Thursday, February 18, 2016

House Stops Move to Undo ‘Count My Vote’ Compromise

Via Count my Vote: "We applaud the Utah House of Representatives for keeping their word and standing up for election reform. All Utah voters should have a voice in our elections"

The Trib has the full writeup. Here's the lede:

The Utah House quashed a move Wednesday that would have erased a 2-year-old compromise about how political parties pick their nominees.
By a 42-30 margin, representatives defeated an amendment that would have allowed parties to select their nominees by any method they choose. The Utah Republican Party has been suing to seek that power and overturn SB54, passed two years ago.

Read up, Peeps:
And who's the asshat who advanced the amendment which was defeated on Wednesday?

"Rep. Justin Fawson, R-North Ogden, proposed the amendment to a bill that sought a "minor" (hahaha) change to how alternate delegates for conventions are chosen."
"I did run on a platform of preserving the caucus-convention" system, he said, adding he was elected after the SB54 compromise was enacted.

Yes. Weber County Forum also applauds the Utah House of Representatives. As for this Justin Fawson person... This dolt is now on our Weber County Forum political "hit list."

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