Saturday, December 31, 2016

Weber County Forum 2017 New Year's Eve Special

Taking all of the below into account, have a happy 2017, Weber County Forum Readers!

Thanks to our ever sharp-eyed and alert Facebook friend Michelle Palmer Hischi, here's an abbreviated list of the great "souls" of our "material world, who checked off the "Mortal Coil" ln the year 2016:

Yer blogmeister is rooting for San Francico, California, BTW::
Added bonus, via the Washington Post:
So sorry, Trump nitwits, as you stand by your Crackpot Politics, and turn America spinning into ruin;
Great New Years graphic, by the way:

Taking all of the above into account, here's hoping your Mormon food supplies are fully in place!

And remember, people, the lessons of my generation, learnt back in the sixties,when we had "hide under your desk drills"  to avoid nuclear holocaust." It's all still relevant.  now that this saber-ratting Dumbass president-elect Trump is about to be annointed  as "Dear Leader" on January 20:
Otherwise... have a happy 2017, Weber County Forum Readers!

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