Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weber State Crushes Northern Colorado, 38-17

A little belated reporting regarding WSU, our mostest-favorite Utah Football team!
“So many positives for us today and I was really pleased with how we came out of the gates and moved the ball,” said WSU head coach Jay Hill. “We really played well on both sides of the ball and made some great stops defensively. Offensively we really ran the ball well which opened up lots of other things as well. We had planned on getting some snaps for Justin Shaw and he really performed well and took us right down the field. We got a lot of guys involved today and made some great steps forward.”
Weber State Football Coach Jay Hill
Weber State Website:
September 27, 2015
"We just have to stay together – what we're doing is working, we're just beating ourselves," (NCU) Coach Knipp said about the loss. "We just can't wait until halftime to put something together. We have to remain confident in our abilities. What we were doing in the first half was working, we just stopped ourselves."
Northern Colorado Coach Jacob Knipp
Weber State Ground Game Too Much For @UNCBears
September 26, 2915

Read up Cats Fans!
WSU will continue Big Sky play next week as they return home Friday night to whip the shit outta Southern Utah. The Wildcats will begin beating down SUU shortly after the 6 p.m. kickoff at Stewart Stadium.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ogden Mayoral Debates 2015

Be sure to mark your calenders folks

For the benefit of those WCF readers eagerly following the 2015 Ogden Municipal Election races, we're pleased to report the most recent development in the Ogden City Mayoral race.  According to mayoral challenger Sebastian Banitez's campaign blogsite, not just one, but two mayoraal candidate debates have been scheduled during the month of October.  Read up Peeps:
Cutting to the chase, here are the time/space coordinates for these October mayoral campaign events:
The first debate will be held on Monday, October 19th, at 7:00PM in the Garden Room of the Alumni Center at Weber State University. The second debate will be held on Wednesday, October 28th, at 10:00am at Ogden High School.
Be sure to mark your calenders folks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Farmers Market Will End Season Two Weeks Later, After Record Year

Look at the bright side, Peeps! Global warming adds to the growing season, which is ALL GOOD, right?

Good news for Ogden Health-freaks, who like to buy fresh veggies and just prowl around Two-Five Drive on Saturday mornings.

"The market, which takes place on Historic 25th Street, was set to end on Saturday, Sept. 26, but will be extended to Saturday, Oct. 10", SE Reporter Sonja Carlson reports.
Look at the bright side, Peeps! Global warming adds to the growing season, which is ALL GOOD, right? (wink, wink, wink?)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Standard-Examiner: WSU Downs Sac State, 32-14

Congrats to the Weber State Wildcats football squad

Congrats to the Weber State Wildcats football squad for their Saturday Homecoming victory, wherein the "Cats" prevailed over the Sacramento State Hornets by a convincing 32-14 score.

Here's the lede from The Standard's Brandon Garside:
OGDEN -- Weber State quarterback Jadrian Clark threw for 216 yards and scored a touchdown to help lift the Wildcats over Sacramento State by a score of 32-14 Saturday night at Stewart Stadium.
“It was good to be back in front of a home crowd,” said Weber State head coach Jay Hill, after having the first two home games on the road. “I thought (the crowd) was a big boost to our players. Our players came out of the gates playing well.”
Read the uplifting full story here, Wildcat fans:
“It’s still not as clean as I want these games to be,” said Hill. “That game could have been 60-7 if we would have continued to execute on short yardage situations, getting a higher percentage on first downs, but it was big step in the right direction. A win is a win.”
Yesiree, folks. That's the kinda talk we wanna hear, as Weber State now heads on the road to face Northern Colorado at 1:30 p.m. MDT next Saturday.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Republican Debates -- John Kasich Nails It - Updated

So howbout it. WCF political wonks? How many of you spent the full three hours last night, watching the GOP Debates? GOP loser candidate John Kasic "nails it," of course, wethinks.

