Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Standard-Examiner: Jim Harvey Wins the Weber County GOP Primary with 56 Percent

Sour grapes on our part? YEP!

Bad news for Weber County Commissione candidate Caitlin Gochmour fans this morning, as set forth in the groovy graphic below:

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Here's the sad story, folks, via yeoman SE reporter Cathy McKitrick, in written form:
Our positive takeway on this? Caitlin scored 44% of the primary election vote, as opposed to 20% in the crackpot Weber County GOP County nominating convention.

Thus, however, Weber County will nevertheless have yet another "good ole boy" GOP commissioner, with more "chins" than a Chinese phone book, inasmuch as the Weber County Democrats failed and refused to nominate a Weber County Commision candidate.:

Sour grapes on our part? YEP!

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