Monday, October 31, 2016

Interesting American Stories, Etc; Prior to the 2016 Election

Are we even surprised these outrageous quotes came out of his (Trump's) mouth?

Via our highly esteemed Weber County Forum contributor pal Clair Walker:
Let's  just us call this the view from Britain:

Vote wisely, WCF readers.

2016 Utah General Election Update: House District 9 Voters Have Two Distinct Options This November

Top notch advice! Don't Vote For The Peterson Wimp!

The Standard-Examiner has a very fine story in re our pending 2016 Utah General Election reporting, concerning Weber County's Legislative 9 race, via yeoman reporter Cathy McKitrick,  who writes today about House District 9,  a district which  has been so severely gerrymandered by our crackpot GOP legtislature, that it runs from middle Ogden, to Roy, and West Haven, as if to defy any attempt at common sense.He're's Ms McKitrick's most excellent story. Don't be pansies, people:
Vote Out  the "Pansy"on the right!

Don't go for the pansy incumbent, either, people.

Vote instead for the smart and lovely Kathie Darby fer cripes-sake, because the incumbent, the wimpy Mr, Peterson, has to solely resort to pathetic and ridiculous  "I'm a Mormon"  slams with shameful innuendo, supporting his ridiculously weak candidacy.
Write it down so you don't forget it, WCF Readers..

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Weber State Football Game Day Thread: WSU v. North Dakota

Biggest game to date in the Jay Hill era

OGDEN — The biggest game to date in the Jay Hill era will take place Saturday as the Weber State Wildcats (5-2 overall, 4-0 in Big Sky) make the trip to Grand Forks to face the North Dakota Fighting Hawks (6-2, 5-0) in a battle of unbeatens at the top of the Big Sky Conference.

The game is expected to be the most challenging for Weber State so far this season — the Wildcats haven’t played a Big Sky team that is better than eighth place.

Read the Standard-Examiner pre-game writeup, Cats fans:
Kickoff is slated for noon MDT at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The game will be broadcast on, with a radio call on 1430 AM KLO with Steve Klauke and David Hale.

Added bonus: Check out Brandon Garside's pregame video, just to wet you whistles, Cats fans:

Go, Wildcats!

Update 10/30/16: Bad news, Wildcats fans!  North Dakota defeats WSU 27-17.  Brandon Garside provides the post-game story:
Let's face it poeple. The othwise magnificent WS WildCATS SCREWED UP BIGTIME THIS WEEK.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Not to mention that your blogmeister's favorite talking head is an actual Rhodes Scholar

Nuff said, yes?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Libertarian VP Candidate: Whatever You Do, Don't Vote For Trump

Finally a small dose of sanity from the Libertarian ticket

Finally some sanity in the 2016 Presidenial Race, via Libertarian Viee-Presidential candidate, wherein the vice presidential libertarian candidate Bill Weld '"bails out."
Well, he isn't completely insane. I respect him more now. -Joshua Spinks

Even Democrats Agree: This Texas Republican Has the Best TV Ad of the Election Season

Please Re-elect Gerald. PLEASE!

Via your blogmeister's Facebook Pal Edward Flint, who quite rightly sez: "Must watch! Regardless of you politics, watch this ad".

Here's the full story:
And we've carved out the ad for those amongst us with short attention spans, of course:

Give the TV spot a look below and feel better -- finally -- about our democracy.

Best campaign ad ever. Yes?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sodden Question: Are You a Special Kind of Stupid?

Don't be dummies, people

Don't be dummies, people

Added bonus:

Comments, anyone?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fox News Shocks America & Admits Benghazi Investigation Was Complete Hoax

With our 2016 Presidential Election looming in a little more than 13 days, it gets weirder and weirder, dunnit?

Current Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s alleged wrongdoings have been all over the media. From her use of a private email server, to the Benghazi attacks, Clinton has made national news with headlines proclaiming she can’t be trusted, is a criminal, and needs to drop out of the race. Though there may be some truth behind the reports, even Fox News themselves have now reported the Benghazi scandal is a hoax.

Read up, People:
With our 2016 Presidential Election looming in a little more than 13 days, it gets weirder and weirder, dunnit?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weber State Football Game Day Thread: WSU Stuns SUU to Claim Wild 37-36 Win

At risk of coming off as "late to the party," we'll break away from Sunday Night NFL Football, and belatedly report on last night's Weber State Football game, wherein our WSU Wildcats, miraculously surged in the fourth quarter, and scored 23 unanswered points to claim a wild 37-36 victory over the Southern Utah Thunderbirds.  Read up, Peeps. Last night's gridiron tilt was indeed a marvel to behold. The Standard's Brandon Garside provides the story:
“You find a way to win,” said WSU head coach Jay Hill. “In college football you take them however they come. This was a good football team we beat tonight ... Our guys did everything they could and they earned that victory in the fourth quarter. I’m proud of them for the way they finished.”

