Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Activist Wins Court Case Over Ogden Campaign Records

To professor Schroeder we extend our thanks and hearty congrats!

Following up on one our longest running Weber County Forum stories, we'll offer our hearty congratulations to Ogden City politicaal activist Dan Schroeder for yeaterday's decisive victory in the Utah Supreme Court:
OGDEN — One Ogden activist refused to take no for an answer in his quest to obtain government records related to political shenanigans that played out in Ogden’s 2007 mayor and city council races.
On Tuesday, Dan Schroeder scored a big win when Utah’s Supreme Court justices ruled in his favor regarding the release of records associated with a fundraising organization called Envision Ogden, former Mayor Matthew Godfrey and two city council hopefuls.
David Reymann, a media law attorney, argued the case, which dealt with Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act. The defending parties were the Utah Attorney General’s Office and the State Records Committee, which hears GRAMA appeals.
Read the full Cathy McKitrick story. folks:
“Accordingly, we remand to the (Salt Lake City) district court to order disclosure of all documents, with appropriate redactions, and to determine whether Mr. Schroeder is entitled to attorney fees,” the ruling said.

Yesiree, WCF readers, it's been a long haul.  Dr. Schroeder's Envision Ogden issues have been lingering around since 2007.

When asked about his bulldog-like tenacity, Schroeder — a Weber State University physics professor and active member of Utah’s chapter of the Sierra Club — said he wasn’t sure where he acquired that trait.

“It’s a mix of scientific curiosity and a genuine desire to contribute to our community in whatever way I can,” Schroeder said. “You take opportunities as they come up and fall into your niche in the community. That’s what seems to have happened.”

To professor Schroeder we extend our thanks and hearty congrats!

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