Monday, February 08, 2016

The Folly of ‘Taking Back’ Federal Lands

Awesome article via AdventureJournal.Com ...
 Read the "money quote," my fellow Utahns!

Anyone who wonders what Western states would do with U.S. land should consider what they’ve already done with it. In exchange for relinquishing all claims on public property, new states were awarded “trust lands.” Trust lands have generally been used to create revenue via oil and gas extraction, logging, mining, and outright sale.
For example, of Nevada’s original 2.7 million acres of trust land only 3,000 acres remain. In Colorado you can fish and camp on virtually all federal land and hunt on most. But you can’t hunt, fish or camp on most state land because it’s reserved for extractive industry.

Here's the link, beneath this marvellous article:
Assuming you can read and comprehend... please do so.

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