Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Safe Trick-or-Treating, Please

Make it a safe and sane Halloween night, folks

Happy Halloween everyone.  Hopefully you won't get skeered half to death like this poor schmuck during tonight's Trick and/or Treating:

And please heed this morning's advice from the Standard-Examiner, folks:
Make it a safe and sane Halloween night, people.

(Special thanks to my FB Friend "Bill," who provided the hilarious graphic.)

Big Court Hearing This Morning in Ogden's 2d District Court: Matthew Stewart Prelim Kicks off @ 8:30 a.m. - Updated

We're looking forward to commenting about any significant developments or nuances in this matter

Nearly 10 months since the original 1/4/12 Ogden City shootout, the long awaited Matthew Stewart preliminary hearing kicks off this morning in Ogden's 2nd District Court. Following a 7:45 a.m. Keep the Peace support rally, the three-day hearing is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m., in the "largest courtroom in Weber County."

The Standard-Examiner has been all over this story during the past couple of days:
We'll be closely following this story throughout these proceedings, of course, and will look forward to commenting about any significant developments or nuances in this matter.

Update 10/31/12 7:52 p.m:  Here's today's first post-day 1 preliminary hearing feedback, via the Help Matthew Stewart support site:
Nothing yet from either the Standard or the Trib.

Update 11/1/12 7:30 a.m.: The Standard follows up yesterday's stories with four new post-Day One Tim Gurrister writeups:
This morning's Salt Lake Tribune carries the story too:
Added bonus:  the S-E and Trib "message boards" are predictably goin' nuts.

Curious new facts emerge from the testimony to the effect that officers believed that Stewart's "house was a “grow house” with no one living there, just visitors tending the marijuana plants growing in the basement," which seems to fly in the face of the earlier-reported and obvious fact that officers knew that Stewart resided at the residence.

The hearing resumes this morning at 8:30 a.m.

Monday, October 29, 2012

VoteVets.Com: Donna McAleer, Candidate for Congress, Utah 1

Something to think about as the draft-dodging Rob Bishop continues to supplicate to the GOP war-mongers in Congress

Whoa! For those of us who proudly wore the uniform during the last few decades, and are concerned about having the draft-dodging Rob Bishop representing us in U.S. House District 1 for another two years, check out this item, wherein this prominent US veteran's group just roundly endorsed West Point grad/Class President and overseas military-duty veteran Donna McAleer for Utah Congressional District 1:
By comparison, can you see this fat-cat Bishop guy slugging it through boot-camp, let alone sweating out an overseas military tour as did Donna McAleer? That, of course, is something Bishop never did, even though he "came of age" during the Vietnam War Era, and continues to vote for America's seemingly endless wars for "nation bulding" and "oil":

Congressman "Rob" - Ready to Go Out to Pasture

Somehow we don't think so.

Something to think about, ainnit people, as Two-Tons-of Fun Bishop continues to supplicate to the GOP war-mongers in Congress, no?

One thing's for sure, and speakin' as an America Vet... Donna McCleer's got our vote.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Two Contenders for Utah Attorney General Offer Varied Experience

Don't be a tool of the Democratic and Republican establishments, who've essential rigged the system... Please join your blogmeister in voting for Andrew MCullough on November 6

In the interest of kicking off a little Sunday morning discussion on an otherwise slow political news day, well highlight this morning's Standard-Examiner story, putting the focus on the differences between Democratic Party candidate Dee Smith and GOP candidate John Swallow in the 2012 General Election Utah Attorney General race:
Informative though this morning's SE story is intended to be however, it unfortunately misses the mark and doesn't cover the full field of candidates running this year for Utah's A.G slot, which in truth includes three candidates... not two:

Attorney General
State of Utah - 4 year term
Candidate Website/Contact Info Campaign Finance Disclosures Party
Dee Smith Dee Smith Campaign Website Dee Smith 2012 Democratic
Andrew McCullough Andrew McCullough Campaign Website Andrew McCullough 2012 Libertarian
John Swallow John Swallow Campaign Website John Swallow 2012 Republican

That's right, folks, there's a superbly well-qualified Libertarian candidate running for Utah Attorney General, namely Andrew McCullough, A Utah Attorney who has more trial experience than candidates Smith and Swallow rolled together.

For more info on the Utah A.G. candidate whom the Standard-Examiner mysteriously left out of the discussion, check out Mr. McCullough's campaign website:
As an added bonus, we'll also link to an October 18, 2012 post from Mr. McCullogh's blog, which frames the general problem existing in our American "two-party system" (so-called), wherein legitimate third party candidates are all but completely squeezed out of the political discussion by default:
Andrew McCullough's been capably practicing law in a variety of arenas since candidates Smith and Swallow were still in knee-pants.

And if you're seriously concerned about civil liberties, a vote for McCullough ought to be a slam dunk choice, it seems to us.

Don't be a tool of the Democratic and Republican party establishments, who've essentially rigged the system. Please join your blogmeister in voting for Andrew McCullough on November 6.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Donna McAleer for U.S. Congress

The Standard gets back on the right track, with this morning's Utah 1st District Congressional endorsement

After yesterday's blunder, the Standard gets back on the right track, with this morning's Utah 1st District Congressional endorsement:
It's time to oust those misguided souls (like Bishop) who mindlessly kowtow to the "batsh*t crazy" Tea Party, wethinks.

Let Northern Utahns elect a "team player" for once, and, in that process, also get our U.S. Congress back on track.

Needless to say, we at WCF join in whole-heartedly with this morning's S-E endorsement.

