jackass to the forefront!

So... can we see a show of hands how many WCF readers will be voting for this dumbass?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Important Message to Savvy Wiener County voters

Important message for Savvy Wiener County voters

Trump Sucks!

Write it down so you won't forget it, smart people!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Big Game This Afternoon: WSU v. Montana State

Check out KLO Radio and/or ROOT Sports Teevee, if you can't drag your ass to the stadium

Not to worry. I don't bite much
Whattaya call a Montana State Football team that's 0-4 in 2016 Big Sky Conference play?  DANGEROUS; that's what.  Check out this morning's Brandon Garside story, which sets the stage for this afternoon's Stewart Stadium football tilt, wherein our WSU Wildcats will host a ticked-off Montana State Bobcats team, who'll no doubt be taking the field with a major chip on their shoulder:
Kickoff's set for 1:30 p.m.  Check out KLO Radio and/or ROOT Sports Teevee, if you can't drag your pansey ass to the stadium.  Attention Cable Teevee subscribers.  Root Sports is likely on your channel lineup; Xfinity channel 52, for instance.

GO, Wildcats!

  • Opening drive: WSU 7, MSU Zip.
  • WSU rollin' 14-0 in the first quarter, following MSU fumble.
  • WSU up 21-0 in the first quarter, following a second MSU Fumble.
  • Cats score again in the 1st Quarter  Score: 28-7.
  • WSU scores again  Score: 35-14
  • Bingo again.  WSU 42, MSU 14.
  • Oops MSU scores.  Make it 41-21
  • Bummer. MSU scores.  Make it 41-27
  • It's now 45-27, after a WSU field goal, LOL.
WSU prevails, 45-27:  Here's the full skinny, via the Billings Montana Gazette:
We'll fill in the Standard-Examiner version, once they get their slo-mo act together.

Too funny. The Trib beats the Standard to the punch:
Something from the Standard-Examiner, at long last:
Touche, Brandon Garside.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bill and Hil, HAHAHAH!

Weird world, ainnit?

Too friggin' funny!

Bill and Hil, back in the Hippy Days

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Big Congressional District 1 Debate. Rob Bishop's FatAss to be Kicked by Peter Clemens on 10/17/16

We're guessing Dr. Peter Clemens has 30 IQ points over Dumb Rob Bishop. Additionally, and unlike Bishop, Clemens isn't pocketing $millions in donations for selling off off Utah's natural resources to America's greedy billionaires.

Great news: A 1st Congressional District Debate between crooked Rep. Rob Bishop and honest Dr. Peter Clemens is set for Monday, October 17th at Weber State University in the Val A. Browning Center Austad Auditorium;  Here's the scoop, Peeps.  Check it out:

Be sure to add this to your calenders, Weber County Forum political wonks!

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