Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015 Ogden City Municipal Primaries: A Definitive Vote Count Tonight? We Don't Necessarily Think So - Updated

Technologically speaking, it seems Ogden City is evolving backwards, NO?

Okay folks. It's dang near the end of the line for this year's 2015 Ogden City Municipal Primary elections. So as this year's primary runs down to a close. and as Ogden City's three "special" live voting venues shut down around 8pm tonight, what would Weber County Forum be doing normally tonight? Running hot-off-the-press election tallies, of course.

Here's the annoying fly-in-the-ointment, of course:

Mail-in ballots for Tuesday's primary election could delay final results for up to two weeks, according to these DNews and SLTrib stories:
Here's what we're finding to be the most accurate and helpful Tuesday night election tally link, obtained via our ever-competent Ogden City Recorder, Tracy Hansen:
Technologically speaking, it seems Ogden City and Weber County are evolving backwards, NO?

And barring any wrinkles in the statistical matrix, it looks like it'll be Ben Nadolski facing off against Daniel Gladwell in Ward 4, and Luis Lopez tangling with John Ogden for the At-Large "C" seat, Yes?

Update 8/12/15 11:00 a.m.:  Ace Standard-Examiner reporter Cathy McKitrick provides this most excellent electronic ink, drilling down on the results of yesterday Municipal Primary Elections here in Ogden, and in other localities which are physically proximate to us. Act upon your civic duty, and Read. Up. Peeps.:

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