Saturday, October 10, 2015

Democratic Congressman Posts Craigslist Ad for a New GOP Speaker of House... Go Wildcats!

Here's hoping you tuned in to the Wildcats game 'Cats fans

Following up on our earlier topic, we can't resist posting this:
Chew on all this whilst you enjoy tonight's football games.

Weber State is up 21-14 over Montana as we post this.  Who knows?  Maybe some of you folks might want to tune in?
Update 10/12/15 8:00 a.m.:  Here's hoping you tuned in to the Wildcats game 'Cats fans:
SE sprorts reporter Brandon Garside is ecstatic:
Nice neck-snapping segue, yes?

Go Wildcats!

Update 10/12/15 11:55 a.m.: After Saturday's win at Montana, Weber State has two Big Sky Players of the Week:

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