Thursday, December 13, 2018

Utah Restaurants, Nightlife and Law Enforcement Prepare for .05 DUI Law to Take Effect

Ignore the advice of the Downtown Alliance. Just stay home.

Watch out, Gentle Readers. Utah's new .05 blood alcohol standard kicks in on Dec. 30 at midnight Here's the story lede, folks!
SALT LAKE CITY — On Dec. 30 at midnight, Utah will have the nation’s toughest anti-drunk driving law.
The blood alcohol level will be lowered from .08 to .05. Hospitality and tourism groups are trying to mitigate any negative impacts by pushing a new campaign to remind people they can keep drinking — just leave the car at home.
“Yes, we have some concern, but Utahns are smart and certainly because you go out socially doesn’t mean you can’t be smart,” said Samantha Julian, the deputy director of the Downtown Alliance.
Check out the full Fox13 story here, Peeps:
Check out these handy charts, to estimate your blood/alcohol level:
For the technically inclined, try this online calculator:
Face it folks. If you're a small woman, or a light-weight man, you'd better not get behind the wheel, even after a single multi-liquor cocktail.

If you can't even "catch a buzz," what's the point in going out? Our suggestion? Ignore the advice of the Downtown Alliance. Just stay home. Let the Utah hospitality industry fight it out with the Utah State Legislature until the ridiculously low standard has been fixed.

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