Thursday, September 17, 2015

Republican Debates -- John Kasich Nails It - Updated

So howbout it. WCF political wonks? How many of you spent the full three hours last night, watching the GOP Debates? GOP loser candidate John Kasic "nails it," of course, wethinks.

Classic update, via the ever savvy Ozboy:

"This Kasich (rhymes with son of a bitch) guy seems to be the onliest one in the current class of GOP Presidential wanna be clowns that seems to be almost consistent in almost making sense.Check this link out for David Axelord's take on these bozo's. Axelrod, in case you have been living in a Republican induced haze for the last 6 years, is probably the foremost political operator in the game today; "
Pay attention, peeps. Ozboy "gets it." Howbout You?

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