Salt Lake Tribune: Howell Attacks Hatch’s Leadership in Final Debate

In the interest of keeping our WCF readers abreast of new developments in Utah's 2012 US Senate Race, we'll highlight this morning's Salt Lake Tribune story, reporting on yesterday's Orrin Hatch/Scott Howell debate:
Here's Mr. Howell's money quote:
Rocky Anderson has a better chance of being president than Orrin being chairman of the Finance Committee," Howell said. Anderson, the former Salt Lake City mayor, is running for president on the Justice Party ticket.
Mr. Hatch responds of course, that even if Obama is re-elected in November, and Hatch doesn't land the Senate Finance Committee Chairman job, "they have to run everything by me, and I have a lot of say and a lot of clout."

Sorry folks, we've feverishly searched the net for a recorded version of Friday's debate, but it's nowhere to be found, at present.

If it does pop up in the near future however, our gentle readers will be the first to find out.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Standard-Examiner Endorsement: Our View: Gary Herbert for Utah Governor

A simple case of journalistic schizophrenia, or a reminder that our local news media will never consistently play the part of a local watchdog, slaving to root out corruption in our Utah political system?

What a difference a day makes.  With only one day elapsed since we congratulated the Standard-Examiner for the wisdom of their endorsement of Scott Howell for US Senate, we now find this nonsense in Ogden City's morning paper:
Just to put it all in perspective, folks, check out this Salt Lake Tribune letter to the editor, which pretty clearly sets forth what we pretty much we'd thought to be everybody's view on Herbert, perhaps the most ethically-challenged Utah governor within memory:
And yes, folks, we devoted some WCF page space to this on 10/9/12.

Reminds us of the olden days when the Standard used to consistently endorse the most corrupt mayor in Ogden's history.

So what's up with the Standard-Examiner, folks?  A simple case of journalistic schizophrenia, or a reminder that our local news media will never consistently play the part of a local watchdog, slaving to root out corruption in our Utah political system?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Standard-Examiner 2012 Election Special

The staff of the Standard has been working their tails off putting this all together folks; and the effort shows

As we edge to within 10 days of the November 6, 2012 election, we'll direct our readers' attention to a robust collection of articles from this morning's Standard-Examiner Election 2012 Special Edition. The staff of the Standard has obviously been working their tails off putting this all together folks, and the effort shows. Read up, folks:
    Amidst all the above information pieces, The Standard also makes its first 2012 endorsement on this morning's editorial page, concerning the 2012 U.S. Senate race:
    Many of us have been saying for years that it's time to put Senator-for-Life Orrin Hatch out to pasture, and it's encouraging, we think,  to see the Standard leaping aboard that bandwagon.

    For further information about these candidates, and some others that the Standard left out, check out our Weber County Forum 2012 General Election Roster, which is also available in our right sidebar.

    Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    Third Party Presidential Debate Tonight - Updated

    Game's on at 7:00 (MT) via C-SPAN and the Free and Equal Elections Foundation's online live video feeds

    For those WCF political wonks who'd mistakenly thought the 2012 Presidential Debate dog and pony show was over, here's some interesting information from our old favorite, the C-SPAN website:
    Click to enlarge image
    Chicago - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    Four Third Party Presidential candidates are participating in a debate in Chicago, organized by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.

    The participants will include Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson. The hour and half event is being moderated by former CNN anchor Larry King and Christina Tobin, founder and chair of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.
    Game's on via C-SPAN at 7:00 (MT). Here's the link:
    Alternatively, we provide the Free and Equal Elections Foundation's own live video feed:
    We hope all WCF political wonks will avail themselves of the opportunity to hear the views of these non-mainstream, third party candidates.

    Update 10/24/12 9:00 a.m.: For those who missed last night's third party debate, here's a taped version via C-SPAN:

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    Third Presidential Debate - Serious Political/Sports Conflicts - Updated

    Just for fun as y'all contemplate this, we invite you to cast your vote in our new online poll

    Tough choices this evening for Weber County Forum political wonks who are also rabid San Francisco Giants fans (like us).  Due to the cruel serendipity of MLB playoff scheduling, tonight's one and only Major Sports playoff event which isn't inhibited by a nagging "game clock," (unlike Presidential debates) happens to run headlong into tonight's "Third (count 'em)  Presidential candidate debate."

    We have two MAJOR WORLD EVENTS happening at the very same time tonight, dangit.

    As soon as it's available, tonight's 2012 Presidential debate III will be coming up live on C-SPAN (Debate starts at 9 pm ET sharp): 
    Sorry, folks; you'll have to watch the NLCS on your mundane, old-fashioned TeeVee.

    So what about it folks?  1) Will you be watching the S.F Giants try to clinch the MLB National League 2012 title championship game tonight; or 2) will you glued into a relatively-important political debate where you'll finally be deciding which presidential candidate is the "lesser evil"?

    Just for fun as y'all contemplate this, here's our new online poll:

    The floor's open for whatever's on your minds, O Gentle Ones.

    10/23/12 9:00 a.m.:  We've rounded up a few notable post-debate stories and other items. Not everyone believes Obama was last night's victor:
      Added Bonus: Last night's WCF polling results:

      Comments, anyone?

