Thursday, October 22, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Public Records Battle Shows Dirty Political Money, Clean Getaway

Professor Schroeder: "!t’s nice to have some closure on this."

Pursuant to The Utah Supreme Court's August 25, 2015 ruling, Petitioner/Appellant Dan Schroeder is now in possession of the documents "ordered disclosed," in the exceedingly long-running Envision Ogden GRAMA matter. Standard-Examiner reporter Cathy McKitrick provides the story, beneath this lede, "contained in this Dan Schroeder statement sent Tuesday, Oct. 20":
“Records recently released by the Utah Attorney General’s Office clearly show what local activists long suspected — that the mysterious entity Friends of Northern Utah Real Estate, which was used to hide the origin of more than $20,000 in campaign contributions during Ogden’s 2007 municipal election, was operated by Blain Johnson, the local real estate attorney who was elected to the city council in that race.”
Dr. Schroeder's entire October 10 statement, including attachments, is viewable here What an eye-opener, no?:
Read Ms. McKitrick's blockbuster followup, folks:
Don't neglect the SE reader comments section, wherein  Ogden City Watchdog Professor Schroeder provides a robust series of further detailed factual additions and clarifications.

We're grateful for Dan's herculean efforts in this matter, and we join him in his post litigation assessment:
“The statute of limitations has expired, so [no legal charges] can be brought,” Schroeder said Tuesday, Oct. 20. “But it’s nice to have some closure on this. My goal has always been to get the story out there to anyone who is interested.”
Bravo, Dan Schroeder!

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