Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 Weber County General Election Candidate Roster

Check our election sidebar module for periodic updates

Greetings, O Weber County Forum Readers. As Labor day approaches on September 1, the drop-dead date for serious 2014 General election campaigning, we're delighted to offer the latest feature to our right sidebar 2014 Election Module at least a week early.  So far we've invested +/-13 hours in googling and coding toward this project.  So we hereby cheerfully invite you to check it out::
This page remains still under construction folks, inasmuch as it still presently lacks the Local School Board and Weber County Elected Officials'  Campaign Finance Disclosure numbers, which we'll fill in around Tuesday, October 28th, when the these first financial reports come due.  As for the Federal Election Commission numbers for the First Congressional District... trust us...they'll be coming up soon.

Click the link above, for the very best (and most complete) 2014 Weber County Candidate roster in the meantime.

If you're a Weber County candidate, or a supporter of a good Weber County political candidate, by the way, we hereby invite you to send your candidate links here:
If you snooze, you lose, BTW.

And yes, Weber County Forum readers, we've also planted this phenomenal web feature in our right sidebar 2014 Election Module, of course.  You know... for future reference.

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