      Sunday, October 21, 2012

      Salt Lake Tribune: Court Withholds Envision Ogden Documents

      Ogden activist Dan Schroeder hits dead end after long fight

      Bad news for Utah government transparency, folks, as the Salt Lake Tribune reports on the latest round in Dan Schroeder's protracted court quest to lift the veil of secrecy concerning the Envision Ogden scandal, pursuant to provisions of the Utah Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA).
      Although Trib reporter Cathy McKitrick provides an informative writeup concerning yesterday's disappointing court decision, we'll flesh out this story further, with this explanatory paragraph which we've lifted this morning from Dan's Facebook page:
      The judge ruled that most of the disputed records are exempt from GRAMA not due to any specific provision of GRAMA, but rather due to the constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Although the AG obtained Envision Ogden's bank records via a valid subpoena, which effectively said the seizure was reasonable for purposes of the investigation, the judge stated that making the records public, outside of the course of a criminal prosecution, would effectively make the seizure unreasonable. Furthermore, he ruled that this constitutional protection outweighs the admittedly valid public interest in learning more about what Envision Ogden did, and in learning more about the AG's investigation. Finally, the judge also ruled that some of the records are protected attorney work product, finding that those records contain evidence of attorneys' mental impressions, even though the State Records Committee found no such evidence and the AG basically described the records' content as factual. The judge did order the release of one two-page document, but from the sound of it, that document is merely the bank's cover sheet certifying that it was complying with the subpoena.
      As to the possibility of the taking this adverse decision up to Utah Court of Appeals, Dan adds this clarification: "I have no plans one way or the other regarding a possible appeal."

      We'll take that to mean he's keeping his options open.

      Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye on this story if and/or when it further develops.

      Saturday, October 20, 2012

      WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Southern Utah University - Updated

      The Wildcats haven't given up... and neither should we

      Our beloved but downtrodden Weber State Wildcats are once again back on the road this afternoon folks, where they'll step onto the gridiron at 1:00 p.m. to battle it out with the Big Sky Conference newcomer Southern Utah Thunderbirds' in Southern Utah University's Eccles Coliseum (Official motto: "Maybe not  the largest facility of its type, but... one of the nicest, among the FCS ranks").

      With four games remaining on the Wildcats 2012 schedule, our 0-4 in conference Wildcats still have hopes of finishing up this year with a breakeven .500 conference season; so there's still a good chance that our home town team will not close the 2012 season floundering in the Big Sky Conference cellar.

      Here's the pre-game skinny from each team's home town newspaper, the Standard-Examiner and the Cedar City Spectrum, respectively:
       Looks like the "fickle" Wildcats' "flagship" radio station (KZNS-AM "The Zone") has now bailed-out on weekly game broadcasts, but avid Wildcats fans can still catch the game the old fashioned way via KZNS-FM 106.9.

      And here's something special for true diehards who'd like to catch some live online streaming game video:
      We tried this last week; and despite the slight hassle of signing up for a free "pass," and downloading a couple of "helper" software apps (takes only a couple of minutes,) the audio and video quality is actually pretty danged good, so we'll highly reco this software setup for those folks who simply can't stand going another week without viewing Wildcats football.

      The 'Cats will  be playing out the rest of the season mainly for pride, people, but lets all show our continuing support.  The Wildcats haven't given up... and neither should we.

      Go Wildcats!

      Update 10/20/12 4:02 p.m.: Whoa! WSU  barely snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, almost blows a 21-16 fourth quarter lead, and yet still gets its first season win, after covering a SUU onside kick. Weber State 24, Southern Utah 22,  It wasn't a pretty win; but will take the Double-U. Whew!

      Update 10/21/12 8:30 a.m.: The Standard provides this post-game writeup:

      2012 Utah Senatorial Debate - Hatch v. Howell Reprise

      Listen up folks, as it's apparent Mr. Howell presents an attractive alternative in Utah's U.S. Senate Race

      Earlier in the week, we attempted to post the online video of's 2012 Utah Senatorial Debate, featuring incumbent GOP Senator Orrin Hatch squaring off against Democratic Party challenger Scott Howell, for what we expected (and proved to be) a quite lively confrontation. For reasons which still remain unclear however, that video was pulled from's server.  We're now delighted to discover this morning that this informative video is once again back up for on-demand viewing; so we accordingly embed the full video here once again:

      Watch 2012 Utah Senatorial Debate on PBS. See more from Utah Issues.

      Listen up folks, as it's apparent Mr. Howell presents an attractive alternative in this race, especially for those of us of all political stripes who've been swearing for years: "We need to get rid of Senator-for-Life Orrin Hatch."

      For for your future pre-election reference we've also placed this video in our right sidebar 2012 General Election module.

      Friday, October 19, 2012

      Salt Lake Tribune Endorsement: Too Many Mitts

      Surprise of surprises: The Salt Lake Tribune just endorsed Barack Obama for president

      Click to enlarge image
      Ouch!  From the point of view of the Mitt Romney campaign, this has gotta hurt!  In the event you've been off hiding in cave somewhere, here's the afternoon editorial which has set traditional news media and social networks all over the world all a-twitter.  The Salt Lake Tribune just endorsed Barack Obama for president. Read up, folks:
      And yep, this story has gone completely viral, according to this afternoon's Trib followup George Pyle column, (along with the non-Trib graphic we've embedded at the right of this WCF article):
      There'll be much weeping and gnashing of teeth in the Romney camp, we suspect.

      Of course Romney ain't doing so hot in his own home state of Massachusetts either, so perhaps this is actually no big deal, right?

      So what do our gentle readers have to say about all this?

      Thursday, October 18, 2012

      Election 2012: Expanding the Debate with Third-Party Candidates

      We're not laboring under any illusion that any of these third-party "hopefuls" have a "snowball's chance in hell" of winding up in the White House, but the word's around town that one or more of them could conceivably play a "spoiler role"

      In the aftermath of Tuesday's Presidential debate #2, we had a short conversation with one of our readers who offered a suggestion which we thought to be a great idea.  Inasmuch as most ballot-qualified U.S. Presidential candidates have been excluded from the national debate discussion by our so-called "2-party system," "why not shine the spotlight on the several non-major party candidates?" our alert and concerned reader asked.

