Monday, November 16, 2015

Alliance for a Better Utah Lobbies to Impeach "Crackpot" Utah Judge

Jackass Judge Johansen needs to go

This morning, the Alliance for a Better Utah asked the Utah Legislature to begin impeachment proceedings against crackpot Utah 7th District Judge Scott Johansen.... and launched a web-based citizen petition on
Let's remove Idiot Judge Scott Johansen
First good Utah political news your blogmeister has heard in at least a week. Nuff said, so far Finally... after being off the grid with zero amounts of Red Meat News  for over a week, Your CANNY Weber County Forum posts "zero out" all crackpot GOP posts, of course,


Lets just say that mere words can't express your blogmeister's sheer distaste for Utah politics.

Update 8:00 P.M: Happily, there's progress in this matter:
Next obvious step for this moron? Resignation.

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