Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Funnies: Ogden Man Wins Spot on Ballot with $0 Campaign Contributions

A true "man bites dog political story," if we ever saw one

In the interest of stirring up a wee bit of 2015 Ogden City Municiapal Elections merriment and mirth, we'll shine the spotlight on yesterdays SE hard-copy edition story, a "man bites dog story," if we ever saw one.

Here's the lede, Peeps:
OGDEN — As of Tuesday’s unofficial vote tally, the two top candidates in this city’s At-Large council race — Luis Lopez and John Ogden — were separated by a mere 11 votes.
Lopez, the front-runner, received 926 votes, while Ogden ran close behind with 915. But their initial campaign finance reports revealed that Lopez raised $10,240 in donations and spent $3,620 while Ogden brought in no donations and spent $272 out of pocket.
And here's the full Cathy McKitrick writeup:
It's a particularly pernicious form of political "name recognition," we suppose

Check out the full story, folks, in which Ace Standard-Examiner Reporter Ms. McKitrick unleashes a wealth of personal information, concerning these two Ogden City Council candidates, (which is the main reason we're linking this article now.)

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