Thursday, September 11, 2014

Daily Kos: Utah A Step Closer To Medicaid Expansion - Updated

Sodden Query: Will our crackpot legislature to "choose the right" for "health care challenged"  Utah lumpencitizens?

Encouraging local (Utah) story from (of all places) the national political blog, Daily Kos. Here's the lede:
Utah's Republican Gov. Gary Herbert appears to have inched closer to securing a waiver from the Obama administration for Medicaid expansion this week, though details—and sign-off from the heavily Republican legislature—still need to be ironed out. The basic issue is a proposed work requirement the Republican lawmakers demand and which the administration would not approve. Herbert says that the administration has agreed to the concept that Medicaid recipients should work with the state to find work (ignoring the fact that many if not most of the newly eligible people are actually working their asses off in low-paying jobs) :
Read up folks. "The governor said after a meeting with Sylvia Burwell, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, that a final agreement is two or three weeks away":
"So one more red state is at least lurching toward that evil, evil Obamacare, just as long as they can appropriately stigmatize the 111,000 people who need access as lazy bums that the state has to force into employment. The good news, though, is that one more red state is lurching toward doing the right thing by its people," DK contributorJoan McCarter wryly quips.

With a potential $719 million in Utah federal funding projected to be jeopardised over the next 8 years in the absence of Utah Medicaid expansion, we'll tentatively applaud Governor Herbert's diligent and dogged efforts to negotiate an acceptable deal with the Department of Health and Human Services, and additionally "strongly urge" our crackpot legislature to "choose the right [wink]" for "health care challenged" Utah lumpencitizens.

"Never look a gift horse in the mouth," as the old saying goes, right?

Update 5/12/14 8:00 a.m.:  The Salt Lake Tribune follows up yesterday's story with this morning's strong editorial:


Johnny B . said...

They will never agree to something called Obamacare. Now if you call it Obama-doesn't-care, well that's another story.

Amy Steed Morgan said...

So much to say...
How is okay that our Representatives (I'm thinking of one in particular) can sit at six figure salary "regular' jobs, and then go to the legislative floor and send the message to fellow Utahns working two, sometimes three jobs, BARELY making $20,000 a year, that "nah, you don't deserve to have access to affordable healthcare."? HOW IS THAT OKAY? HOW. IS. THAT. OKAY?
I hope that November proves to be a season of change statewide, because this is NOT okay with me.
Thanks for giving me a spot to vent!

blackrulon said...

While the ACA(Obamacare) is not perfect i am still waiting for the GOP to submit an alternative. And no Senator Hatch it will require more than tort reform.Emergency room visits are no subsutite for regular preventative medical care.

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