Thursday, September 03, 2015

Dan Liljenquist: Utah's Medicaid Expansion Proposal Unfairly Taxes Caregivers

Amen, sez Ernest T. Bass!

As the "powers that be" in our cold-hearted, GOP-dominated state gummint aparatus continue to dither on what ought to be the simple proposition, i.e, gobbling up tons of federal dough and enacting broadly protective Medicaid Expansion, here's an encouraging D'News editorial to stick in your craw:

In summary, we'll adopt this savvy D'News reader comment concerning this topic:
 "I'm with Dan on this. Let's ignore the scriptures in Matthew about taking care of others.The best plan of all is for the poor not to get sick, but if they do, die quickly.
Amen, Ernest T. Bass!

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