Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Utah Legislative Update: Will Sen. John Valentine's "Batty Brainchild," the Notorious Zion's Curtain, Be an Early Casualty of the 2015 Utah Legislature?

So what about it, Gentle Readers? Will it soon be "curtains" for Utah's hilarious and embarrassing "Zion's Curtain"?

As a followup to Friday's WCF story, reporting on Senator John Valentine's announced retirement from the state legislature, we asked the compound questions:
So what do you think, folks? Will Valentine's "batty brainchild," the notorious Zion's Curtain, be an early casualty of the 2015 Utah Legislature? Or does the 800 lb Gorilla already have another legislative lackey lined up to fill Valentine's shoes?
Seems we're not the only online source asking these questions.  Here's yesterday's strong Standard-Examiner editorial, wherein the editorial board recognises the opportunity, and urges the state legislature to seize the moment:
Our hope is that with Valentine’s leaving, the Zion curtain will be opened and Utah’s liquor laws will be appropriately liberalized. It makes no sense to target law-abiding persons who wish to enjoy a drink in Utah with overly moralistic restrictions that make them appear to be unsavory folks. We urge legislators to tear down the curtain and make liquor laws here reflect the rest of the nation.
Read up, folks:
And here's a little something from the Deseret News, wherein DNews reporter Dennis Romboy presents a fairly decent thumbnail overview of the possibilities in a 2015 post-John Valentine Utah legislature:
According to the above DNews story, Rep. Kraig Powell, R-Heber City offers a proposal which appears promising, we think, something which ought to appease competing legislative interests:
[Powell] intends to re-introduce a bill in 2015 that gives restaurants the option to keep the partition or post a sign that reads: "This establishment dispenses and serves alcoholic products in public view."
So what about it, Gentle Readers?

Will it soon be "curtains" for Utah's hilarious and embarrassing "Zion's Curtain"?


blackrulon said...

There will be no serious changes to Utah liquor laws unless the unelected legislature at North Temple gives permission. Over the years any serious changes were submitted to LDS leaders for their approval. Rep Wilcox did not submit a bill to remove the Zion curtain to the 2014 legislature. This came after church officails stated the laws were fine just as they are.

Bob Becker said...

I hope Powell's bill flys. But if it does, the sign it would require will be photographed by thousands of bemused tourists and forwarded around the land, reinforcing yet further Utah's rep for cultural Holier-Than-Thou kookiness.

smaatguy said...

The hippocratic hot air of the whole liquor sitcheeation here in the land of Zion is daunting....Go to any grocery store, convenience store etc and there it is right there in front of you and the kiddies...sheesh, junior can go right up to it and touch it at Smith's. Every gas station in town has banners up in the windows....distributors sponsoring anything from the rodeo, fair and town events.... Then there was good ole Larry Miller...wouldn't go to a playoff game on Sunday, but by golly he's selling beer and raking in the bucko's from it...and the good old State has no problem controlling it in their own little stores....Get over your holier than thou shinanigans

Amy Steed Morgan said...

I am a non-drinking, active LDS member running for the "peculiar" Legislature... and I think the Zion Curtain is ridiculous. Absolute rubbish.
Should I ever make it to the House Floor... these hands will drop Sen. Valentine's baby like it's hot.

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