Monday, September 22, 2014

Utah Elections 2014: Utah Debate Commission Live Broadcast Schedule - Updated

Sadly, all Utah third-party candidates have been entirely squeezed out

Attention Weber County Forum Political wonks. We're semi delighted to announce the first glimmerings of public events surrounding the upcoming 2014 Utah General Elections. Here's a nifty graphic highlighting the Utah Debate Commission debates which are coming up during the next couple of weeks:

Via the Utah Debate Commission website, here are the space-time coordinates for tommorrow's WSU campus event, which ought to be of interest to Weber County-situated political wonks who might like to personally attend:
1st Congressional District
Weber State University
6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Ballroom B, Shepherd Union Bldg.
Click here for map and parking instructions.
Please visit for ticket information.
For your convenience, here's a handy webpage for non-attendees who'd like to submit questions in advance.

Added bonus for those who'd like to view Tuesday's debate online:
The Utah First Congressional Debate will begin at 6:01 p.m. Tuesday September 23, 2014.

To refresh your recollection, these are the 1st Congressional District  U.S. House of  Representative candidates who will appear on your November 4, 2014 Weber County ballots, by the way:

U.S. House of Representatives
1st Congressional District - 2 year term
Declaration of CandidacyWebsite/Contact InfoCampaign Finance DisclosuresParty
Rob BishopRob Bishop Campaign WebsitePendingRepublican
Craig BowdenCraig Bowden Campaign WebsitePendingLibertarian
Donna McAleerDonna McAleer Campaign WebsitePendingDemocratic
Dwayne A. VanceDwayne A. Vance Campaign WebsitePendingIndependent American

Notably, in their questionable "wisdom," which some are labeling as pre-election chicanery, the Utah Debate Commission will be limiting tomorrow's debate podium to GOP and Demo candidates Rob Bishop and Donna McAleer only  That's right, folks Independent American and Libertarian candidates Dwayne A. Vance and Craig Bowden have been entirely squeezed out.

It's also the same story in all other Utah Debate Commission featured debates, as to third-party candidates.

Sadly, we'll have to take what we can get however, we guess. It's the Utah Debate Commission's dog-and-pony show... not ours.

Yeah. We essentially agree with the Salt Lake Tribune:
Defective though the debate candidate screening process may be, let's get this show on the road.

We hope you'll all tune in tomorrow evening, in the event that you can't be there in person, folks.

Update 9/23/14 8:00 a.m.:  The Deseret News devotes some ink to defending the exclusion of all third-party candidates. "'You cannot be a genuine candidate unless you pay the price, The debate commission will not be the campaign for third-party candidates,' Scott Howell, commission co-chairman and a former Democratic state senator Howell said on The Doug Wright Show.":
"I am the Libertarian candidate for Attorney General. I have as good a chance to win as does the Democrat who polled 12.6% in the poll run by the Debate Commission. So, do your own research and don't let the powers that be decide for you. The debate Commission is co-chaired by long-time Republican and Democratic politicians who do not want to open it up for others to be heard. Let them know how you feel," Libertarian Attorney General candidate Andrew McCullough retorts.

Yep.  Looks like the "fix" is "in."

Update 9/24/14 6:25 a.m.: Both the Standard and  Trib provide post-debate reports:
And for those who missed it, here's a recorded video of last night's 1st Congressional District slug-fest:


Barry S. said...

So it will be a debate between people who represent the spectrum from whether we should bomb Iraq a lot all the way to we should bomb Iraq a WHOLE lot.

James said...

A libertarian man purchased on air time to air a few debates that will include everyone if they wish to attend and will only use direct questions from those in the live audience. Might be a bit better. I will see if I can find more and post it here for everyone.

Grace S. said...

I watched the debate and Donna did great'.

Bill H. said...

I found Rob Bishop to be less than honest.
1) He claimed to be for HAFB but he voted to close it down for two weeks...
2) He claimed to be for Social Security but he voted to cut it.
Donna has my vote.

AWM said...

Donna was crushed in the last election and with her comments on outlawing semi-auto rifles and high capacity magazines she just ensured it will happen again.

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