Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weber State Football Game Day Thread - Weber State Visits Idaho State, with an FCS Playoff Spot on the Line -U-pdated

Update: Clark throws for 318 yards, 2 TDs; Weber St. tops Idaho St.

There's a big WSU Football game scheduled for this afternoon, Wildcats fans, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Weber State could get an FCS playoff berth, depending upon today's game outcome. Read up, Wildcats fans:
Ogden's own newspaper (The Standard) has nothing to say about this, although they have no fewer than SIX WSU basketball stories up on their lame website this morning.

Here are a couple of other football game story links, WSU Peeps:
LOL, eh Cats Fans?

Update: Better late than never, the Standard's asleep at the wheel although Class-Act Brandon Garside provides some classy  excellence to his belated pre-game write-up so far:
Just turn on the friggin' video, via Big Sky, or simply listen to the audio on KLO Radio 1430 AM

Kickoff: 2:30 p.m. MT.

Go Wildcats, GO!

Game updates:

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