Monday, December 21, 2015

For Republicans, Bigotry is the New Normal

Check your party registration, Sane Utah Republicans

Top-notch Wapo OpEd, submitted for re-publication via long-time WCF reader/contributor Ozboy.  "An interesting editorial in today's Washington Post, about Republican perfidy.  Might make a good piece for the WCF," the ever politically savvy Ozboy sez, in a rare instance of understatement.  Wethinks Ozboy doth not steer us wrong however. Check it out, folks:
Added bonus:  Ozboy also submits this additional gem for your consideration, folks:
Media Matters "nails it" in summary, wethinks:
Fear-mongering and raw xenophobia were once the hallmarks of fringe candidates. Today the fringe candidates have stormed center stage, brandishing their zeal and hyperbole and, disturbingly, dragging the mainstream along with them.
Check your party registration, Gentle Utah Republicans, now that the American GOP has become the official party of fascism and hatred.

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