Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Breaking: Utah's Jon Huntsman to Be Trump’s Ambassador to Russia

Поздравляю, товарищ Охотник, Russian U.S. Ambassador, John Huntsman!

Too Funny! Despite this earlier Donald Trump twitter B.S.,  it appears that erstwile President Trump has had a change of heart, and picked our beloved former Utah Governor John Huntsman to be his U.S. Ambassador to Russia!

Here's the full story, folks!
As Utahns with reasonably long memories will recall, former Utah Governor Huntsman also served as US. Ambassador to China, during which time he reportedly became "fluent in (Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien) Chinese", although at least one particularly nasty anti-Mormon website seems to dispute this.

Given Governor/Ambassador Huntsman's already-demonstrated  facility with language, we'll just say this to the USA's new Russian Ambassador, whom we'll assume will be "fluent in Russian" in no time.
Please post a return comment, Mr. Russian Ambassador Huntsman, once you've finished the State Department's CIA-sponsored "Crash Course Russian Language/Spy School"

Thanks in Advance, Ambassador Huntsman!

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