      That's right folks. We'll lay odds that there are some of these folks (all of whom are qualified to appear on Utah ballots) are candidates you may have never even heard of:

      U.S. President
      Federal - 4 year term
      Candidate Website/Contact Info Campaign Finance Disclosures Party
      Virgil Goode & Jim Clymer Virgil Goode Campaign Website Virgil Goode 2012 Constitution
      Barrack Obama & Joe Biden Barrack Obama Campaign Website Barrack Obama 2012 Democratic
      Jill Stein, & Cheri Honkala Jill Stein Campaign Website Jill Stein 2012 Green
      Rocky Anderson & Luis Rodriguez Rocky Anderson Campaign Website Rocky Anderson 2012 Justice
      Gary Johnson & James Gray Gary Johnson Campaign Website Gary Johnson 2012 Libertarian
      Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Mitt Romney Campaign Website Mitt Romney 2012 Republican

      In that connection therefore, and taking advantage of the brief interlude before next Tuesday's Third Presidential debate, we'll provide a couple of links which our WCF reader provided us, just to make sure we've left no stones unturned as we ramp up to the November 6, 2012 General Election.

      For starters, here's a handy link, wherein the Democracy Now website "re-air[s] parts of [Tuesday] night’s presidential debate, pausing the videotape to give third-party candidates [Jill Stein of the Green Party, Constitution Party nominee Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson] a chance to respond to the same questions put to the major-party candidates":
      And there's another similar online event happening this afternoon, featuring Green Party candidate Green and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. Perhaps a few of our foamy-mouthed WCF political wonks will want to check it out:
      And no, folks.  We're not laboring under any illusion that any of these third-party "hopefuls" have a "snowball's chance in hell" of winding up in the White House; but the word's around town that one or more of them could conceivably play a "spoiler role".

       Have at it, O Gentle Ones.

      And whatever you do, don't neglect to throw in your own 2¢.

      Standard-Examiner: Ogden Opts to Bulldoze Blight

      7-Eleven will replace buildings on Washington

      By Smaatguy

      I am beyond PO'ed... A 7-11 is now the gateway to Ogden's Riverbend development and downtown area?!!! AND we the fine taxpayers of O-town are giving the developer (AKA "hot tubbers Inc.") a hundred grand to do it!
      What the &%$#??? The only one on the council that got it right was Amy Wicks:
      I have a real hard time giving somebody $100,000 to develop a 7-Eleven when we have somebody else just down the road, who on their own dime, demolished a building and built a convenience store,” she said. “I can’t support putting the funds toward a development that ultimately ends up with just a convenience store on the corner.
      Man if this isn't cronyism I don't know what is! So, we dish out $100k and get back $96k (supposedly) in the proposed budget and Brandon says it's essentially free to the city...since when is $4k free?

      It will be interesting to see where on the property the 7-11 actually goes...on the the middle on Washington?....there is more to this than meets the eye because that 7-11 isn't going to take up that whole site.

      Can't wait to see the 50 temporary construction jobs created by the demolition of the existing buildings and construction of a 7-11....the place should just be crawling with activity....

      Excuse me while I go regurgitate....

      Wednesday, October 17, 2012

      2012 Utah Senatorial Debate - Hatch v. Howell

      Open the video player to watch Utah's U.S. Senate candidates Hatch and Howell rip each other to shreds

      Just as we find seemingly ourselves up to our eyeballs in 2012 election debate videos, we'll throw a little more fuel on the fire with another one we've all been breathlessly awaitng, i.e., tonight's 2012 Utah Senatorial Debate, in which GOP Senator-for-Life Orrin Hatch squares off against Democratic Party challenger Scott Howell, for what's bound to be a very lively confrontation.

      This debate, "[t]he only televised debate for U.S. Senate in Utah will be broadcast statewide on multiple public broadcasting stations...  as part of the unique VoteUtah 2012 collaboration between Utah public broadcasting entities," (according to the website)  is set for broadcast tonight (Wednesday, October 17) at 9:00 p.m..

      We know all WCF political wonks are sitting on the edges of their seats... but why wait? To our great delight we've discovered that the recorded footage is already uploaded and available for on-demand viewing online. Click the "play" button on the video player linked below to watch these two U.S. Senate candidates rip each other to shreds, folks:
      Your always-politically wonkish comments are invited as per usual.

      Update 10/17/12 11:45 a.m.: Too funny.  The above linked video has been suddenly pulled from the website.  We guess our reader online previews were cutting into KUED's potential 9:00 p.m. viewership.

      Our apologies to the crass commercial and political interests in the public broadcasting industry for "jumping the gun" on this, LOL.

      Tuesday, October 16, 2012

      Obama/Romney Encore: 2012 US Presidential Debate No. 2 - Updated

      Click our special C-SPAN link, for those who'd prefer to "tune in" and view via the miracle of electrons bouncing back and forth through a "series of internet tubes"

      Click to enlarge image
      Joy of joys... President Obama and Mitt Romney once again get back on the stage tonight at Hofstra University for their second general election debate.  The stakes are high for both candidates tonight, folks, as Obama seeks to recover the political ground he lost thirteen days ago, (when he basically snoozed through the last unfortunate encounter.)  Romney now has his own new polling turf to to protect, of course; so he can't afford to sit on his... laurels.

      Tonight's debate will be broadcast on all the major TV networks, of course.  But for those who'd prefer to "tune in" and view via the miracle of electrons bouncing back and forth through a "series of internet tubes," here's a link to our hands down choice for Presidential debate viewing... the 99.9% talking head/political pundit-free C-SPAN Network:
      The debate starts at 7 p.m. Mountain Time, by the way, so you have plenty of time to get over to your local grocery stores to stock up on Orville Redenbachers.