The win sets up a battle of Big Sky unbeatens. Weber State travels to Grand Forks to take on North Dakota (6-2, 5-0) in a game that kicks at noon MDT Saturday, Oct. 29, according to Mr. Garside's story

Added Bonus: Check out the boffo post-game video, assembled by Mr. Garside and several other talented SE collegues:

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sodden Question: Why Should We Vote For Hillary Clinton?

Bernie Sanders answers the most important question 

Why should his supporters vote for Hillary Clinton?

Write it down so you don't forget it, Trump Clones!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Donald Trump: "Man of the People?"

Self -professed "Best Businessman in the World"

THANKS, Republicans, for bringing this jackass to the forefront!

So... can we see a show of hands how many WCF readers will be voting for this dumbass?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Important Message to Savvy Wiener County Voters

Important message for Savvy Wiener County voters

Trump Sucks!

Write it down so you won't forget it, smart people!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Big Game This Afternoon: WSU v. Montana State

Check out KLO Radio and/or ROOT Sports Teevee, if you can't drag your ass to the stadium

Not to worry. I don't bite much
Whattaya call a Montana State Football team that's 0-4 in 2016 Big Sky Conference play?  DANGEROUS; that's what.  Check out this morning's Brandon Garside story, which sets the stage for this afternoon's Stewart Stadium football tilt, wherein our WSU Wildcats will host a ticked-off Montana State Bobcats team, who'll no doubt be taking the field with a major chip on their shoulder:
Kickoff's set for 1:30 p.m.  Check out KLO Radio and/or ROOT Sports Teevee, if you can't drag your pansey ass to the stadium.  Attention Cable Teevee subscribers.  Root Sports is likely on your channel lineup; Xfinity channel 52, for instance.

GO, Wildcats!

  • Opening drive: WSU 7, MSU Zip.
  • WSU rollin' 14-0 in the first quarter, following MSU fumble.
  • WSU up 21-0 in the first quarter, following a second MSU Fumble.
  • Cats score again in the 1st Quarter  Score: 28-7.
  • WSU scores again  Score: 35-14
  • Bingo again.  WSU 42, MSU 14.
  • Oops MSU scores.  Make it 41-21
  • Bummer. MSU scores.  Make it 41-27
  • It's now 45-27, after a WSU field goal, LOL.
WSU prevails, 45-27:  Here's the full skinny, via the Billings Montana Gazette:
We'll fill in the Standard-Examiner version, once they get their slo-mo act together.

Too funny. The Trib beats the Standard to the punch:
Something from the Standard-Examiner, at long last:
Touche, Brandon Garside.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bill and Hil, HAHAHAH!

Weird world, ainnit?

Too friggin' funny!

Bill and Hil, back in the Hippy Days

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Big Congressional District 1 Debate. Rob Bishop's FatAss to be Kicked by Peter Clemens on 10/17/16

We're guessing Dr. Peter Clemens has 30 IQ points over Dumb Rob Bishop. Additionally, and unlike Bishop, Clemens isn't pocketing $millions in donations for selling off off Utah's natural resources to America's greedy billionaires.

Great news: A 1st Congressional District Debate between crooked Rep. Rob Bishop and honest Dr. Peter Clemens is set for Monday, October 17th at Weber State University in the Val A. Browning Center Austad Auditorium;  Here's the scoop, Peeps.  Check it out:

Be sure to add this to your calenders, Weber County Forum political wonks!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Layton Family Considers Lawsuit After Son Absolved Over Drugging Accusation

Should the dumbasses of the Clearfield Police Department pay for Mr. Ukena's upcoming mission?  We say YES.  Howbout You?

Another Standard-Examiner story invoking the mantra "Screw the Cops."
Mr. Ukena, the exonerated former defendant, said he will return to work at Subway until November, when he’ll leave to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New York.

Whattaya think, people? Should the dumbasses of the
Clearfield Police Department pay for Mr. Ukena's upcoming mission?

Another Standard-Examiner story invoking the mantra "Screw the Cops."

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Weber State Football Game-Day Thread - Updated

Weber State looks for  gets 3rd straight win at tonight's homecoming against Portland State

Big doins in Ogden this evening, WSU Wildcats fans. Here's the Standard-Examiner lede, via Ace SE Sports Reporter Brandon Garside:

OGDEN — Fresh off a bye week, Weber State is geared up for homecoming Saturday night against Portland State.
The Wildcats (2-2) will go for their third-straight win of the season, a streak the purple and white haven’t achieved since 2010 in Ron McBride’s penultimate season.
The Vikings (2-3) are coming off a spectacular 2015 season that ended in the second round of the FCS Playoffs with a No. 6 national ranking. Now, PSU is 1-1 in conference play with a 45-20 win over Idaho State last week and a 45-31 loss to Southern Utah.
“We’ve got to be able to match their physicality. They’re tough. They’re not going to give up,” WSU head coach Jay Hill said. “They’re going to battle you to the bitter end so we’ve got to be ready to do the same things ourselves.

