Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Longtime Weber County Employee Jim Harvey Files as Commissioner Candidate

Vote wisely in November, PEEPS!

Too Kewl!!!  With another election looming in November of this year, it looks like we already have a battle royal pending in the 2016 Weber County Commission race:
OGDEN — A familiar face in Weber County just threw his hat into the political ring.
Ogden resident Jim Harvey filed his intent to run as County Commissioner, challenging one-term incumbent Matthew Bell....

Both Bell and Harvey are Republicans, so the intraparty challenge could ignite this year’s primary season in Weber County. Both candidates have declared their intent to gather signatures, a new path to the primary that is currently being challenged in federal court. Both also intend to tread the traditional caucus/convention trail to try to secure their party's nomination.
Read up Peeps!
Vote wisely, People!

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