      And just so's you won't be stuck twiddling you thumbs between now and the time debate moderator Candy Crowley brings the gavel down, here are a few carefully selected pre-debate stories to chew on in the meantime:
      Your ever-savvy comments are invited, of course, before, during and after tonight's debate.

      Update 10/17/12 8:00 a.m.: A few post debate items for our readers' consideration:
        Comments, anyone?

        Standard-Examiner: Lively Debate Between Bishop, Challenger McAleer Hits Jobs, Public Lands, Wars - Updated

        Coming up: Debate video

        Robust Charlie Trentleman writeup in the Standard this morning, providing a detailed account of last night's 1st Congressional District Rob Bishop/Donna McAleer debate:
        Read up, folks.

        We'll update this article with the upcoming video of course, as soon as it's available.

        Update 10/16/12 11:31 a.m.:  Check out this debate attendee  letter, which popped up on the SE site around 11 a.m.:
        And now the Trib is all over the story too:

        Monday, October 15, 2012

        10/11/12 Utah Gubernatorial Debate

        Incumbent GOP Governor Gary Herbert vs. Democratic Party challenger Peter Cooke

        Thanks to a tip from one of our sharp-eyed and alert Weber County Forum readers, we bring you the recorded video of last week's Utah gubernatorial debate, featuring incumbent GOP Governor Gary Herbert and Democratic Party challenger Peter Cooke, which was originally aired on KUED TV on October 11, 2012:
        video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

        For our readers' convenient future reference, we've also placed this video footage in our right sidebar election module.

        Listen up, folks... and don't let the cat get your tongues.

        Sunday, October 14, 2012

        Weber County Forum Political Events Roundup

        A comprehensive list of  2012 Utah general election debates, meet the candidates nights and other public political gatherings coming up in Northern Utah this week

        For those who missed this morning's televised Donna McAleer/Rob Bishop debate, we'll reel out a list of this week's 2012 General Election debates, meet the candidates events and other public political gatherings, for those WCF political wonks who'd still like to take a good look at these and the various other candidates prior to the November 6, 2012 election.

        1) From yesterday's Standard-Examiner:
        WASHINGTON TERRACE — The Weber County League of Women Voters is sponsoring a debate between Rep. Rob Bishop and Donna McAleer at 7 p.m. Monday at Pleasant Valley Library, 5568 Adams Ave., Washington Terrace.
        Bishop, a Republican from Brigham City, is running for his sixth term in the U.S. House of Representatives representing District 1, which includes most of the Top of Utah.
        McAleer, a Democrat from Park City, is a West Point graduate hoping to unseat him.
        Leah Murray, associate professor of political science at Weber State, will be the moderator.
        For more information, call 801-540-1282.
        2) From the Donna McAleer for Congress Facebook site concerning a Tuesday night event:
        Come meet the people running to represent YOU in YOUR governement. Ask questions. Find out where they stand on issues that matter to YOU. Come get direct asnwers from Donna McAleer instead of the run-around from her opponent Rob Bishop.
        The Weber Council PTA will be hosting all Federal and State candidates from both parties. Donna will be there. Hopefully, Rob Bishop will be there. The event is located in the cafeteria of Orion Jr HS in Harrisville.
        The night will begin with an open house at 6pm. Followin
        g a little mingling, each candidate will be given 2 minutes to make a statement. After opening statements, each candidate will be asked a series of prepared questions and given 1 minute to respond.
        Then the best part: the floor opens up to questions from the audience again with candidates given 1 minute reponses.
        The night closes with 2 minute closing remarks from each candidate.
        Please get all your friends to RSVP to this important event. Your voice matters.
        3) Via this morning's Standard-Examiner:
        BRIGHAM CITY — The public is invited to a non-partisan candidates meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Brigham City Community Center.
        This free event is sponsored by three local civic organizations to provide an opportunity for voters to hear and meet candidates in person before the Nov. 6 election.
        Candidates for Utah governor and attorney general, the Legislature, U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, Box Elder County Commission, State Board of Education and Box Elder Board of Education have been invited to attend. Most have indicated that they will participate.
        The format will allow each candidate a two-minute presentation on their qualifications and platform, after which written questions from the audience will be asked by the moderator. There will be time for voters to visit with candidates over refreshments following the formal portion of the meeting.
        Sponsors of the meeting are the American Association of University Women, Civic Improvement Club and Ladies Community Club.
        As an added bonus, check out Donna McAleer's most excellent "Upcoming Events" page on Facebook, which overlaps with the events set forth above, and also focuses on other pre-election events which are still coming up:
        Gotta compliment Ms. McAleer for her fancy footwork, in rounding up this still-growing list of important public campaign events for the benefit of we Northern Utah political wonks.

        KSL Television: 1st District Candidates Highlight Differences in Debate - Updated

        Taped video debate on the 9:00 a.m. "Sunday Edition" show with B. Lindsey

        For those WCF readers interested in more information on the 1st Congressional District race...

        U.S. Representative
        1st Congressional District - 2 year term

        Candidate Website/Contact Info Campaign Finance Disclosures Party
        Sherry Phipps Vote.Utah.Gov Candidate Profile Pending Constitution
        Donna McAleer Donna McAleer Campaign Website Donna McAleer 2012 Democratic
        Rob Bishop Rob Bishop Campaign Website Rob Bishop 2012 Republican

        ...Tune into KSL Channel 5 this morning at 9:00 a.m. for a taped video debate between Donna McAleer and Rob Bishop on the "Sunday Edition" show with B. Lindsey. Here's the KSL preview:
        Reader comments are invited before, during or after this morning's KSL program, of course.

