Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Utah Election Update: Early Voting Starts Today

Don't vote? Don't complain!

Click this handy link below for additional information, including Weber County early voting polling locations:
For further information on candidates and issues appearing on our Weber County ballots, check out our handy 2014 General Election Module in the right sidebar, which features (among other things) our below-linked online voter information guide:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Weber County Election Update: A Couple of Informative Stories Via The Standard-Examiner

We've also provided a link to our own handy pre-election candidate information page, for those readers who'd like to dig a little bit deeper

With the Utah Elections looming in under 14 days, we'll augment our 2014 election coverage with two excellent stories appearing on the pages of the Standard-Examiner this week.

First, Cathy McKitrick provides this candidate overview, briefly providing thumbnail sketches of most of the candidates appearing on your November 4, 2014 Weber County Ballots:
Notably, regarding Medicaid expansion, one of the biggest issues in Utah this year,  Legislative District 8 candidate Gage Froerer's approach to the issue is pretty typical of the rest of the GOP candidates, who seem to be reading from the same script, a script no doubt authored by those out-of-state political meddlers, American Legislative Council (ALEC):
Froerer favors a work requirement in order to access Medicaid services and also questioned the federal government’s ability to reimburse the state’s costs into the future.
In our view the Democratic Party candidates generally adopt a more sensible and humane approach, we think, as is expressed by Legislative District 9 candidate Steve Olsen:
“... [A]ny unbiased examination of the facts are clear that simple Medicaid expansion would have been the smarter fiscal choice (as the Governor’s blue ribbon committee reported),” Olsen said, “and the only reason we didn’t do it was because the name ‘Obama’ was attached to it.”
Seems it's only paranoid GOP candidates who are obsessed with possible "freeloaders," we guess.

And here's a story quote which we believe stuck out like a sore thumb:
Attempts to reach [Legislative District 10 candidate Dixon] Pitcher by phone were unsuccessful and he did respond to emails.
Pitcher isn't much interested in participating in an election campaign, we suppose.  If for only that reason alone, we believe his Democratic opponent, Eric Irvine (whom we've already endorsed for a variety of other reasons), deserves your vote, in Legislative District 10,

P.S.: Regarding the Weber County Government races, it's a shame that so many (GOP) candidates are running unopposed, and that Weber County voters don't have more choices,  we'll add.

Next, Ms. McKitrick also provides a particularly robust story, concerning  one of the four proposition-type measures appearing on November ballots, i.e., Weber County Proposition 1. Read up, folks.  This is by far one of the most informative election writeups that the Standard-Examiner has carried during the current election cycle:
Our take? This ballot measure ought to be approved by Weber County voters with a hearty slam-dunk.

We'll also helpfully provide our own handy pre-election candidate information page, for those readers who'd like to dig a little bit deeper:
The floor's open for you comments as always, O Gentle Weber County Forum Readers.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weber State University Game Day Thread: WSU v. MSU - Updated

Fine day for an upset, no?

Undeterred by another close loss, our Weber State Wildcats (0-6, 0-2) head back on the road to begin the second half of the season this afternoon as they take on nationally ranked Montana State Bobcats (5-2, 3-0) at Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman, where kickoff's set for 3:30 p.m.. The Bobcats are ranked ninth in the nation and are tied for the lead in the Big Sky Conference.

Here are the pregame writeups, just to set the mood:
Loyal 'Cats fans can follow the game via the usual online sources:
Sportsbet.Com reports that our Wildcats are pegged as 19-point underdogs, but what do them e evil gambers know?

As our mostest favorite Standard-Examiner editorial editor sez:

"Anticipation mixed with dread"

Fine day for an upset, no?.

We'll leave the lights on for your ever-savvy comments here at Weber County Forum, of course,

Go Wildcats!

Update 10/18/14 10:15 p.m: Here's the bad news 'Cats fans:
But here's the good news:

Although "Weber State is now 0-7 on the season, it will play three of the next four games at home*."

*The WSU "Happy Place"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Duelling Editorials: Strikingly Differing Utah School Board Superintendent Leadership Viewpoints From The Tribune and the Deseret News

The world-wide web eagerly awaits your comments on this thorny topic, of course

With the recent selection of Ogden School Board Superintendant Brad Smith to serve as Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction, we're delighted to present two Utah print media editorials, commenting upon the pending appointment of this locally controversial figure to Utah's most powerful public education post. The Salt Lake Tribune expresses palpable "wariness" of this development:
The Deseret News, on the other hand, expresses a contrarian viewpoint:
With Mr. Smith's recent Ogden School District layoffs and the D-News-cited "50 percent turnover in teaching positions during his (Smith's) tenure" fresh in Ogden residents' minds, we're of course wondering what our Gentle WCF Readers might think about this startling development.

We're already hearing groans from Utah teachers, former Highland Junior High teaching veteran Lisa Vipperman, for instance, who doesn't mince words about the "wisdom" Mr. Smith's pending appointment:
“I’m afraid of what he’ll do to schools,” said Lisa Vipperman, one of Smith’s loudest opponents.
Vipperman worked for Ogden School District for 13 years before moving to Davis School District.
“I’m frankly very upset about this,” she said. “I’m upset because I don’t think he’s qualified to do this — he’s not a professional educator.”
Vipperman believes Smith was selected because of his presentation of the way Ogden schools have made strides in scores and graduation rates.
“He has insulted teachers — he makes it sound like we never did anything until he showed up, but we did a lot in Ogden, for many years, to improve test scores and we did improve test scores long before he showed up.”
The world-wide web eagerly awaits your comments on this thorny topic, of course.

Our take?  We're inclined to go along with Ms. Vipperman.