Classic update, via the ever savvy Ozboy:

"This Kasich (rhymes with son of a bitch) guy seems to be the onliest one in the current class of GOP Presidential wanna be clowns that seems to be almost consistent in almost making sense.Check this link out for David Axelord's take on these bozo's. Axelrod, in case you have been living in a Republican induced haze for the last 6 years, is probably the foremost political operator in the game today; "
Pay attention, peeps. Ozboy "gets it." Howbout You?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ogden Mayoral Race Shows Sharp Fundraising Disparity

Stop the Presses! Read Kathy McKitrick's mostest/bestest

Okay folks. Now that we've gotten over our grief, after watching our magnificent Weber State Wildcats get eviscerated on Saturday by the NDState Bison,we're ready to get back to normal day-to-day politics. In that connection, read Kathy McKittrick's fantastic Ogden Municipal Elections 2015 writeup, which references the relatively massive amounts of campaign dough being irregularly plowed into the 2015 Election:
Read up, Peeps!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

WSU Wildcats Game Day Thread: North Dakota State Rolls Over Weber State 41-14

Sodden retort from WSU Coach Jay Hill: "It's just a flesh wound!"

Dang, WSU Wildcats football fans: Despite the heady pregame optimism,  here's this afternoon's WSU Football game-day result:
Sodden retort from WSU Coach Jay Hill: "It's just a flesh wound!"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Merle Haggard Calls Contemporary Country Music 'A Bunch of Crap'

Well... Merle would know, yes?

Merle Haggard nails it!

“I can’t tell what they’re doing,” the country legend says in an interview. “They’re talking about screwing on a pickup tailgate and things of that nature. I don’t find no substance. I don’t find anything you can whistle and nobody even attempts to write a melody. It’s more of that kids stuff. It’s hot right now, but I’ll tell you what, it’s cooling off.”

Well... Uncle Merle would know, yes?

Comments, anyone?

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Awesome Image Meme Concerning "Religious Freedom," So-Called

Comments anyone? Ferris?

Awesome image meme on the subject of "religious freedom," so-called

Comments anyone? Ferris?

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Strong Effort by Weber State Falls Short to Oregon State

Speaking as the #1 Weber State Football blog on planet earth (correction: Milky Way Galaxy) we'll happily post our latest blog contribution to the Standard's not half-bad coverage of the Weber State Wildcats Football squad, who got off to a dang good start yesterday evening against a highly talented PAC-12 foe. Read up, Peeps:
SE Reader Floyd Emmett Bingham nails it in the comments section, wethinks: "Nice summary. The Cats defense looked really good. they just needed to generate some more offense."

Go Wildcats!

Friday, September 04, 2015

Quickie Quiz: Which is the Best Gun for Home Defense?

Fascinating question. Whatta ya say, peeps?

Which is the best gun for home defense?
A. Rifle
B. Handgun
C. Shotgun
D. Other

Thursday, September 03, 2015

UPDATED: Judge Jails County Clerk Scofflaw For Contempt Of Court

Surprise of surprises, LOL, in the wake of this!
Savvy retort from WCF Regular Johnny B, citing a version of one of the oldest lawyer witticisms that I can remember:

"I hope she put on clean underwear before going to court."

Heres Johnny' great quote, in what I consider to be it's "more perfect" form:

As the old saying goes, "Be sure you wear clean underwear, because you never know when you may have to expose your briefs."

Just another helful hint from yer old pal, Rudi.

Dan Liljenquist: Utah's Medicaid Expansion Proposal Unfairly Taxes Caregivers

Amen, sez Ernest T. Bass!

As the "powers that be" in our cold-hearted, GOP-dominated state gummint aparatus continue to dither on what ought to be the simple proposition, i.e, gobbling up tons of federal dough and enacting broadly protective Medicaid Expansion, here's an encouraging D'News editorial to stick in your craw:

In summary, we'll adopt this savvy D'News reader comment concerning this topic:
 "I'm with Dan on this. Let's ignore the scriptures in Matthew about taking care of others.The best plan of all is for the poor not to get sick, but if they do, die quickly.
Amen, Ernest T. Bass!

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