Monday, February 29, 2016

Panicking Mitch McConnell Says GOP Will Help Hillary Beat Trump If He Wins The Nomination

Keep your eyes peeled, people. Seeing is be believing, no?

Fascinating 2016 election theory, via Addicting Info.Com:
In the most surreal moment in modern American politics, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told panicking Republicans that the GOP would actively destroy Donald Trump’s election chances if it came to that. That rush of warm air you feel on your face? It’s the wave of radiation from the Republican Party’s nuclear meltdown. We’re witnessing the death of a major political party.
 Things are getting truly desperate in conservative camps and the grim acceptance that this isn’t a bad dream and that Trump is almost surely going to win the nomination has begun to set in. It’s led to an odd plan. In a stunning report by the New York Times, Republican sources confirm that party leadership is planning to destroy Trump and give Hillary Clinton the win rather than let him have control of the GOP.
Read up. peeps:
Keep your eyes peeled, people. Seeing is be believing, no?

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