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones...

Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Utah General Elections Spotlight: Four Weber County Ballot "Propositions"

Vote smart, Weber County Lumpencitizens -- Don't enter those voting booths on November 4 without being completely and fully informed

With a mere 20 days remaining until the 2014 Utah General Election, we'll fatten out our pre-election coverage, beginning with with this informative morning article from the ever-excellent UtahPoliticoHub. Here's the lede, folks:
Something you can count on for every state-level election is getting one or more ballot questions asking you to amend the Utah constitution. About 90% of the time, they’re very dry and somewhat boring technical changes. While the state has some good documents on the arguments for and against each, most voters are looking for a TL;DR summary of the positions. Keep reading to get a five-minute breakdown of what each constitutional amendment means.
Check out the full article here, folks:
For those political wonks who might feel the above summary is still a mite meager, here's a more complete array of  information and  pro-con arguments concerning these heretore three "mysterious" proposed amendments, gleaned straight from the Lt. Governor Cox's VoteUtah.Com website:
As to above-linked Amendment A, the Standard's Cathy McKitrick reported this morning that this proposed amendment is already generating predictable and significant controversy:
“It’s a huge deal, a big change, and a grab by large corporations to take any vestige of fairness out of the state Tax Commission” “This is the single most outrageous thing on the ballot this year because it pits residential property owners against the mighty industrial segments of our state; and it has been done so stealthily that if the ma and pa taxpayers realized what the Republicans were planning here, they would be outraged,” State Senator Jim Dabakis forcefully complains.

Mr. Dabakis make a good point, wethinks.

As an added bonus, we'll also shine the spotlight on the fourth proposition "item" which will appear on your 2014 Weber County ballots, folks.  Seems it's already time for Weber County voters to renew authorization of the R.A.M.P.Tax:
And there you have it. We hope you'll open the above links and carefully weigh the arguments, folks.

Vote smart, Weber County Lumpencitizens.  Don't enter those voting booths on November 4 without being completely and fully informed.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weber State University Game Day Thread: Cal Poly v. WSU - Updated

It's homecoming week, folks; so let's put some butts into some stadium seats

After a bye week, our  Weber State Wildcats are back in action and back home this afternoon to host the  Cal Poly Mustangs in the annual Weber State Homecoming game. Kickoff's set for 1 p.m. at Stewart Stadium. Weber State sits at 0-5 on the season and 0-1 in Big Sky play. In their last game out the Wildcats lost 31-28 at Southern Utah in the Big Sky opener Cal Poly is 2-3 overall and 1-1 in Big Sky play, heading into today’s game.

Surprise of surprises. We've rounded up a few pre=game stories, just to whet your football appetites
'Cats fans who can't make it to the stadium can follow the game via these following online sources:
Added bonus: Catch the game live on KJZZ teevee.

Although we'd hoped "home field advantage" might earn our Wildcats a little extra pre-game respect, sadly, Sportsbet.Com reports that the Mustangs arrive at Stewart Stadium as 7-point favorites. It's homecoming week however folks; so let's put some butts into some stadium seats, and show our Wildcats football squad the support and respect that they deserve.

We'll leave the lights on for your ever-savvy comments here at Weber County Forum, of course,

Go Wildcats!

Update 10/11/14 4:00 pm.: Dang!  The WSU Wildcats keep their "perfect"  losing record (now 0- 6) intact, falling to the Cal Poly Mustangs, by a score of 30-24. Double Dang, YES?  If it's any consolation, Wildcats fans... for the sixth straight week in a row, the Wildcats DID beat the points spread, thanks to a "muffed" Cal-SLO extra point attempt. Contact your bookie right now, 'Cats fans... and demand that he immediately pay up. :-)

Update 10/12/14 6:00 a.m.:  The Standard provides the grisly post game story:

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Standard Examiner: 1st Congressional District Showdown - Updated

In the Fall, Fire them All!

Due to yesterday's "game-changing" news, wherein the most severe crackpot "haters" got their derrieres kicked to to curb, we have a couple of Sunday Standard-Examiner 2014 Utah General Election stories which got diverted to the back burner.  Here ya finally go, however folks.  Better late than never, we hope.

Check out these two most excellent Cathy McKitrick 2014 Utah General Election stories, which shine the spotlight on the two "major party" candidates (Rob Bishop and Donna McAleer) in the ongoing Utah Congressional District 1 race, based upon interviews with Standard-Examiner staff:
Blockbuster Top Question and Answer of the two-candidate series, in our never humble opinion?
Question: "What would you ask your opponent?"
Donna McAleer: “Do you really want this job, Congressman Bishop, because you seem quite bored and not engaged in delivering results for Utah."
Added Bonus 5:20 p.m.:  Check out Libertarian candidate  Craig Bowden's responses, which he graciously provided us earlier this afternoon, upon extremely short notice:
Our take with respect to Mr. Bowden's candidacy?  Keep an eye on this guy, as a viable alternative to the other three.

In connection with Rep. Bishop's extended time in Congress, we do believe that the feisty Ms. McAleer raises a salient point, which is artistically well-illustrated by Pat Bagley, the Trib's "Cartoonist on Residence." in this recent and totally boffo SL Trib "editorial cartoon," which pretty well captures Bishop's Congressional attitude, wethinks:

For our own part, we'll remind our readers of the ever-most important principle for which all "concerned" political wonks operate, those who are concerned with good government, that is:

Here are the web links to the other two (third-party) candidates whom the Standard inexpicably left outta the whole discussion, BTW:
Be sure to check them out too, despite the fact that the Standard refuses to admit that they even exist.

Just another helpul hint from yer old pal Rudi.

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