Monday, November 23, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Weber State University Finishes As Most Improved Big Sky "Winner" in 2015

Gotta say we're totally proud of Coach Hill and our Wildcats, Peeps

Okay Weber State Wildcats fans, we confess that we've been a mite remiss.  So hopelessly caught up in the ongoing spectacle of the myriad of College and NFL programs over the weekend as we were, we're confident and satisfied that we dang nearly forgot to post these most-important post-game stories from the National Sports media:
Gotta say we're totally proud of Coach Hill and our Wildcats, Peeps, who finished "winners" @ 6-5.

"Winners." Yes.  Get used to that appellation, Wildcats fans:

Weber State's grand season closing victory will no doubt annoy OZboy, who's plainly a complete Internet Loser with a sad, (very sad) "retardation" in re his seriously lame Football Picks!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Alliance for a Better Utah Lobbies to Impeach "Crackpot" Utah Judge

Jackass Judge Johansen needs to go

This morning, the Alliance for a Better Utah asked the Utah Legislature to begin impeachment proceedings against crackpot Utah 7th District Judge Scott Johansen.... and launched a web-based citizen petition on
Let's remove Idiot Judge Scott Johansen
First good Utah political news your blogmeister has heard in at least a week. Nuff said, so far Finally... after being off the grid with zero amounts of Red Meat News  for over a week, Your CANNY Weber County Forum posts "zero out" all crackpot GOP posts, of course,


Lets just say that mere words can't express your blogmeister's sheer distaste for Utah politics.

Update 8:00 P.M: Happily, there's progress in this matter:
Next obvious step for this moron? Resignation.

Paul Ryan - World-Class A-hole

Is Paul Ryan a hypocrite? You be the judge

"Residents of the inner city have a real culture problem and a lack of a work ethic," sez Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives, Paul Ryan:

Is Ryan a hypocrite? You be the judge:
And keep on voting Republican, people.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Breaking: Lowly Weber State University Whips University of California

Wildcats roll past UC Davis 23-3

OK folks!  As rabid Weber State University fans, we at Weber County Forum can't contain ourselves regarding this stirring Weber State Football development!  Believe it or not, against all odds, our lowly Weber State Wildcats totally whooped the mighty University of California football team this afternoon at Stewart Stadium, by a whopping score of 23-3. Read up, "Cats fans":
Put that in your silly little "pipe"and "smoke it," Wildcats detractors, as our "Cats" now go 5-5 for the season.

Go Wildcats!

Update 11/8/15 3:00 p.m.:  The Standard's Brandon Garside is all over this story, too:

Friday, November 06, 2015

Jeb can "fix it,"

LOL! ya gotta Love It

"Jeb" has a new motto.

Keep on voting "Republican," People,.. err... you lame-brain GOP idiots.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Who is This Guy Fawkes Guy?

Ahem!  "Over the past decade, dissidents across the globe have appropriated the visage of Guy Fawkes, the infamous insurgent who tried to blow up the British Parliament in 1605, warping the once-reviled fringe rebel into a widespread symbol of resistance." Learn up, concerning this interesting recurring phenomenon, PEEPS! 
No need to thank us for this revealing,invigoratring AND Shit-hot info, inasmuch as we are RUDIZINK!

Added Bonus:

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

2015 Ogden Municipal Election Night Special - Election Night Vote Tallies - Updated

The ballots have been processed; the votes have been tallied; and here are tonight's unofficial election results, Weber County Forum political wonks:
Ogden City Mayor
Number of Precincts 45
Precincts Reporting 45 100.0 %
Times Counted 8104/22533 36.0 %
Total Votes 8025
Caldwell, Mike 6394 79.68%
Benitez, Sebastian 1631 20.32%
Ogden City Council - Municipal Ward 2
Number of Precincts 11
Precincts Reporting 11 100.0 %
Times Counted 1785/5743 31.1 %
Total Votes 1533
Hyer, Richard 1533 100.00%
Ogden City Council - Municipal Ward 4
Number of Precincts 15
Precincts Reporting 15 100.0 %
Times Counted 3558/7849 45.3 %
Total Votes 3486
Nadolski, Ben 2047 58.72%
Gladwell, Daniel 1439 41.28%
Ogden City Council - At Large Seat C
Number of Precincts 45
Precincts Reporting 45 100.0 %
Times Counted 8104/22533 36.0 %
Total Votes 7906
Lopez, Luis 4082 51.63%
Ogden, John 3824 48.37%
Thanks to all candidates who participated in this year's Ogden Municipal Election, and hearty congratulations to tonight's big winners.

Update 11/4/15 7:45 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner carries the Added Bonus late story:
Well... 'doh!.

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