Monday, April 04, 2016

Why Food Stamps and Free Tuition Don’t Have Anything to Do with "Satan’s Plan"

Don't be dumbasses, my fellow Mormans!!!

Now that the 2016 Utah political campaigns are in full swing, Utah Mormons are having their quadrennial debate about whether or not social programs like Pell Grants, food stamps, and subsidized housing are tools of the devil. According to one common 21st Century Mormon philosophy (which has been kind of dominant on my Facebook feed recently), this kind of income redistribution FORCES us to give to the poor, thus TAKING AWAY OUR AGENCY and denying us the blessings that would come if we CHOSE to give to the poor like God wants us to. You can use persuasion to convince people to be charitable, but don’t use compulsion, BECAUSE THAT’S SATAN’S PLAN!!!!!

Read up on at least one of  the solid counter-arguments, my Mormon Crackpot Jackesses Friends:
Don't be dumbasses, my fellow Mormons!!!

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