        Update 10/15/12 7:50 a.m.: Watch the recorded debate video, which is now available online:

        Time to send Rob Bishop into retirement, we thinks.

        Saturday, October 13, 2012

        WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Sacramento State University - Updated

        Wildcats still have a chance to finish the season with a winning conference record.

        There's another crucial game on the Weber State Wildcats football schedule tonight, as the Wildcats go on the road tonight, to face Big Sky Conference powerhouse Sacramento State University in Sacramento.

        Here's the pregame setup from the Standard-Examiner and the Salt lake Tribune:
        And here's the the point of view from the Sac State Hornets' home-town newspaper, the Sacramento Bee:
        Why is this game "crucial," now that  the 0-6 Wildcats are now out of Big Sky Conference playoff contention?  Because with five games remaining on their schedule, our Wildcats still have a chance to finish the season with a winning conference record.

        Catch the game live on  106.9 FM.  Sorry folks;  it doesn't seem be readily available on the net.  Listen up the old fashioned way though; and don't give up on our Wildcats!

        Winning or losing, ya gotta love 'em.

        Why?  Because they're our Home Town Team.

        Update 10/14/12 8:05 a.m.: Final score, Sac State 19, WSU 14. The Stndard Examiner provides the post-game story:

        Science Saturday: October 13, 2012

        A few interesting science-oriented articles we gathered up this week while randomly Googling

        Time for yet another edition of Weber County Forum's ever-popular Science Saturday feature, we do believe.  In that connection, here are a few science-oriented articles we gathered up this week while randomly Googling, or otherwise prowling the net:

        1) A little something gleaned from frequent WCF contributor Dan S., who says, "Want to understand water? Just do the math...":
        This dovetails nicely with a topic which we've recently discussed at length on WCF, wethinks.

        2) A new theory gives the first mathematical solution explaining the birth or initiation of ball lightning using standard equations for the motion of electrons and ions:
        Thus the "poltergeist" theory finally gets relegated to the round file, we guess.

        3) More progress in the ongoing effort to build logic gates out of biological material. "Engineer Tae Seok Moon’s dream is to design modular “genetic parts” that can be used to build logic controllers inside microbes that will program them to make fuel, clean up pollutants, or kill infectious bacteria or cancerous cells":
        Remember... Shigella flexneri, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella are your FRIENDS, people.
        Engineer Tae Seok Moon’s dream is to design modular “genetic parts” that can be used to build logic controllers inside microbes that will program them to make fuel, clean up pollutants, or kill infectious bacteria or cancerous cells.

        Read more at:

        4) Last but not least, this amusing letter's well worth a read, concerning a physics student who admitted he did know the "conventional" answer to a test question, but said that he was fed up with high school and college instructors trying to "teach him to think."
        How's that for "thinking outside the box?"

        Thursday, October 11, 2012

        Big Vice-presidential Debate Tonight: Joe Biden v. Paul Ryan - Updated

        Demo Joe Biden enters the ring tonight for a live debate against GOP V.P. candidate Paul Ryan, winner of the WCF Eddie Muster lookalike contest

        Here's what we've all been waiting for, O politically wonkish WCF Readers, as street-hardened Demo incumbent U.S. Vice President Joe Biden enters the TeeVee ring tonight for a live bare-knuckle debate against GOP V.P. candidate Paul Ryan, incidentally the proud winner of the WCF Eddie Muster lookalike contest, btw.

        Here's the link to tonght's C-SPAN streaming video, which kicks off the live debate promptly at 7 p.m., Mountain Time:
        (Update: We've now replaced the live stream link with a recorded version.)

        Here are a few pre-debate web stories which we rounded up this afternoon whilst Googling, just to whet your political appetites:
        But in the meantime til the moderator's gavel goes down, what the heck?  Why not click the above C-SPAN link and tune into C-SPAN right now?

        Better yet, lodge your comments as tonight's V.P. debate unfolds.

        And who would like to speculate on tonight's prospectiv V.P. debate "winner," O Gentle Ones?

        Update 10/12/12 8:00 a.m.: We've now rounded up a few interesting post-debate writeups:
            Post-debate comments, anyone?

            Cal Grondahl has a good one too, LOL...

            Standard-Examiner/Cal Grondahl 10/12/12

            Salt Lake Tribune: McEntee: Dead Last is Not Where Utah Education Funding Should Be

            Time to wake up, Utah voters, and make public education funding your top issue this election year
            Students, parents, teachers and administrators know what public ed needs. Ultra-conservative lawmakers under the sway of the Utah Eagle Forum, the Sutherland Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council don’t, preferring to "bleed the beast" and grab as much power over the system as they can.
            It’s those legislators, and the executive branch, who ought to stop bragging about how great Utah is for transplanted companies and use their power to divert money from, say, defending doomed federal land grabs into public schools.

            Fine Peg McEntee column in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, raising an issue which ought to be paramount as the 2012 Utah General Election approaches:
             "How long, every Utahn should ask, can public education continue the largely excellent work it does without the unalloyed backing of lawmakers, the governor’s office, business owners and taxpayers?" Ms. McEntee queries.

            Time to wake up, Utah voters, wethinks. Time to send those wacko "ultra-conservative" Utah Eagle Forum, Sutherland Institute and ALEC-alegiant  looniebirds lawmakers back to the cheapskate private sector where they belong.

            If you care about the kids in Utah, and the quality of their public education, folks, you'll make public education funding your top issue this election year, or so it seems to us.

            That's our take; and we're stickin' to it.  Howbout you?

            Added nitwit GOP bonus:

            Wednesday, October 10, 2012

            Breaking News From the Standard-Examiner: Ogden River Improvements Benefit Area Anglers, Hungry Mink

            What's next for Ms. Mancuso? A membership in the Ogden Sierra Club?

