Saturday, January 30, 2016

Republicans are Morons, No? LOL

Read it and weep, American Conservationists

Top-notch cranky letter from highly articulate Standard-Examiner reader, Pam Wixom.  She's one smart gal, and she well frames the issues regarding the ongoing federal land-grab, naming names and clobbering this whole Koch Bothers backed effort to bribe all Republican to turn over all Utah Public Lands to the politically satanic Koch Brothers. Read up, peeps!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Longtime Weber County Employee Jim Harvey Files as Commissioner Candidate

Vote wisely in November, PEEPS!

Too Kewl!!!  With another election looming in November of this year, it looks like we already have a battle royal pending in the 2016 Weber County Commission race:
OGDEN — A familiar face in Weber County just threw his hat into the political ring.
Ogden resident Jim Harvey filed his intent to run as County Commissioner, challenging one-term incumbent Matthew Bell....

Both Bell and Harvey are Republicans, so the intraparty challenge could ignite this year’s primary season in Weber County. Both candidates have declared their intent to gather signatures, a new path to the primary that is currently being challenged in federal court. Both also intend to tread the traditional caucus/convention trail to try to secure their party's nomination.
Read up Peeps!
Vote wisely, People!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bob Bernick's Notebook: Republican Candidates Really Like SB54

Hahahahaha, yes?

Fascinating story via  Here's the lede:
Guess who is using SB54’s new dual-track process to get on their political party’s primary ballot in 2016?
Especially Republican incumbents in the Utah House and Senate.
In fact, when I checked Thursday afternoon on the Utah Elections website, out of the 70 folks who have signed up for the petition route, all but one were Republicans.
The lone Democrat is gubernatorial candidate Vaughn Cook.
Read up, Peeps!
Hahahahaha, yes?


Saturday, January 09, 2016

Breaking: Crackpot Board of Education Superintendent Takes 90-day Leave Due To Admitted Sickness, Board Immediatly Names Replacement

Via the Standard-Examiners; Ace Reporter, Taylor Hintz:

Utah State Board of Education superintendent Brad Smith is taking a 90-day leave of absence to address health concerns, according to a statement from the board.
“We wish Brad all the best while he is away,” Board of Education Chari David Crandall said in a statement.
Deputy Superintendent Sydnee Dickson has been named acting State Superintendent of Public Instruction, with Rich K. Nye, associate superintendent of data, assessment and accountability being named as deputy superintendent.
Although some internet mystics would call this situation more evidence of "Bad Karma," we'll just wish the poor bastard well.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Breaking: Former Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey Called as LDS Mission President - Updated

Alternate headline: Crazed and Annoying Mormon Polititian gets shipped off to "Virtual Siberia."

Here's the lede, peeps:
OGDEN — Former Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey has been called to be a mission president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
He will serve for three years as president of the church's Peru Lima North Mission in South America.
Godfrey will take over as leader of the mission from current President John Erickson on July 1 and will oversee dozens of missionaries and supervise the church's missionary work in the area.
And NO.  We are not making this up.
Sadly there seem to be no LDS missions "off earth" or even in Antarctica.  Congrats to the Mormon Church however, for finding a place where "Elder" Boss Godfrey can do no further harm.

Update 1/9/16 10:00 a.m.: The Standard's Dana Ribington fleshes out yesterdy's D-News story, filling in important details which reporter Morgan Wilkins left out:

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