Thursday, December 14, 2017

Weber County Commissioner Kerry Gibson Facing Ogden Police Investigation

Wow, just Wow, Weber County Forum readers! On Tuesday, Standard Examiner readers got this surprizing story from our home-town Standard-Examiner newspaper:
And now today, Thursday 12/14/17 we find this even more interesting eyefull on the SE's hard-copy front page, interestingly co-authored by Ace Reporter Cathy McKitrick:
Sodden question, folks! How much trouble is alleged fifth-generation farmer, and ex-state legislator Kerry Gibson actually in?

With the wonderful Ms. McKitrick now on the story, we're certain we'll find out VERY SOON!

Update 12/15/2017: Here's the latest on this semi-fast-developing story. Weber County Peeps:
This blockbuster story gets interestinger and intrestinger, dunnit?

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