Friday, January 27, 2017

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Lawmaker Blogs About Women's March, Later Removes All Traces of It

This isn't the first time that the "cocky" Mr. Peterson has suffered "foot in mouth" disease  in the public press

Great Standard-Examiner expose', via top notch reporter Cathy McKitrick.

Here's the lede, folks:
OGDEN — An Ogden state representative drew criticism after making light of Monday’s Women’s March on the Utah State Capitol in a now-deleted post on his blog.
Rep. Jeremy Peterson, R-Ogden, called the action, which drew an estimated 6,000 participants on a snowy day to the capitol, “The Potpourri Passion Protest” in a blog post that he later removed.
“I am sure this won’t be the last protest we see at the Capitol before the Legislature finishes its work in March,” Peterson wrote. “Lets (sic) hope the next one features symbols other than crudely named knit-caps.”
Check out Ms. McKitrick's full writeup, peeps:
Just to fully flesh the whole story out, here's a link to Rep. Petersons's original blog post, which he's now deleted (in a very cowardly manner, may I add) from his Mr. Peterson's Perspective blogsite. Sit tight folks, as it takes something like 15 seconds for this particular link to load, inasmuch as it comes from one your blogmeister's trusty archive recovery websites. Believe us.  It;s worth the wait:
We'll thus take issue with the wonderful Ms. Cathy McKitrick's statement that this arrogant Leg 9 Rep scrubbed his blogsite "without a trace." remember, people, almost everything you post on the internet stays permanently, in one place or another.

And one more thing: This isn't the first time that the "cocky" Mr. Peterson has suffered "foot in mouth" disease  in the public press:
Happily Ms. Kathy Darby is preparing to take on Rep Peterson in 2018, as Ms. McKitrick reports.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Simple Economic Truths, Which Even Deranged Big-spending Racist Trumpanzees Ought to be Able to Understand.

Face it, Peeps! Our US President is completely Nutzo!

Simple Economic Truths, which ever deranged big-spending racist asshole Trumpanzees ought to be able to understand:

Face it, Peeps! Our US President is completely Nutzo!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sales of George Orwell's 1984 Surge After Kellyanne Conway's 'Alternative Facts'

Comments made by Donald Trump’s adviser have been compared to the classic dystopian novel, pushing it to become the sixth best-selling book on Amazon

Via That wonderful British news publication, The Guardian

Here's the lede, peeps:
Sales of George Orwell’s dystopian drama 1984 have soared after Kellyanne Conway, adviser to the reality-TV-star-turned-president, Donald Trump, used the phrase “alternative facts” in an interview. As of Tuesday, the book was the sixth best-selling book on Amazon.
Comparisons were made with the term “newspeak” used in the 1949 novel, which was used to signal a fictional language that aims at eliminating personal thought and also “doublethink”. In his book Orwell writes that it “means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them”.
Read the full Guardian piece here, peeps:
As a courtesy to those WCF readers who don't already have a dog-eared copy of Orwell's Magnum Opus in their home libraries, we've helpfully added an Amazon "purchase link" in our left sidebar.

Here's an added "graphic teaser." peeps:

Added bonus for Ogden City residents! I just spoke with my friend Marcy Rizzi, the proprietor of Ogden's most excellent Booked on 25th bookstore 147 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401, who informs me that she has "a couple of copies" on her shelves right now! Moreover, Marcy informs us that "there is free shipping if customers choose the option to pick up at the store."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Administration Day 1: Pictures From Women’s Marches Around the World - New York Times

Crowds in hundreds of cities around the world are gathering Saturday in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington

100.000 protesters in New York
Via several of your blogmeister's most-excellent Facebook Friends, one of whom particularly prefaced the below-linked NY Times photo gallery thusly:
For all my friends who called all this progressive stuff  "a tantrum"  yesterday...Forget "going viral" ...Progressive women are going global!!
Scroll to the bottom and see that women are mobilizing across the earth!!
Trump must really be dropping mud now as he tries to wrap his mind around it
Check it out, Peeps!
The Grey Lady will Will reportedly be adding new photographs as they get them throughout the day, so be sure to bookmark this Times story.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weber County Forum Special: In Re Tomorrow's Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies

Buckle up, people.  It's bound to be a thrilling next four years, no?

One day shy of Donald Trump's January 20 presidential inauguration, we thought it would be appropriate to cite a few items concerning Donald Trump's BIG  coronation swearing-in ceremony. Sadly, folks it still seems it ain't yet working out exactly as planned.  Here goes:
Even now, even at this late date, there still seem to be a few unplanned glitches;
The Good news for Trump is that bestest Choir in America has agreed to perform at Friday's the inauguration "gala":
The bad news? One erstwhile Mo Tab Choir member stirred up a major brouhaha with this:
"I've tried to tell myself that it will be all right and that I can continue in good conscience before God and man," (resigning choir member Jan) Chamberlain wrote in a Facebook post. "I only know I could never 'throw roses to Hitler.' And I certainly could never sing for him."