Read Mr. Garside's full story, Peeps:
If you can't make it to Stewart Stadium for tonight's big homecoming game, Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. and will be broadcast on KJZZ TV. It will also air on 1430 AM with Steve Klauke and former Wildcat David Hale on the call. Added bonus.  You can also catch tonight's live game video online, we're told, via Big Sky Sports, in the unlikely instances wherein you might be working late in your job cubicle (or prison cell), and/or had your Big Screen TeeVee "repoed."

Go Wildcats!

Update 10/8/16 9:00 P.M.:  The Wildcats slide by with another "thin" win, 14-10.  Bravo Wildcats!

Friday, October 07, 2016

Devastating New Ad Shows Trump Saying All the Things Dumb Mike Pence Claims He Never Said -Updated

Via political genius Rhonda Lea Nally (Certified Journalist):
Hay! You know, if you're going to say it on camera--when you know you are being recorded and people can go back and listen to it--you really ought to think about what you are saying or it can come back to haunt you.
Here's the proof, about which the lively Ms. Nally properly alludes:
Check it out, Peeps!

Wake the hell up, my Republican friends...

Update 10/8/16: The pot sickens. Trump pretty much kills off his presidential ambitions, with an ill-timed, candid video:
The Trump preidency is now "dead meat," we'll now predict.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Conservative Pundit: Donald Trump Is ‘God’s Anointed Choice For President’

Save this one to your "humor files" folder, Peeps:

"In a column today, far-right radio host Laurie Roth writes that "several people" 'have been awakened and given visions and words from God as to who would become President' and they were (additionally told by God) that, quoting again, 'all told that Donald Trump was God’s anointed choice for President.'

Roth reportedly wonders if God is using Trump to “conquer evil” and “build back a country that God loves,” citing a chapter of the Bible that she believes points to a Trump election victory.

Here's the Laurie Roth bloglink, Peeps (wethink):

“Pray for a Donald Trump victory and expect greatness,” she writes. “Don’t do this because Trump is mouthy and imperfect but because he will honor Israel, is a sincere and new Christian who prays to the living God, has exceptional ideas for leadership and who has been prepared for this job…perhaps even by God. I believe God has spoken. You vote accordingly.”

(Don't laugh, people. Many crazed right-wingers listen to Laurie Roth, we're told.) Even more crazed crackpot Mormons try daily to get Ms. Roth's telephone number, we're also duly informed.

So.  Are Republicans crazy enough for your tastes, as the 2016 election fast approaches?

Your Blogmeister's take? 2016 Republicans are total looniebirds.

So what say you, Weber County Forum political Wonks?

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Giants Whoop Mets

HAHAHAHAHA!!!  With Madison Bumgarner on the mound, the SF Giants whoop the NY Mets, 3-0 in tonight's NLDS game!

Here's tonight's box score

It'll be wonderful to see the Giants back in the playoffs, no?

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Standard-Examiner: Awaiting Public Defense Changes, Data Says Prosecutors Paid More Than Defense

One more reason being broke in Utah Totally Sucks!

Via Studebaker Legal Services PC:
County attorneys are involved to varying degrees in the selection of defense counsel, the negotiation of defense attorney compensation, and the oversight of defense counsel performance. Having county attorneys involved in right-to-counsel decisions means that the defender’s courtroom adversary is the one ultimately responsible for whether the defender gets the next appointment or contract.
This shows a clear conflict of interest in justice. In order for defendants to get the right to effective counsel, there must be an independent group overseeing and funding the indigent defense system. Without this independent group, lower class people will continue to be trampled on by the justice system.
The Standard is also all over this story. Read up, Peeps!
Awaiting public defense changes, data says prosecutors paid more than defense
One more reason being broke in Utah Sucks!

Monday, October 03, 2016

House District 29 Candidates Talk Gun Rrights, Legalized Medical Cannabis, More

Vote Angela Urrea, people!

Via Cathy McKitrick of the Standard-Examiner:
FARR WEST and PERRY — In Utah’s House District 29, Republican incumbent Lee Perry seeks a fourth two-year term, and Democrat Angela Urrea believes it’s time for fresh perspectives on Utah’s Capitol Hill.
“I’m trying to give people an alternative,” Urrea said. “Perry is a nice guy ... but I don’t agree with a lot of his positions.”
Her website,, points to a perceived disconnect between state lawmakers and the people they represent as the reason she decided to enter the political fray./blockquote
Here's Ms. McKitrick's full story, peeps:
Your blogmeister has the highest regard for the clever, well educated, and street-smart Ms. Urrea. As for her opponent, the dull Mr. Perry, it's time for this bozo to consider retirement, wethinks.

Vote Angela Urrea, people!

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