Saturday, July 29, 2017

Standard-Examiner: Backyard Chickens Could Help Stack the Next Ogden City Council

Backyard Chickens? Yes or no?

Backyard Chickens?
Happy Days Ogden City residents! As our 2017 Ogden City Council races to propel toward our August 15, 2017 Primary, it seems that a palpable Ogden City election issue has now emerged.

We'll turn to today's Standard-Examiner story to flesh this new development out:
C'mon, peeps. Check out our Weber County Forum 2017 Ogden City candidate roster page, to find out which Ogden City Council candidates oppose/support allowing backyard chickens in Ogden City:
And whatever you do, Ogden City residents, DO NOT FORGET to submit your mail-in ballots!

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