Adding to the religious maelstrom was "The Petition," which modern day LDS "Prophet, Seer and Revelator" and LD$, Inc. Chief CEO Tom Monson promptly ignored:
No word yet, whether the highly ethical Ms.Chamberlain will emerge from her brave and admirable "act of  religious conscience" with her holy temple recommend left intact, inasmuch as the bulk of the top LDS Church hierarchy were (or are) solidly registered Republicans, according to this interesting 2014 Salt Lake Tribune story:
And here's the link you've all been looking for, Weber County Forum Political Wonks:
Added bonus:
Additional Added Editorial Bonus:
Here's the REAL problem, wethink, despite the above "cover story":

Music will begin at 9:30 a.m. EST and opening remarks will start at 11:30 a.m. The official transfer of power happens at noon, when Trump will be sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, according to US Weekly Magazine

Buckle up, people. It's bound to be a thrilling next four years, no?  That's assuming his presidency lasts that long:
"Again, impeachment would be all on the Republican-controlled House, so it seems unlikely that they’re going to want to impeach Trump. That said, you can place an even money bet that he won’t finish out the term over at Ladbrokes right now. Maybe he’ll just get bored and quit. Stranger things have happened, and you’d still get the money."

Place your bets with your favorite bookie, Peeps! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Update 1/20/17  9:00 am Hey Folks: Check out this C-SPAN feed, which is broadcasting the Trump  Coronation WAY early:
Don't forget to have your "barf bags" readily available, People.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This is actually what America would look like without gerrymandering

YES! This is actually what the  American voter base would look like without crackpot GOP gerrymandering, peeps

In his State of the Union speech, President Obama called on lawmakers and the public to take a number of steps "to change the system to reflect our better selves" for "a better politics." The top item on that list was to end partisan gerrymandering: "we have to end the practice of drawing our congressional districts so that politicians can pick their voters, and not the other way around," Obama said.

In most states, state legislatures draw the district boundaries that determine how many delegates the state sends to the U.S. Congress, as well as the general partisan make-up of that delegation. State legislatures are partisan beasts, and if one party is in control of the process they can draw boundaries to give themselves a numeric advantage over their opponents in Congress. This process is called gerrymandering.

This is a good read, wethinks, people:
YES! This is actually what the American voterbase would look like without crackpot GOP gerrymandering, peeps.

Write it down do you won't forget it, peeps!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Breaking!!! Fragile Internet Racists In Turmoil Over Black Lady Liberty Coin!

Our take? Given the history of human rights in Amerika? Lady Liberty should always be cast as an African-American woman with freshly-broken chains

Via the ever-inimitable "Wonkette Blog" one of yer blogmeister's all time favorites!
Here's a handy thumbnail summary of today's featured web article,, Peeps:
Imagine how sad your life has to be to fall into the throes of agony because there are people on coins you’re probably never going to use in your life that are not the same race as you! Or upon seeing a fictional character you thought was white being portrayed as a non-white person?
I mean, these people are always talking about how people on the left are all “crybabies” and “snowflakes” and what have you — but can you even imagine what they would do if they had to deal with 1/10th of what people who are actually oppressed go through? If they’re traumatized by a damn $100 coin that’s only going to be bought by collectors? They would fall down dead in a half hour, max.
Read the whole story, WCF Political Wonks:
Our take? Given the history of human rights in Amerika, Lady Liberty should always be cast as an African-American woman with freshly-broken chains.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Uniquely Utah: Mural Honoring Local Jazz Legend Unveiled in Ogden

Via Weber County Forum regular Winston Smith

"In my town! Love Joe McQueen":

OGDEN, Utah -- Last Friday night a crowd of roughly a hundred gathered in the cold to dedicate a mural to 97-year-old jazz musician and local legend, Joe McQueen.

Check it out, peeps!

Joe McQueen is the "Gold Standard," as Ogden Jazz musicians go, wethinks!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Weber County Forum''s Science Saturday Feature Makes a Belated Comeback

There's nothin' new under the sun, according to the old ax, NO?

The recent discovery of the grave of an ancient soldier is challenging accepted wisdom among archaeologists:
Ya think this week's heavy winter snow disproves "global warming?" Here: Check this story out:
Not to worry, people.  It'll be much warmer this summer in Weber County, we'll confidently predict.

And when our local climate finally warms up again in the 2017 springtime and summer, And once Mr. Sun starts shining again, here's a recent scientific discovery, of which lily-white Utahns ought to take note:
"The majority of people die from melanoma because of the disease spreading,"  Richard Neubig, a pharmacology professor and co-author of the study said. "Our compounds can block cancer migration and potentially increase patient survival,"  according the soon-to-said incredibly wealthy  Dr.Neubig added.

