Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New Years Day Special - Dave Barry’s Year in Review: Is There Anything Good We Can Say About 2018?

Master American satirist Dave Barry: The New Years gift who keeps on giving

The inimitable Dave Berry hits paydirt yet again!
"Here’s hoping that the wish expressed by this erroneous HEMA message comes true. We would truly love for 2019 to be a happy year. Or at least a better year than 2018 was. It has to be better, right? How could it possibly be worse?
Please, put down the Tide Pod."
Read up, Preeps:
Master American satirist Dave Barry: The New Years gift who keeps on giving.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Sheriff's Office Tows 38 Illegally Parked Cars from S.R. 226 Near Snowbasin Resort - Updated

Sledge-hammer solutions to a fly-swatter problem? You bet!

Lets chalk this up as "rotten" law enforcement behavior, eh, Gentle Readers? Notably this "crime sweep" occurred on Christmas eve, and it's reasonable to assume that at least a few of these auto owners were deprived of their vehicles past Christmas day.
Sledge-hammer solutions to a fly-swatter problem? You bet! We're still scratching our heads wondering why issuing parking tickets wouldn't have sufficed in this instance.

“The people who chose to park illegally did so for reasons of convenience rather than ‘necessity,’” police said.

The Weber County Sheriff;s office just taught these scofflaws about inconvenience, we guess. Right?

Our take? The grinch showed up in unirform on the Snow Basin road on Christmas eve,

Update 12/30/2018 3:10 pm:
Everybody's got their own ax to grind, no?

At Least 4 Utah Cities May Experiment With a New Kind of Voting System

Looks like a pretty good idea to us

Via Fox News 13, we'll highlight a very interesting idea:
SALT LAKE CITY -- A deadline is approaching for cities across Utah to decide if they want to experiment with ranked choice voting.
The Utah Lt. Governor's Office tells FOX 13 that West Jordan, Vineyard, Lehi and Salem have stated an intent to try it out. The deadline for cities to opt in is Dec. 31.
Ranked choice voting is being implemented in the 2019 municipal election cycle as a pilot project passed by the Utah State Legislature. Instead of voting on candidates as "hot or not," you rank them from "first to worst."
Read up Peeps, to find out how ranked choice voting works:
Looks like a pretty good idea to us. So what say our Gentle Readers about this?

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

2018 Christmas Special

Please don't allow the Grinch-in-Chief to bring you down, O Gentle Ones!

Merry Christmas, gentle readers and loved ones!

Rudi Zink

Added bonus:
Please don't allow the Grinch-in-Chief to bring you down, O Gentle Ones!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Federal Shutdown Begins After Lawmakers Fail to Reach Deal

Hold on tight, gentle readers. It looks like this will be a wild ride

For the third time during the Trump administration, the U.S Government is being shut down, despite GOP ownership of the Legislative and Executive branches, demonstrating the unfitness of the Republican Party to govern. The Standard-Examiner carries four different stories this morning, which we'll reel out in no particular order:
The impact of this blunder will be significant, Gentle Readers:
The gridlock blocks money for nine of 15 Cabinet-level departments and dozens of agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security, Transportation, Interior, Agriculture, State and Justice.
The lack of funds will disrupt many government operations and the routines of 800,000 federal employees. Roughly 420,000 workers were deemed essential and will work unpaid just days before Christmas, while 380,000 will be furloughed, meaning they’ll stay home without pay.
Those being furloughed include nearly everyone at NASA and 52,000 workers at the Internal Revenue Service. About 8 in 10 employees of the National Park Service will stay home and many parks were expected to close.
Although partisan politicians are scrambling to place blame, there can be little doubt in whose lap this blunder belongs:

Hold on tight, gentle readers. It looks like this will be a wild ride.

Friday, December 21, 2018

LDS Sister Missionaries Worldwide Can Now Wear Dress Slacks

The changes will take effect immediately

Congratulations, ladies! Maybe you'll be able to get into the Celestial Kingdom all by yourself one day instead of hoping your husband gets there and calls you to his side.
The move, according to Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, is to help prevent disease. She added it will also help sisters in cold areas stay warm, and make it easier for them to ride bikes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ogden Gaining Momentum on a Multi-million Dollar Redevelopment Project Downtown

There are "big doins' in Ogden, folks, as our Ogden City government prepares to get back into the urban redevelopment game. Here's the lead to the December 27 Standard-Examiner story:
OGDEN — The pieces are quickly falling into place for a new city redevelopment district that could result in more than $200 million worth of new construction in a six-block section of Ogden’s downtown.
Weber County and the Ogden City School District recently approved interlocal agreements with Ogden on the city’s proposed Continental Community Reinvestment Area.
The CRA, which is located in the approximate six-block area bounded by Wall Avenue and Washington Boulevard between 25th and 27th streets, aims to use certain tax incentives to help fund a bevy of redevelopment items: vacant building removal, the development of new housing units, public infrastructure improvements and the renovation of existing buildings.
Read up, Peeps:
Ogden City Council Executive Director Janene Eller-Smith said the council will likely take action the the plan and budget for the project in January.

Shades of an earlier era, when former Mayor Matthew "Boss" Godfrey went hog-wild picking winners and losers? We certainly hope not.

One thing's for sure. We'll be keeping a close eye on this story as it "develops."


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Utah’s DABC Asked for Your Opinion on State-run Liquor Stores and They Got It

The key impediment to improvement? The Utah State Churchislature, we're gonna suppose

Well... since they politely asked...
SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control asked for your opinion on state-run liquor stores.
And you responded.
More than 2,300 surveys were returned in the first wave of the DABC’s comprehensive customer feedback survey. The agency says it heard from the majority of customers after FOX 13 first reported on the survey.
“It’s good and bad, I suppose,” DABC Commission Chairman John Nielsen said Tuesday.
On a scale of one to five, customers gave state liquor stores an average score of three.
Read up, O Gentle Readers:
There's more...
DABC Deputy Director Cade Meier told FOX 13 the survey results will be used to improve liquor stores.
“We’re trying to expand our network to allow more opportunities for customers to find a more pleasant shopping experience,” he said.
That pleasant shopping experience was a big issue for DABC customers. Long lines and product selection were the top complaints. One customer wrote in, urging the DABC to be more like the Apple store, and less “post-WWII eastern Europe.”
“LONG LINES AND BEING TREATED LIKE A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN by the legislature and the DABC leave me extremely dissatisfied,” wrote another person.
The key impediment to improvement? The Utah State Churchislature, we're gonna suppose.

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