Thursday, May 26, 2016

Big Doins Tonight: Weber County Commission Candidates Debate - Updated

Check back in around 6:30 p.m. tonight, as we'll try to feature tonight's Standard-Examiner live-stream.

Big doin's in the Weber County Commision race this evening, as Weber County Commission candidates Caitlin Gochnour and Jim Harvey battle it out in tonight's debate.
The Standard has at least one great pre-debate story about this,  Read up, Peeps:
Added bonus: Sorry about the crappy video quality, folks. I'll keep it linked, however, in the hope that Youtube will issue a proper recorded version, soon. Update 5/31/16: Happily, The Standard has uploaded a cleaned-up version:
Update 5/28/16 10:00 pm:  At risk of engaging in seeming overkill on this topic; Here's an excellent post-debate report from the Standard's Cathy McKitrick, highlighting some of  the high and low points of Thursday night's Weber County Commission Debate:
Carry on, people...

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