            Breaking news from the Standard-Examiner this morning.  Here's the lede:
            OGDEN — One of the byproducts of Ogden’s efforts to make the Ogden River Parkway more welcoming may be that it has made the area more welcoming for mink.
            Not mink to make coats out of. These are common, American, fish-stealing mink. They are mink so aggressive, or hungry, they’re willing to play tug-of-war for a 13-inch brown trout.
            Marianne Mancuso played that game with a mink and lost. It was the fish or her tackle, she said, and the mink, all 15 inches of it — not counting the tail — won.
            Here's this morning's full S-E story:
            Hey waitaminnit... Marianne Mancuso? Where have we denizens of Ogden City heard that name before?

            O yeah... here:
            Congrats to the formerly misguided Ogden political activist Ms. Mancuso, we say. Rather than continuing to burn down the downtown Ogden Riverside neighborhood (her apparent earlier modus operandi), she's now mended her ways completely, and is volunteering to feed the ravenous minks along the Ogden River, we guess.

            What's next for Ms. Mancuso? A membership in the Ogden Sierra Club?

            Sidebar Reader Query: By the way, can we see by a show of hands how many of our savvy WCF brainiacs, especially those who actually angle on the Ogden River, really and truly  believe that Ms. Mancuso had a 15-inch Brown Trout ("not counting the tail," LOL) swiped from her hook by a hungry mink?

            Let's just say we have our doubts... and howbout vous, O My Fellow Fishermanpeople?

            Tuesday, October 09, 2012

            Salt Lake Tribune: Ogden Couple Fighting City to Keep Backyard Chickens

            Can we all agree that making chickens "illegal" is beyond stupid?

            Fascinating story of local interest in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, involving zealous Ogden City code enforcement officers, snooty city council members, possibly negligent realtors, faulty online ordinances and potential lawsuits:
            We believe Trib reader petragalazio sums it up best:
            Can we all agree that making chickens "illegal" is beyond stupid?  Get a grip, Ogden. Be actual Republicans and get out of the lives of your citizens.
            So what about it, O Gentle Ones? Should the Ogden City Council revisit this issue, and just "let the dude keep his chickens"?

            A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat to Ogden Councilwoman Wicks and Gochnour for their common sense. As to the other council members? A giant raspberry.

            In the interest of fairness, we believe the others need to do a little soul-serching seriously rethink this situation. This poor guy Macarthur’s getting seriously burned, thanks to the still-lingering Godfrey-style Ogden bureaucracy, in our never-humble opinion.

            And what say you, O Gentle Ones?

            Salt Lake Tribune Letter to the Editor: Reasons to Oust Herbert

            Don't muff the chance to send the most corrupt Utah governor within memory back to the private sector, where he can get back to schlepping real estate

            Short but sweet letter to the editor from the Salt Lake Tribune. "Top 10 reasons why Governor Gary Herbert does not deserve another term":
            We hope every Weber County Forum readers, Democrats, Independants and Republicans alike, will take a good, long look at Democratic Party challenger Peter Cooke, folks.

            If you're among the many Utahns who'd like to start rooting out corruption in Utah government, your vote for Cooke will be the ideal starting point.

            With Cooke, the Demos have nominated the most impressive gubernatorial challenger in years. Don't muff the chance to send the most corrupt Utah governor within memory (Herbert) back to the private sector, where he can get back to schlepping real estate.

            Seems to us that this choice is a no-brainer, no?

            Howbout you?

            Saturday, October 06, 2012

            Standard-Examiner: Meet Weber County Candidates on Monday Night

            Mark your calenders, folks... these WLCWC events invariably turn out to be exceptionally informative and lively

            In our relentless effort to keep our WCF readers fully abreast of all important local "meet the candidates" events arising prior to the November 6, 2012 Utah General Election, we'll put the spotlight this morning's Standard-Examiner announcement, which we incorporate in full, together with a few helpful links which we've added for your convenient reference:
            SOUTH OGDEN — The Women’s Legislative Council of Weber County will hold a Meet the Candidates night beginning at 6 p.m. Monday at the South Ogden Senior Center, 580 39th St.

            Candidates who will be speaking are Matt Bell and Corey Combe, Weber County Commission; Gage Froerer and Nickolas Velis, Utah House District 8; Jeremy Peterson and Neil Hansen, Utah House District 9; and Richard Greenwood and Benjamin Pales, Utah House District 12.

            Refreshments will be served*
            Mark your calenders, folks,  These boffo  WLCWC events invariably turn out to be exceptionally informative and even lively and invigorating.
            * Delicious and lovingly home-baked cookies and punch, assuming history repeats.

            WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Cal Poly Obispo

            Despite playing its best game of the season, Coach Sears' luckless 2012 football squad falls to 0-6

            More bad news for Weber State Wildcats fans this morning, as the Standard reports that despite playing its best game of the season last night in Stewart Stadium, Coach Sears' luckless 2012 football team fell to 0-6, after a second-half hammering by the visiting Cal Poly Mustangs. Final score, Cal Poly 45; WSU 23.
            Adding insult to injury this morning, the Standard reports that  WSU safety/punter Tony Epperson, one of the few bright spots on the 2012 WSU squad, tore his right MCL and will be effectively out for the balance of the season.

            "When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions," according to the Bard of Avon, and for the Wildcats football squad, this tidbit of wisdom could not be more true.

            Our hapless Wildcats squad now has two more chances to re-group, as "Weber State goes on the road for the next two weeks, travelling to Sacramento State next Saturday and facing Southern Utah in Cedar City the following week."

