Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Medicaid4Utah Petition: Tell Governor Herbert that "The Best 'Healthy Utah Plan' Is For Utah To Take FULL Medicaid Expansion Now!"

Tough decision? Nope!

As a followup to our previous reporting on Utah Medicaid Expansion, we've stumbled upon an online petition which deserves a good hard look, wethinks. Here's Medicaid4Utah's prefacatory petition language:
There is an unimaginably important fork in the Utah road. Path One is accepting full Medicaid Expansion. Path Two is Governor Herbert's "Healthy Utah Plan". If we choose Path One, Utah gets $430 million to cover the health care costs of 123,000 low-income Utahns. If we choose Path Two, the Governor's "Healthy Utah Plan" we get less than our fair share. Perhaps, only $200 million for only 75,000 low income people. Tough decision?
And here's a link to the website, where you can cast your online "vote":
Tell Governor Herbert that "the best 'Healthy Utah Plan' is for Utah to take FULL Medicaid Expansion now! It is madness to be "negotiating" to take LESS money for Utah and have FEWER low income Utahns get healthcare coverage. TAKE FULL EXPANSION NOW--like Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and so many other states. Listen to your soul, not your TeaPeople."

You know what to do... do it on the web.  Seems like a no-brainer, to us.

We've added this petition to our WCF right sidebar, of course.

Tough decision? Nope!


Jim Z. said...

Stick a fork in it. The Utah plan will make no one happy, neither the Eagle Forum nor the thousands who will go uncovered. Happy days for insurance companies either way.

FlyOnTheWall said...

" Governor Herbert: "I have my own 'Healthy Utah Plan', Mr. President. I reject your offer. I demand LESS money and that LESS Utahns be covered. And, Mr. President, if you push me to take more help for low income Utahns, I will walk away and reject every dime."

Ozboy said...

It is truly sad that such a "pretty good state" as Utah, with all of it's wonderful and caring people, is governed by such a group of narrow minded, self righteous and hard hearted people as Gary Herbert and that sorry assed excuse for a human being from North Ogden named Senator Christiansen. They would rather have the less fortunate amongst us, including the helpless children, suffer from easily treatable medical and dental problems so that they can toot their idiotic horns of right wing ideological purity.

Sean Miller said...

This is a no-brainer!! Expand Medicaid!

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