Tuesday, April 05, 2016

D-News: Utah Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Disputed State Election Law

Fascinating Utah Elections story in this morning's Deseret News, of all places.

Here's the lede, peeps:
SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Supreme Court justices poked at the Utah Republican Party's interpretation of a controversial new state election law in a hearing Monday as hundreds of candidates work to get on the primary ballot.
Though lawyers for the GOP, Utah Democratic Party or the state didn't want to read the tea leaves afterward, questions from Justices Deno Himonas and Christine Durham might signal where the court is headed.
Republican Party attorney Marcus Mumford argued that the state can't tell political parties how to select their nominees for public office.
"This statute doesn't do that," Durham said.
Read up, WCF political wonks:
Who wants to bet that the entrenched Utah political parties will NOT get creamed in 2016, despite the Utah Supreme Court's obvious wisdom?

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