Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gotta Admit I'm Feeling a Mite Sorry for My Old Pal, Matthew Bell

Gotta admit I'm feeling a mite sorry for my old pal, Matthew Bell, who was a friggin' kingmaker just a coupla years ago, when he served as Weber County GOP County Chairman.  After that, he generated his own election to the Weber County Commission, a position which was none too secure, so it would seem.  Now he's off into the Ozone layer.
How the mighty have fallen, NO?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weber County Forum Endorses Caitlin Gochnour for Weber County Commission - Updated!

Farewell to the Weber County GOP "Good Old Boy's Club," we hope

The Standard's Doug Gibson has the original story:
And surprise of surprises, here's the latest weird update, concerning the further total wierdness of Weber County GOP politics, wherein convention loser candidate Brad Dee inexplicably urges Caitlin Gochnour to withdraw from the commission race:
We confess we're wondering what happened to Commissioner Matthew Bell, who folded like a cheap suit, under threat of Dee's Saturday's not-so-crippling County Convention candidacy.  Nevertheless, Mr. Bell also urges Ms. Gochnour to withdraw from the commission race, just as the cowardly incumbent Bell did:

Under current Utah Law, our favorite Weber County County Commisswioner Candidate, Caitlin Gochnour, is now poised to become our next Weber County Commissioner.

Farewell to the Weber CountyGOP "Good Old Boy's Club,." we hope

Weber County Forum thus endorses Caitlin Gochnour for Weber County Commission, we do say!

Go, Caitlin, GO!

Update 3/22/16 11:43 AM: Undeterred by crackpot Weber County GOP political hacks urging her to "obey" the Crackpot Weber GOP,  Caitlin Gochnour, WCF's favorite commission candidate, launches her own uninhibited 2016 County Commission campaign:
Bravo, Mrs Gochnour!

Breaking: Huntsman Family Buying The Salt Lake Tribune

Thank you Mr Huntsman for keeping the Trib around for everyone!

Fantastic news from the Salt Laker Trib's Tony Semarad this morning. Here's the lede, Peeps:
The Salt Lake Tribune is being purchased by the Huntsman family, the newspaper's top editor, Terry Orme, said Wednesday.
Digital First Media executives, who manage Utah's largest daily for hedge fund Alden Global, confirmed they have entered into a purchase agreement with Paul Huntsman, son of Utah industrialist-philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr.
The sale price has not been disclosed.
In a statement released on news wires, Paul Huntsman said the family was "honored to be stewards" of Utah's largest newspaper.
"It is important that The Salt Lake Tribune continues in its indispensable role for our community and to be locally owned," Huntsman said. "We hope to ensure The Tribune's independent voice for future generations and are thrilled to own a business of this quality and stature."
Here's the full story folks:
Thank you Mr Huntsman for keeping the Trib around for everyone!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Salt Lake Tribune: Judge Upholds Signature-gathering System Despite Utah Republicans’ Protests

Via the Salt Lake Tribune: 
A federal judge has upheld a new political nominating system that allows Utah Republican candidates to bypass the party's caucus and convention system in favor of gathering voter signatures instead — dealing a defeat to the state GOP.
U.S. District Judge David Nuffer's ruling Friday evening comes a week before the Utah Republican Party is set to choose candidates for Congress, governor and other offices at its convention.
Nuffer said the change "doesn't interfere with the state GOP's constitutional rights and is a legitimate action by the state to manage elections."
Judge upholds signature-gathering system despite Utah Republicans’ protests

ES@D,  James EVANS.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Latest Employment Deal Gave Dee Another Retirement Package

Happily, Greedhead Dee already has some serious opposition in his Commision run, including the ever-resourceful former Ogden City Council member Caitlin Gochnour

At the risk of appearing to be asleep at the switch, we'll belatedly resurrect Monday's most excellent Mark Shenefelt story, alerting the people of Weber County to another Weber County Government player, who's nipping at the heels of the legendary Jon Greiner, as possibly Weber County's most succesful goverment retirement "multiiple dipper -leaches."

Read up, Peeps!
Happily, Greedhead Dee already has some serious opposition in his Commision run, including the ever-resourceful former Ogden City Council member Caitlin Gochnour, whom Weber County Forum is now poised to aggressively support, especially in the interest of putting this sixty-five year old greedhead yeehew (Dee) out to pasture where he belongs.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

D-News: Utah Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Disputed State Election Law

Fascinating Utah Elections story in this morning's Deseret News, of all places.

Here's the lede, peeps:
SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Supreme Court justices poked at the Utah Republican Party's interpretation of a controversial new state election law in a hearing Monday as hundreds of candidates work to get on the primary ballot.
Though lawyers for the GOP, Utah Democratic Party or the state didn't want to read the tea leaves afterward, questions from Justices Deno Himonas and Christine Durham might signal where the court is headed.
Republican Party attorney Marcus Mumford argued that the state can't tell political parties how to select their nominees for public office.
"This statute doesn't do that," Durham said.
Read up, WCF political wonks:
Who wants to bet that the entrenched Utah political parties will NOT get creamed in 2016, despite the Utah Supreme Court's obvious wisdom?

Monday, April 04, 2016

Why Food Stamps and Free Tuition Don’t Have Anything to Do with "Satan’s Plan"

Don't be dumbasses, my fellow Mormans!!!

Now that the 2016 Utah political campaigns are in full swing, Utah Mormons are having their quadrennial debate about whether or not social programs like Pell Grants, food stamps, and subsidized housing are tools of the devil. According to one common 21st Century Mormon philosophy (which has been kind of dominant on my Facebook feed recently), this kind of income redistribution FORCES us to give to the poor, thus TAKING AWAY OUR AGENCY and denying us the blessings that would come if we CHOSE to give to the poor like God wants us to. You can use persuasion to convince people to be charitable, but don’t use compulsion, BECAUSE THAT’S SATAN’S PLAN!!!!!

Read up on at least one of  the solid counter-arguments, my Mormon Crackpot Jackesses Friends:
Don't be dumbasses, my fellow Mormons!!!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Attention, Utah/American Republicans

Here's our short but sweet opinion. peeps, neatly set forth and packaged under a clever graphic "meme":

This is a severe GOP problem, wethink,. We'll rely on what's left of the Post Cruz/Trump Republican party to explain themselves, in this post-GOP world, of course..

GOP Jackasses;  [Insert your crackpot GOP gibberish here]

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