This science story is brand spankin new:
Our guess? A distant galaxy probably just got word about the US elections, and they will no doubt quarantine Earth's talking monkeys for the good of the universe

Here's another encouraging recent science story, for good measure:
"It's a very evocative scene which indeed resembles the Christmas nativity. But it predates it by some 3,000 years," said geologist Marco Morelli, director of the Museum of Planetary Sciences in Prato, near Florence, Italy,"

There's nothin' new under the sun, according to the old ax, NO?

Friday, January 06, 2017

So much for Benghazi: Congressional Republicans Hold Embassy Security Funding Hostage Over Israel’s Embassy

No word yet whether House member, Jason ''Benghzi Crybaby' Chaffetz will object to this bizarre GOP Senate maneuver

Too friggin' weird:

Three Republican Senators, including two former presidential candidates, have introduced legislation that will cut security, construction, and maintenance funds for American embassies throughout the world unless President-elect Donald Trump moves the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Read up, Peeps!
No word yet whether House member, Jason ''Benghzi Crybaby' Chaffetz will object to this bizarre GOP Senate maneuver.

Breaking! Trump Flip-flops, and Recants; Wingnuts of the Week Roundup

See? America's already becoming a Great Country
Face it, you dumbasses who voted for Donald Trump, Trump's a sleazy idiot; and he continues to break his campaign promises, lie to you,  and play you for lame fools you are.

Just another helpful hint from yer Old Pal Rudi.

Added Bonus:

See? America's already becoming a Great Country!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Utah Congressman and Koch Bothers Political Whore Rob Bishop Thinks Our Public Lands Are Worthless

If you live in, or love, the West because of the public lands, you are going to have to speak up in their defense in 2017

"Americans were outraged this week when House Republicans voted in secret to approve a rules change that would have prevented the independent Office of Congressional Ethics from investigating allegations of criminal behavior, allowed partisans to quietly shut down any ethics investigation, and barred disclosures of all this to the press.

What the public did not know was that the 43-page package of technical-seeming rule changes was filled with other, far more damaging things that clearly show why Republicans are so anxious to shut down the ethics office. Leading the pack of outrages was a provision written by Utah Representative Rob Bishop saying that transferring ownership of public lands belonging to all Americans “shall not be considered as providing new budget authority, decreasing revenues, increasing mandatory spending or increasing outlays.” What that means in English is that politicians like Mr. Bishop want it to be a matter of federal policy that there is no cost whatsoever to giving away our public lands for free—our national parks and monuments, national forests, wildlife refuges, and all the rest."

Read up, peeps!
"If you live in, or love, the West because of the public lands, you are going to have to speak up in their defense in 2017. The ethics office scandal temporarily delayed a vote on the package of rule changes, but Rob Bishop’s language is still in there, and it will be voted on soon."

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Helpful Graphic: How Different Snowfall Amounts Affect Different Regions in the USA

We thus humbly thank Ms. Morales for our ever-continuing merriment and mirth

As we contemplate this morning's frenzied Standard-Examiner weather warning (which never materialized, by the way), we'll segue into this fantastic photo graphic, which we harvested from one of our ever-clever Facebook Friends, the inimitable Christina Morales:

We thus humbly thank Ms. Morales for our ever-continuing merriment and mirth, LOL!

Daily Beast: Megyn Kelly Bails on Fox News After Helping Take Down Roger Ailes

Set Megyn up with a daily show on the floundering MSNBC cable channel, Puleese

Following Roger Ailes's recent, difficult  and untimely departure from media juggernaut Fox News, it seems that the Faux news crew is bracing for an additional embarrassing shakeup:
Our take?  NBC shouldn't waste Ms, Kelly, their new under-contract political capital, with the planned series of shows on their regular network channel, which nobody watches anyway. NBC execs should instead immediately install her with a regular show on the floundering MSNBC cable channel, wethinks.

Set Megyn up with a daily show on the MSNBC cable channel, Puleese.

I guarantee I'll tune in daily

Monday, January 02, 2017

Semi Breaking GOP News

We'll take this new development as an additional clue that the GOP majority in the House and Senate has no clue how to manage their new "Republican majority."

What a bummer, no, as  one days later, the house GOP immediately "backs down" from this crazy move, now that GOP Republicans come to their senses:
We'll take this new development as an additional clue that the GOP majority in the House and Senate has no clue how to manage their new "Republican majority."

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy 2017, People!

Too bad our favorite cultural icons have to die, ainnit? Maybe science will fin a cure in 2017

As an added bonus to yesterday's New Years Eve Special, here are a couple of items which we inadvertantly neglected to post yesterday:

1) Here's this year's Dave Barry post:
2) And here's a great graphic, honoring many of the great cultural icons who passed off the mortal coil in 2016:

Further Added bonus: We now link the sweet and heart-felt Jim Carroll Band paen to "people who died," recorded a few years before this great rocker also died in 2009:
Too bad our favorite cultural icons have to die, ainnit? Maybe science will find a cure in 2017

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