Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weber County Forum Housekeeping Note: Info Our New Disqus Comments System "Upgrade"

Added Bonus: Alternate browser download links for users of obsolete Internet Explorer versions

For the information of all of our Weber County Forum readers, we'll refer to yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune story, reporting on this week's global  "Disqus Comments System upgrade," which not only effects Tribune and Weber County Forum readers, but over 700 million other people on hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide.  The Trib helpfully provides a good overview, which touches upon most of the important points; so we invite you to take a look:
For Internet Explorer browser users, we learned yesterday that there's one additional glitch; namely that the new Disqus is apparently incompatible with IE Explorer version 8 and below. We've tested it with versions 9 and 10 and it works just fine, but for the 10% of our readers still using older (and therefore technically obsolete) IE versions, unfortunately, comments-wise you'll be left out in the cold. We've already contacted Disqus support to find out whether there's an easy fix; but here's what those are not using the latest Internet Explorer versions can do in the meantime:
  1. Load WCF in another more Disqus-friendly browser which is already loaded to your hard-drive; Chrome, Firefox and Safari already work just fine; or,
  2. Download and use ether of these browsers, each of which we believe to be head and shoulders over Bill Gates' IE product on all counts. Both of these are free and take just a few minutes to install, upon clicking the snazzy blue buttons below:

Frankly, once you've made the switch, we're confident you'll never go back. For your blogmeister's own part, "he" hasn't used Internet Explorer as his "default" browser in years.

And we'll once again reiterate that in recommending these alternative browser downloads, we're addressing an issue which will only effect a limited number of our WCF readers.  Nevertheless, we'd like everyone to enjoy a seamless WCF experience.

That's it, folks. Your comments and other remarks are cheerfully invited, of course.

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