            Friday, October 05, 2012

            2012 General Election Update - Updated

            Gawd does your WCF blogmeister ever love politics! 

            Yikes! Just a mere 24 hours ago every pundit in the country couldn't stop gushing over Mitt Romney's debate performance. But now everyone is talking about how Romney wants to fire Big Bird.  Here's the post debate gist.  Let's start out with the clever graphics,  Rember People... especially in politics, a picture sez a thousand words (at the very least):

            Big Bird Ain't Goin' Down Easy
            Big Bird in a Soup-line? Say it won't be so, Mitt!
            Romney Family 2012 Thanksgiving Dinner?

            And here are a few Big Bird-topical articles for our ever-feverish WCF political wonks' discussion:
            It'll be pretty weird, won't it, if Mitt Romney's possibly ill-considered and off-cuff debate remarks about "killing off BigBird" might "kill" his election own this year, yes?

            Gawd does your WCF blogmeister ever love politics!

            Update 10/6/12 8:00 a.m.:  The Standard picks up where we left off on this story, with  this morning's Andy Howell Behind the Headlines column:
            "I guess the lesson here for politicians is, don’t use a pop-culture reference to back a negative position. You run the risk of your message being lost in the furor from an unintended audience," observes the ever-savvy Andy Howell.

            Thursday, October 04, 2012

            Utah Football: Utes Prepare for Historic Arrival of USC - Updated

            We'll keep the lights on for anyone who'd like to post comments about tonight's big game

            Big collegiate football game tonight, as your blogmeister's beloved undergraduate alma mater, the Utah Utes, come off a "bye" week, and launch into a historic gridiron battle (first time USC's played in Utah in 95 years) tonight against the number 13 BCS- rated University of Southern California Trojans right here at home in Eccles-Rice stadium this evening. Kickoff's at 7:00 p.m.  Don't get to the stadium late, lest all our crimson-clad Ute pals will already be fighting you for your seats.

            Lotsa hype for this game in the football webosphere:
            Watch the game tonight on ESPN (Comcast 35); or listen in on the ever-trusty  KALL-AM 700:
            The pre-game show's going on right now, by the way.

            We'll keep the lights on for anyone who'd like to post comments about tonight's game.

            Keep your ears peeled for the totally awesome and truly extraordinary USC marching band, btw, about whom Fleetwood Mac might be considered by some, with everything taken into account, to be a mere "introductory" backup band, heheheh.

            Update 10/5/12 11:45 p.m.:  Game final - Trojans over Utes 38-28.  The Trib's all over the story:
            Suffice it to say that the Ute's "baptism by fire" into the PAC-12 Conference has been a harsh awakening. Putting together a football team with the talent, durability and depth necessary to compete week-to-week in the Pac-12 is a problem many die hard Utes fans probably didn't initially appreciate, wethinks.

            Wednesday, October 03, 2012

            Big Debate Tonight - 2012 US Presidential Debate No. 1 - Updated

            Added Bonus: A few debate-topical  articles and stories which we've gathered up over the past few days

            Click to Enlarge
            There's a big (high stakes) duke-out happening tonight, concerning the 2012 US presidential election, or so we've heard from who else? Our beloved Standard-Examiner, that's who:
            For those who might be caught up in a work cubicle tonight, or hopelessly stranded up on an Ogden East Bench cliff with only an Android or iPhone device to feed your insatiable political appetites, here's a link to a streaming feed of tonight's debate, which kicks off promptly at 7 p.m., Mountain Time:
            (You can tune in now for pre-debate coverage, btw.) And just so's we can give ya'll a little something to chew on, prior to tonight's debate, here are some links to a few debate-topical  articles and stories which we've gathered up over the past few days:
              And for those of you wondering why we put up a debate link to the relatively staid C-SPAN website, amidst the plethora of other "pundit-abundant" sites which will be live-streaming tonight's debate, here's why, if you get our meaning (which we think you do):

              Major Network Debate Coverage Preview

              The great thing about C-SPAN? It's relatively moron/pundit-free!

              Update 10/4/12 8:06 a.m.: The New York Times carries this Michael D. Shear writeup, which quite accurately frames the post-debate story, wethinks:
              Gotta say we chuckled over this Bill Maher quote:
               “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter.” 
               A coupla "good ones" from
              The floor's open for your own post-debate observations, zingers and wisecracks, O Gentle Ones.

              Weber County Forum Wednesday News Roundup

              Council resolves to push for 24th Street freeway interchange improvements; and NASA gives ATK rocket scientists a giant "hug"

              Here are a couple of morning news items for general reader discussion, folks, which we've rounded up after a surprising amount of intense morning Googling.  Not exactly red-meat news, but still the kinda "chirpy," "good news" stuff we like to feature on Weber County Forum:

              1) Following on the heels of the Standard-Examiner's recent editorial nudge, the Standard reports this morning that the Ogden City Council passed a resolution in last night's meeting calling for the Utah Department of Transportation to get moving on a project which, for Ogdenites, has been sitting on the back burner for WAY too long:
              The Standard says "[v]isitors to 25th Street and other highly popular sites in Ogden should have the convenience of easy access west in the downtown area," and they're right. We'll add that we've always thought it weird (and mildly insulting) that UDOT only provides a fast exit from central Ogden. High time for UDOT to get off their thumbs and provide a fast and convenient route into our downtown hotspots, don'tcha think?

              2) Good news for the hard-working brainiacs at ATK this morning, as the Deseret News announces that "NASA is giving a big pat on the back — and a big chunk of money — to the rocket builders at ATK":
              It was only about a month ago that we expressed our concern that ATK was being given the NASA "bum's rush;" so we're happy to see that ATK's still in NASA's good graces and still in the Mars Mission hunt.

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