Monday, March 06, 2017

Breaking: Food-tax Hike is Dead in Utah’s Legislature - Updated

Other tax, fee proposals still alive with three days remaining in legislative session, however

Via Utah State Senator James Dabakis: "Yay! Sales tax on food DEAD! You guys did it!"

Here's the Salt Lake Tribune story, Peeps:
Hold onto your wallets, however. Other big tax increases, such as hiked gasoline taxes, alcohol taxes, telephone taxes and a hike in drivers license fees remain on the Utah legislative docket, before our big-taxing GOP legislature brings down the closing gavel at the close of the 2017 Utah legislative session on Thursday night.

Read up!

And keep on voting Republican, Sheeple.

Update 3/7/15 12:00 pm: Let's highlight today's Standard-Examiner's strong editorial on the subject of a prposed Utah food tax:
"Utah’s poor caught a break. But as close as Republican leaders came to succeeding this time, they’ll return with a similar proposal in 2018".
We can’t allow the next Legislature to use Utah’s poor as a revenue stream," so sez the SE editorial board.

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