Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weber County Forum Saturday Morning Backburner Cleanup

We'll rely upon our WCF readership this morning to wax on about the meaning of all this

Due to the dismal dearth of nutritious local red meat political news popping up on the web this morning, we've dredged up a couple of interesting items from the Weber County Forum back burner, both of which are worthy of our readers' attention, wethink:

1) The Salt Lake Tribune reported on Tuesday that "[t]he board of the Sutherland Institute, the state’s most prominent conservative 'think tank,' has asked its longtime president, Paul Mero, to resign after long-simmering disputes apparently reached a head":
"Stanford Swim, chairman of the board of the Sutherland Institute, will serve as acting CEO until a new president is chosen."

Mero's apparent defect:  Not quite wacky enough to suit the "extremists" of  the Sutherland Institute?

2) Following up on our 7/28/14 story, wherein we reported that Rocky Mountain Power was in the process of sticking thrifty Utah solar panel users with a $5/month "sun tax," we were delighted to learn yesterday from the Trib that  this lame-brained proposal has been at least temporarily deep-sixed.

"Utahns with rooftop solar panels won’t face a new fee from Rocky Mountain Power after the Utah Public Service Commission ruled Friday that the utility company failed to prove such a charge is "just and reasonable," the Trib's Matt Canham And Brian Maffly report:
Although "... this contentious debate pitting the state’s largest electric company against environmental groups isn’t going away, [inasmuch as] [t]he Commission is open to revisiting the issue as long as Rocky Mountain Power can provide some hard data proving these customers should be treated differently than others who just use less energy than the average family,[r]enewable energy advocates are [nevertheless] hailing the ruling as a major victory," and quite rightly wethink.

For the moment, at least, we'll also hail it as a victory for good old-fashioned common sense.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.  We'll rely upon our WCF readership this morning to wax on about the meaning of all this.


Ozboy said...

The ultimate oxymoron - Paul Mero & the Sutherland institute being defined as a think tank!

rudizink said...

Yeah. it's more like a "stink-tank," in my never humble view.

Marko said...

Well... I barely know where to start; but here goes:

1) Sutherland institute sucks, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. With or without Paul Mero, Sutherrland Institute will continue to suck mightily. Nothing new here: move on, Rudy.

2) Mark my words: Rocky Mountain Power will soon be back with new arguments. Soon, Rocky Mountain Power (and buggy whip manufacturers) will get new consumer "fees" from the Utah Utah Public Service Commission.

rudizink said...

Great to see you back posting on Weber County Forum, Ozboy, now that you've apparently recovered from you political "Coma," LOL!

blackrulon said...

Are men eligible to join the Eagle Forum? Or at least consider challenging Becky Lockhart for head of the Utah School board

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