Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weber State Football Game Day Thread: WSU v. University of South Dakota

We're doing our best to not get too worked up over this, but we're keeping our fingers crossed

Our beloved Weber State football squad hits the road this afternoon, seeking its first win of the season today, as the Wildcats travel to Vermillion, S.D., to take on the University of South Dakota Coyotes.  This afternoon's  game will begin at 1:00 p.m. MT, Wildcat fans.
    Check out the WSU website for the full skinny:
    As per usual, rabid 'Cats fans can follow the game via a variety of online sources, of course:
    Added bonus:  WSU's current foe (South Dakota) has figured out a delightful way to glean WSU Wildcat Love, (pregame, at least):
    GO!  Wildcats (and coyotes) HAHAHA!

    Halftime Update: WSU over SD 28-21 at the half!

    Final, final:  WSU Chokes: SDU wins it 52-49!

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